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Wimbledon 6/27/18 65.70%[15.11/23]        Comments
A has-been tennis player has success on and off the court at Wimbledon after falling for another player, but that success may come at a cost.
What's Your Number? 3/7/18 70.77%[15.57/22]        Comments
Ally searches for "Mr Right" by taking a second look at her 20 exes. What could possibly go wrong?
Big Sick, The: 2/14/18 67.84%[16.96/25]        Comments
Kumail and Emily's chance of a happy life together is threatened by cultural differences and a mystery illness.
Definitely, Maybe 2/7/18 79.00%[19.75/25]        Comments
Will tells his daughter the story of how he met her mother - and two other women.
What If 1/31/18 95.00%[19.00/20]        Comments
Wallace and Chantry become friends, but Wallace hopes for more. Unfortunately for him, Chantry's already taken!
Sabrina 1/24/18 67.76%[16.94/25]        Comments
Two brothers fall for the same woman - who just happens to be their chauffeur's daughter.
Can't Buy Me Love 1/10/18 90.05%[18.01/20]        Comments
Nerdy kid helps his popular crush out of a financial jam, as long as she agrees to be his girlfriend for a month. Will this crazy plan change their lives? All signs point to yes.
La La Land 9/27/17 81.40%[20.35/25]        Comments
So it didn't win the Best Picture Oscar after all - thanks a lot, PWC! - but it was still a favorite with critics.
Annie Hall 2/15/17 62.48%[15.62/25]        Comments
It's Woody Allen's signature work, and one of the enduring comedies of the 1970s.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2/14/17 89.50%[17.90/20]        Comments
A Greek woman scandalizes her large, close-knit family by falling in love with a man who is not Greek.
Me Before You 2/8/17 83.30%[16.66/20]        Comments
Cheerful caregiver Lou and bitter patient Will clash - but tension soon turns to love.
Bridget Jones's Baby 2/1/17 71.88%[17.97/25]        Comments
Bridget Jones is back, with a surprise pregnancy and a question about the baby's paternity.
Grand Budapest Hotel (Harder Version), The: 9/28/16 43.33%[6.50/15]        Comments
You may know The Grand Budapest Hotel....but do you really, really, *really* know it?
Grand Budapest Hotel (Easier Version), The: 9/21/16 48.50%[14.55/30]        Comments
Here's Wes Anderson's wonderfully whimsical, touching look at the life of those who run a stately European hotel.
Indecent Proposal 9/6/16 72.55%[14.51/20]        Comments
A film about a semi-sordid love triangle stirred debate among movie-goers in early 1993. How well do you remember Indecent Proposal?
Just Friends 7/25/16 80.78%[18.58/23]        Comments
Chris visits his childhood home for the first time in a decade, thinner and more successful than when he left, and finds that although much has changed, his feelings for his friend Jamie have not.
Roman Holiday 7/19/16 80.08%[20.02/25]        Comments
An incognito princess meets a newspaper reporter and the two spend the day together in Rome, both hiding their true identities from the other.
Runaway Bride 2/11/16 76.35%[15.27/20]        Comments
A reporter finds himself in an unusual predicament when he falls for the subject of his story - a woman who can commit only until it's time to say "I do".
Sleepless in Seattle 2/9/16 73.30%[14.66/20]        Comments
A young boy tries to find his widowed father a new wife after making his father's story known across the country. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan star in this critical and commercial hit.
Pride & Prejudice 2/4/16 88.76%[22.19/25]        Comments
The Jane Austen classic is once again adapted for the big screen. Keira Knightley plays the honest, spirited Elizabeth Bennet, who lets prejudice get in the way of true love.
Jane Eyre 2/2/16 67.71%[16.25/24]        Comments
After a rough start in life, young governess Jane falls in love with her employer, but discovers at the most inopportune time that he's hiding something pretty big (and, uh, totally crazy) from her.
Bandslam 1/12/16 82.90%[24.87/30]        Comments
Featuring some of the great performance piece in music films of late, Bandslam is an infectiously charming high school film.
Vampire Diaries, The: 10/21/15 77.65%[15.53/20]        Comments
The CW's The Vampire Diaries became a surprise hit and has a longer-than-expected, satisfying run.
It Could Happen to You 9/29/15 78.30%[15.66/20]        Comments
Police officer Charlie and waitress Yvonne become friends - and possibly more - after a promise and a winning lottery ticket results in a $2,000,000 tip.
Trainwreck 9/1/15 80.60%[16.12/20]        Comments
A woman who has spent her life avoiding monogamy feels out of her element when she discovers she might want just that with a sports physician.
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