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How Well Do You Know: Can't Buy Me Love
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1. Cindy Mancini's mother yells at her for doing this.
using more than one of her credit cards
dressing inappropriately
being rude to her unpopular neighbor Ronald
skipping school so she could go to the mall with her friends
2. Ronald and his best friend Kenneth are so unpopular that they do this.
eat under the table during lunch
sit in the visitors' section at home football games
get forced to wash the teachers' cars during detention
attend a different school without being noticed
3. Cindy borrows something of her mother's, against her mother's wishes. What is it?
leather boots
an alligator purse
a suede outfit
a silk dress
4. How did Ronald earn the $1500 he was going to use to buy a telescope?
mowing lawns
shoveling snow
bagging groceries
5. Cindy's mother's suede outfit is ruined after this happens at a party.
Cindy trips and falls into a mud puddle
a good fight breaks out during the party and Cindy's pelted with food
someone spills red wine all over Cindy
Cindy drops food on her lap while eating
6. Cindy agrees to Ronald's deal and pretends to be his girlfriend. She won't be seen in public with him until this happens first, though.
he agrees not to call her by any pet names
she teaches him "cool kid slang"
he learns the names of all her friends
she"helps" him be more stylish
7. Ronald tries to bond with Cindy's friends at lunch by talking about ______.
the girls in the senior class
8. Ronald and Cindy talk about the value of hard work, and how important it is to put one's heart and mind into it. Cindy feels bad that Ronald is doing this while they're talking, though.
washing her car
mowing her lawn
doing her homework
painting her house
9. What does Cindy do after talking to Ronald about hard work, hopes and dreams?
kisses him
shows him poems she's written in secret
tells him she likes spending time with him
gives him the keys to her car
10. Where does Ronald take Cindy on their last date?
a planetarium
an art gallery
an airplane graveyard
an abandoned drive-in movie theater
11. After their very public, embarrassing (to Cindy, anyway) breakup, Ronald gives Cindy a gift. What is it?
a folder for her poetry
a picture of her that he drew himself
a poem he wrote about their month together
a coupon for a free car wash
12. Instead of learning a dance move from American Bandstand in anticipation of the upcoming school dance, Ronald winds up learning a dance from this show.
Captain Kangaroo
Country Western Line Dancing
Hip Hop Today
African Cultural Hour
By way of explanation.....
he learns the African anteater ritual
13. Ronald's longtime friend Kenneth finds himself feeling neglected now that Ronald's hanging out with the in crowd. He confronts Ronald in class, but this doesn't have any effect on Ronald. Why not?
Ronald's too busy making out with the girl sitting next to him
Ronald doesn't care about Kenneth's feelings
Kenneth gets detention for talking in class
Ronald had fallen asleep in class
14. Ronald and Kenneth's friendship seems to be over after this happens.
Ronald pretends he's never met Kenneth while at the same party
Ronald leaves Kenneth stranded on the side of the road after Kenneth's car breaks down
Ronald and his jock friends egg Kenneth's house on Halloween
Ronald pushes Kenneth into a locker at the Halloween dance
15. Ronald fights with his family at Thanksgiving Day dinner about this.
his relationship with Cindy
his newfound lack of respect towards his elders
his report card (or lack thereof)
16. Drunk at a party, Cindy becomes upset when she overhears:
another girl talking about how badly she wants to sleep with Ronald
Ronald telling another classmate about his and Cindy's fake relationship
Ronald using lines from her poetry as a pickup line on another girl
a football player insult Ronald's "coolness factor"
17. Which of the following does NOT happen after Cindy and Ronald's plan is out in the open?
Ronald is now shunned by everyone at school
Ronald and Kenneth fight at the arcade
Ronald attempts to talk to Cindy by riding his mower outside her house at 6 am
Ronald's parents ground him for a month after they discover what he spent his money on
18. Ronald stands up for Kenneth after Kenneth is found doing this.
hiding under the bleachers
giving a football player directions
tutoring a cheerleader
hugging a teacher
19. Ronald threatens to do this to the classmate who is harassing Kenneth.
call the police on him
break his pitching arm
cause him to fail out of 12th grade, ending his chance of a football scholarship
sleep with his girlfriend
20. Cindy leaves her friends and goes back to Ronald after realizing she loves him. What does Ronald do?
asks for his money back
tells her she's too late
says he needs to get permission from her mother before they can date
asks her to the prom

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