5/3/05 The first How Well Do You Know quizzes are published as a feature at, which will be the home for HWDYK's through 2007. Quizzes on Aliens, Scream, The Princess Bride and Young Frankenstein are published that day.
8/31/05 We publish our first TV show quiz, Veronica Mars, Season 1
1/11/06 The first of our Year-in-Review quizzes, 2005: The Year in Movies runs.
9/20/06 Joss Whedon fans descend in mad droves on our Serenity quiz. It remains our most popular quiz for more than three years.
11/13/06 We publish our first pop culture week-in-review quiz. This Is So Last Week remains a popular weekly quiz from that point forward.
1/15/07 Our 100th quiz, This Is So Last Week: 1/8/07-1/14/07, runs.
2/20/07 We run our first quiz on the Academy Awards.
3/06/07 HWDYK publishes a quiz on Movie Posters. To this point our quizzes have been focused on a particular movie or TV show. One of the most popular quizzes we've ever run, Movie Posters begins a trend of general film/entertainment quizzes.
12/21/07 This Is So Last Week: 12/14/07-12/20/07 is our 200th quiz.
1/14/08 launches as an independent site.
1/21/08 How Well Do You Know: Tom Cruise is our first celebrity-based quiz.
5/19/08 Dr. No is the first in Ben Willoughby's series of quizzes on James Bond films.
7/23/08 We publish Blades of Glory, our 300th quiz.
12/18/08 Our 400th quiz is Christmas Vacation..
12/29/08 We introduce Overpaid Jerks, our sports week-in-review quiz.
4/2/09 Sports Illustrated's links to our quiz Baseball (in the) Movies, which becomes our all-time most popular quiz.
4/22/09 We publish our 500th quiz, Who Died? Part III
7/24/09 Say hello to quiz #600, The Office: Product Recall
9/30/09 We are once again linked from's Extra Mustard, as Sports Movie Coaches becomes our most popular quiz to a large margin.
11/9/09 The 11/9/09 edition of Overpaid Jerks, our weekly sports quiz, is the 700th quiz to be published
1/19/10 Is that Mike Tyson? Quiz #800 is The Hangover.
4/11/10 Quizzes on horror movies continue to have a strong presence in our catalog of quizzes, so it's fitting that My Bloody Valentine (2009) is quiz #900.
5/20/10 We publish more than 2 dozen quizzes on shows from the 2009-10 TV Season, many of which were contributed by HWDYK readers.
6/3/10 Homer the Heretic and Homer at the Bat are the first quizzes on individual episodes of The Simpsons we publish. Our series on The Simpsons continues throughout the summer of 2010.
6/14/10 Pixelated Movie Scenes is the 1000th quiz we publish. There is much rejoicing.
8/21/10 HWDYK Trivia Quiz #1100 is Doctor Who, Season 1 - published, fittingly enough (?), a few weeks after to run our quiz on Doctor Who, Season 5.
9/18/10 It's Space Pilot 3000, the first installment on our quiz-per-episode series for the first season of Futurama.
9/21/10 We've thought for a long time that trivia on Friends would be, you know, perfection. Here's a quiz on the Pilot that began the Season 1 quizzes.
10/22/10 Our weekly entertainment and celebrity quiz, This Is So Last Week for the week of 10/15/10-10/21/10 is our 1,200th quiz to be published
12/21/10 "Wanna see some magic? OK, let's watch you disappear!" Bad Santa is quiz #1,300
4/27/11 Everything we've ever done can be traced back to Michael Caine. The 2003 remake of The Italian Job is quiz #1,500
11/6/11 Pinocchio is the 1,750th movie ever made. Coincidentall, it's also the 1,750 quiz we have published. Actually, that first part may not be right.
5/11/12 Get out your fingers and toes and count to 2,000 (we'll wait). Anyway, that's how many quizzes we've published at the release of the May 11, 2012 edition of This Is So Last Week, our weekly entertainment, celebrity and pop culture trivia quiz.

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