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Wimbledon 6/27/18 65.70%[15.11/23]        Comments
A has-been tennis player has success on and off the court at Wimbledon after falling for another player, but that success may come at a cost.
2018 March Madness 3/13/18 50.90%[10.18/20]        Comments
You may know the Blackbirds from the Bulls, and the Bulls from the Bison - in which case, is question #20 right up your alley! - but how well do you know the 2018 NCAA basketball tournament?
Eddie the Eagle 8/2/16 71.07%[21.32/30]        Comments
Hugh Jackman co-stars in this uplifting 2016 film about and endearingly awkward Brit who takes up ski jumping in pursuit of Olympic glory.
2016 Super Bowl Commercials 2/10/16 64.40%[12.88/20]        Comments
Bounding puppies! Singing sheep! Taunted unborn babies! Test your knowledge of the 2016 Super Bowl ads.
2015-16 NFL Playoffs 1/5/16 57.50%[11.50/20]        Comments
Playoff football. Playoff football? PLAYOFF FOOTBALL! Take this quiz to prove your knowledge of the 2015-2016 NFL playoffs.
2015 March Madness Trivia Quiz 3/17/15 68.30%[20.49/30]        Comments
It's time once again for March Madness, when hearts race, free throws prove crucial and workplace productivity decreases by 90%. Here's a quiz on the 2015 edition of March Madness.
Cutting Edge, The: 2/10/15 78.04%[19.51/25]        Comments
If you're a sucker for early 90's sorta-sports/rom-com movies, The Cutting Edge is for you!
Super Bowl Ads 2015 2/3/15 55.40%[11.08/20]        Comments
Snickers, Esurance and mobile device games all put up memorable and entertaining ads during the high risk/high reward Super Bowl ad campaigns in 2015.
2014-2015 NFL Playoffs 12/31/14 47.80%[11.95/25]        Comments
Test your knowledge of 2014-15 NFL playoffs, including questions on league leaders, winning streaks, playoff venues and TV networks.
2014 March Madness Trivia Quiz 3/18/14 57.53%[17.26/30]        Comments
With #1 seeds Florida, Wichita State, Virginia and Arizona, and defending champ Louisville an unbelievable #4 see, this year's March Madness promises to be as unpredictable as ever.
2013-2014 NFL Playoffs 1/1/14 53.84%[13.46/25]        Comments
Seahawks, Saints, Chiefs and's a quiz to see how well you really know the 2013-14 NFL postseason.
2013 March Madness Trivia Quiz 3/19/13 68.24%[17.06/25]        Comments
From the Big East to the Big 10, from controversial inclusions to one notable exclusion, here's a quiz for you to enjoy and test your smarts about the upcoming basketball tournament sure to bring the madness to March.
2013 Super Bowl Commercials 2/4/13 49.90%[9.98/20]        Comments
Ads from Blackberry, Ram, M&Ms and CBS were interspersed throughout the 2013 NFL football championship. Let's see how well you remember these Super Bowl ads.
White Men Can't Jump 1/10/13 80.24%[20.06/25]        Comments
One of the surprise sports comedies of the 1990s came in the form of White Men Can't Jump. The surprisingly effective teaming of Snipes and Harrelson got lots of laughs and turned a critical eye toward the competitive male ego.
2012-2013 NFL Playoffs 1/1/13 72.04%[18.01/25]        Comments
You won't find questions about the Jets, Chiefs, Saints or Cowboys, no sir. But instead we'll find out how much you know about the 2012 Broncos, Falcons, Colts and 49ers. Here's a heaping helping of trivia on the 2012-2013 NFL playoffs.
Replacements, The: 9/6/12 78.72%[19.68/25]        Comments
Never mind why the cheerleaders seem to be on strike, too - let's see how well you know The Replacements.
Real Steel 3/28/12 69.16%[17.29/25]        Comments
You may know whether voice recognition or a shadow function is the best way to fight but how well do you know Real Steel?
Rocky Balboa 3/25/12 69.04%[17.26/25]        Comments
Three decades after the Rocky saga began, the sixth and final (?) film is Stallone's most personal.
Rocky V 3/18/12 74.84%[18.71/25]        Comments
Rocky takes on a hungry young fighter named Tommy Gunn and deals with the dirty side of boxing in this fifth movie in the series.
Rocky IV 3/14/12 77.52%[19.38/25]        Comments
It's East versus West during the height of the Cold War. How Well Do You Know Rocky IV?
2012 March Madness Trivia Quiz 3/13/12 46.88%[11.72/25]        Comments
Here come the best three weeks of the sports calendar. But how well do you know the participants?
Moneyball 3/8/12 67.48%[16.87/25]        Comments
Nobody reinvents baseball. Right? Moneyball follows the attempt by Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane to do just that.
Rocky III 3/3/12 73.68%[18.42/25]        Comments
Rocky becomes the man he defeated, and gets a taste of his own medicine.
Rocky II 2/25/12 74.20%[18.55/25]        Comments
All the main cast members returned to reprise their roles in a story about a club boxer who shocked everyone and went the distance with the world heavyweight champion.
Rocky (Version 2) 2/18/12 72.36%[18.09/25]        Comments
In 1975, Sylvester Stallone was nearly broke, an actor with a handful of minor roles such as stud, thug, and mafioso. By the end of 1976, he was internationally famous, the star of the highest grossing movie of the year, and an Oscar nominee.
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