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Futurama, Season 3 Episode 22: The 30% Iron Chef 5/8/13 74.80%[11.22/15]        Comments
Ready for some interplanetary gastronomy? Bender ventures into the kitchen in the final episode of Futurama's third season.
Futurama, Season 3 Episode 21: Future Stock 5/2/13 76.13%[11.42/15]        Comments
Great ready to go back to the awesomest decade ever, as the Planet Express crew gets a load of the 80s!
Futurama, Season 3 Episode 20: Godfellas 4/24/13 72.60%[10.89/15]        Comments
Ready to get all theological? Bender seeks answers and ultimate truths as he is thrust face-to-face (well, not literally) to the divine.
Futurama, Season 3 Episode 19: Roswell That Ends Well 4/18/13 72.13%[10.82/15]        Comments
It's time travel time, so let's go back to 1947, a much simpler...wait, complex? who knows. .....time.
Futurama, Season 3 Episode 18: Anthology of Interest II 4/4/13 74.00%[11.10/15]        Comments
It's kid of like a clip show, but of things that never happened - and yet, might yet. Or something like that. Here's another heaping helping of Futurama trivia.
Futurama, Season 3 Episode 17: A Pharaoh To Remember 3/27/13 64.13%[9.62/15]        Comments
It's the Futurama with Great Egyptian undertones including a Pharoah, a Wall of Prophecy and mindless defacement of property.
Futurama, Season 3 Episode 16: A Leela Of Her Own 3/20/13 68.20%[10.23/15]        Comments
Hey, everyone, it's the Futurama Blernsball episode! Gather round, and let's play two! Leela strikes out (see what we did there?) to prove herself on the field, but needs to conjure up a name from the past to do so.
Futurama, Season 3 Episode 15: I Dated A Robot 3/8/13 79.20%[11.88/15]        Comments
Fry gets some of that metal fever and starts dating a robot. The universe, as you might expect, is thrown totally - though only very briefly - out of whack.
Futurama, Season 3 Episode 14: Time Keeps On Slippin’ 1/31/13 69.80%[10.47/15]        Comments
You can talk trash, you can handle the ball. But look in your heart and ask yourself: Are you funky enough to be a Globetrotter? Are you? The Futurama gang is about to find out....the hard way.
Futurama, Season 3 Episode 13: Bendin’ in the Wind 1/23/13 75.80%[11.37/15]        Comments
A sudden personality change leaves Bender all peace-lovin' and guitar-strummin' in this episode of Futurama. Spoiler alert: it doesn't last long.
Futurama, Season 3 Episode 12: The Route of All Evil 1/17/13 68.80%[10.32/15]        Comments
Tale as old as time. Father raises son, son takes over father's intergalactic delivery service. Son screws stuff up royally, dad has to ride in for the rescue.
Futurama, Season 3 Episode 11: Insane in the Mainframe 1/9/13 75.20%[11.28/15]        Comments
Fry thinks he's robot? Plausible. And in time for him to beat a robbery rap? Timely! Here's a heaping helping of Insane in the Mainframe trivia for you.
Futurama, Season 3 Episode 10: Where the Buggalo Roam 11/27/12 76.40%[11.46/15]        Comments
It's an episode all about Amy, so let's all go to Mars! Also, what the hell is a buggalo?
Futurama, Season 3 Episode 09: The Cyber House Rules 11/20/12 76.93%[11.54/15]        Comments
Leela's tired of being a one-eye, so naturally she has surgery so she can become a two-eye just like most of the rest of us. Plus, Bender and orphans, together at last!
Futurama, Season 3 Episode 08: That’s Lobstertainment 11/14/12 69.87%[10.48/15]        Comments
It's a Zoidberg-centric episode of Futurama, as we delve into def comedy, long-lost relations and an exploration into the nature of cinema.
Futurama, Season 3 Episode 07: The Day The Earth Stood Stupid 11/7/12 70.20%[10.53/15]        Comments
Everyone on Earth becomes stupid. Well, stupider. It's up to a strangely unaffected Fry (hmmmmm....) to save the day and return his fellow planetpeople to a respectable level of smartness.
Futurama, Season 3 Episode 06: Bendless Love 10/24/12 70.00%[10.50/15]        Comments
Love comes to Bender. Wait, no it doesn't. Well, it does, and it doesn't. See, there are these complications. And then there's a devious trap. Love shouldn't have to be this difficult.....
Futurama, Season 3 Episode 05: The Bird-bot of Ice-catraz 10/17/12 74.67%[11.20/15]        Comments
Leela quits. Boo! Bender becomes captain. Yay! Fry quits. Boo! Bender stops drinking. Um, yay?
Futurama: Season 3 Episode 04: The Luck of the Fryish 10/9/12 64.67%[9.70/15]        Comments
Fry and luck don't often collide, unless the word bad is in there, too, which it probably would be, given the collision and all. Anyhoo, Fry tries to turn his luck around, but finds that a sinister-ish force has been manipulating his fortunes. Or something like that.
Futurama, Season 3 Episode 02: Parasites Lost 9/27/12 79.73%[11.96/15]        Comments
Fry undergoes drastic changes for the better. Coincidentally, Leela falls for him! Shocking! The Planet Express crew miniaturize themselves to find out what the heck is going on.
Futurama, Season 3 Episode 01: Amazon Women in the Mood 9/19/12 71.80%[10.77/15]        Comments
Futurama Trivia! Bender, Fry, Zoidberg and the others returned for a third season of animated satirical fun. Let's revisit Amazon Women in the Mood with this quiz.
Futurama: Season 2 Episode 18: The Honking 4/29/12 64.67%[9.70/15]        Comments
How Well Do You Know Futurama: The Honking? (Smell-O-Vision users, insert nostril tubes now)
Futurama, Season 2 Episode 17: War Is The H-Word 4/19/12 71.47%[10.72/15]        Comments
Fry and Bender’s plan to join the military for a 5% discount at convenience stores hits a fatal snag when war were declared, and they find themselves off fighting a pointless invasion of another species’ home planet.
Futurama, Season 2 Episode 16: Anthology of Interest I 4/11/12 75.47%[11.32/15]        Comments
Because a TV series set a thousand years in the future apparently doesn’t offer enough scope for wacky random creativity, Futurama has Anthology of Interest episodes that take place outside the show’s continuity.
Futurama, Season 2 Episode 15: The Problem With Popplers 3/28/12 62.53%[9.38/15]        Comments
On a Type M planet they stop by to forage for Roddenberries, Leela, Bender and Fry encounter a delicious new food source that are like sex, except Fry’s having them!
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