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Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E03: Time and Tide 1/28/15 80.50%[16.10/20]        Comments
Answers are found, secrets are revealed and the SSR team suffers a loss. Stay vigilant.
Gilmore Girls, S01E13: Concert Interruptus 1/28/15 82.67%[14.88/18]        Comments
Rory, Sookie and Lorelai head to a Bangles concert with Paris, Madeline and Louise, and Lorelai finds new junk to replace her old junk while organizing a charity rummage sale.
Galavant 1/27/15 87.25%[17.45/20]        Comments
ABC's winter 2015 project Galavant brought comedy, medieval journeying and lots and lots of singing to the small screen.
Gilmore Girls, S01E12: Double Date 1/27/15 67.80%[10.17/15]        Comments
Rory and Lorelai go on disastrous double dates as favors to their best friends.
Gilmore Girls, S01E11: Paris is Burning 1/26/15 77.65%[13.20/17]        Comments
Parents Day at Chilton is more exciting than usual when Paris catches Lorelai kissing Max. After spreading the news around the school, Rory tells Paris off.
Gilmore Girls, S01E10: Forgiveness and Stuff 1/23/15 73.00%[14.60/20]        Comments
Emily, Lorelai and Rory mend their strained relationships after Richard collapses at the Gilmore Christmas party.
American Horror Story: Freak Show 1/22/15 80.12%[20.03/25]        Comments
American Horror Story found yet another creepy setting for its latest installment. In what was perhaps its most humanistic season yet, themes of revenge and acceptance, togetherness and abandonment were explored.
Gilmore Girls, S01E09: Rory's Dance 1/22/15 75.00%[12.75/17]        Comments
Rory's first dance causes conflict between Chilton students AND the Gilmores.
Gilmore Girls, S01E08: Love & War & Snow 1/21/15 80.88%[13.75/17]        Comments
Rory is snowed in with Richard and Emily, while Lorelai gets a surprise back in Stars Hollow.
Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E02: Bridge and Tunnel 1/20/15 92.50%[18.50/20]        Comments
Peggy has no home for the moment, but there's a plethora of nitromem. So, everything balances out (sorta)....Here's a quiz on Agent Carter's second episode!
Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E01: Pilot 1/20/15 90.00%[18.00/20]        Comments
In January 2015, Marvel yet again extended its pop culture influence by debuting a mini-series surrounding yet another figure from its deep, deep catalog.
Gilmore Girls, S01E07: Kiss and Tell 1/19/15 68.75%[11.00/16]        Comments
Rory and Dean kiss in the aisle near the ant spray, and Lorelai is bummed to be the last to hear about it.
Gilmore Girls, S01E06: Rory's Birthday Parties 1/18/15 70.65%[14.13/20]        Comments
Rory is given two very different birthday parties by the women in her life to celebrate her 16th birthday.
Gilmore Girls, S01E05: Cinnamon's Wake 1/16/15 78.41%[13.33/17]        Comments
Stars Hollow says goodbye to Babette and Morey's beloved feline companion.
Gilmore Girls, S01E04: The Deer Hunters 1/15/15 84.71%[14.40/17]        Comments
An unconventional car accident, food with supposed magical abilities, and parent-teacher flirting are all part of the Gilmore drama this episode.
Gilmore Girls, S01E03: Kill Me Now 1/14/15 81.94%[14.75/18]        Comments
Rory and Richard bond, which causes conflicting feelings from Lorelai.
Gilmore Girls, S01E02: The Lorelais' First Day at Chilton 1/14/15 70.59%[12.00/17]        Comments
Rory meets mean girl Paris and Lorelai doesn't exactly dress to impress for Rory's first day at Chilton.
Gilmore Girls, S01E01: Pilot 1/14/15 66.71%[11.34/17]        Comments
How well do you know the series premiere of Gilmore Girls?
Parks and Recreation, Season 6 Recap 1/8/15 74.27%[22.28/30]        Comments
Characters exit, a new job is carefully considered, Andy visits England and Leslie and Ann are in a family way. See how well you fare on this trivia quiz on Parks and Rec's sixth season.
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E10: What They Become 12/18/14 83.90%[25.17/30]        Comments
It's the mid-season finale of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It's action-packed. It's drama-laden. It's perfect for a trivia quiz. So, enjoy!
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E09: Ye Who Enter Here 12/16/14 76.65%[15.33/20]        Comments
It's a race to the temple for SHIELD and Hydra! The fate of many, many things hang in the balance.
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E08: The Things We Bury 12/11/14 86.10%[17.22/20]        Comments
The Grant/Christian conflict finally comes to a head, while the team further investigates the alien entity.
Sons of Anarchy, Season 7 Recap 12/10/14 76.18%[21.33/28]        Comments
The curtain finally fell on SAMCRO at the end of Sons of Anarchy's seventh and final season. See how well you know the final adventures of Chucky and Rat Boy, Chibs and Tig, Nero and Jax.
Walking Dead, Season 5 Recap, Part 1, The: 12/2/14 63.20%[15.80/25]        Comments
Terminus, the church, Grady Memorial and a handy firetruck figure prominently into this trivia quiz on The Walking Dead's fifth season.
Office, S06E13: Secret Santa, The: 11/26/14 80.87%[12.13/15]        Comments
The Office continues its tradition of Christmas-related episodes with this gem from the sixth season.
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