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Angie Tribeca, Season 1 1/26/16 72.80%[18.20/25]        Comments
Featuring an outstanding cast and a never-ending string of inspired jokes, Angie Tribeca amused possibly dozens of people during its 25-hour marathon.
Stand, Part 1: The Plague, The: 1/7/16 76.35%[15.27/20]        Comments
Stephen King's massive masterwork The Stand made its way to TVs in the 1990s as a four-part miniseries. Let's see how well you remember it.
Gilmore Girls, S03E22: Those Are Strings, Pinocchio 12/22/15 75.88%[12.90/17]        Comments
Rory's busy getting ready to graduate from Chilton and head to Yale, while Lorelai's trying to stay employed.
Gilmore Girls, S03E21: Here Comes the Son 12/10/15 68.87%[10.33/15]        Comments
Jess is gone, and Lorelai isn't sure when to let an already tense Rory know that he's probably not coming back.
Walking Dead, Season 6 Recap Part 1, The: 11/30/15 67.08%[16.77/25]        Comments
Wolves, walkers and the quarry all make life a lot more complicated for the Alexandrians in the fall episodes of The Walking Dead, Season 6.
Gilmore Girls, S03E20: Say Goodnight, Gracie 11/19/15 87.06%[15.67/18]        Comments
Jess is dealing with news regarding his graduation status and his past, while Lorelai and Sookie get one step closer to opening their own inn.
Gilmore Girls, S03E19: Keg! Max! 11/11/15 62.93%[9.44/15]        Comments
Jess and Dean get into a fistfight at a classmate's party, Lane learns that "drinking and dialing" is never a good idea, and Lorelai isn't sure what to make of an encounter with Max.
Gilmore Girls, S03E18: Happy Birthday, Baby 11/5/15 81.25%[13.00/16]        Comments
Rory finds that planning a surprise birthday party for Lorelai, with help from all of Stars Hollow, isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Gilmore Girls, S03E17: A Tale of Poes and Fire 10/28/15 73.17%[13.17/18]        Comments
The Independence Inn catches fire while hosting guests from the Edgar Allan Poe Society, and Rory decides which college she will be attending.
Gilmore Girls, S03E16: The Big One 10/22/15 78.13%[11.72/15]        Comments
Rory waits for college acceptance letters to arrive, and Sookie discovers she's pregnant.
Vampire Diaries, The: 10/21/15 75.10%[15.02/20]        Comments
The CW's The Vampire Diaries became a surprise hit and has a longer-than-expected, satisfying run.
Gilmore Girls, S03E15: Face-Off 10/15/15 55.56%[10.00/18]        Comments
Rory learns something new about ex Dean, and Lorelai helps Emily contain a secret the elder Gilmore lady learned about Trix.
Gilmore Girls, S03E14: Swan Song 10/8/15 68.06%[11.57/17]        Comments
Rory introduces Jess to Emily over Friday night dinner, with less-than-stellar results.
Gilmore Girls, S03E13: Dear Emily and Richard 10/1/15 84.80%[12.72/15]        Comments
The birth of Christopher's new baby (Rory's sister) causes Lorelai to think about the events leading up to Rory's birth.
Gilmore Girls, S03E12: Lorelai Out of Water 9/24/15 67.19%[10.75/16]        Comments
Lorelai learns how to fish after being invited on a fishing trip with the man she's started seeing, and the Rory/Paris feud heats up.
Gilmore Girls, S03E11: I Solemnly Swear 9/17/15 67.40%[10.11/15]        Comments
A scheming classmate causes problems between Rory and Paris, and Lorelai meets an interesting man while out with Sookie.
Gilmore Girls, S03E10: That'll Do, Pig 9/10/15 77.78%[14.00/18]        Comments
Rory's disappointed when Jess refuses to go to the Winter Carnival with her, and the Gilmore clan deals with an unexpected guest at Richard's birthday dinner.
Gilmore Girls, S03E09: A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving 9/3/15 77.75%[15.55/20]        Comments
The Gilmore girls try to find enough time in the day and room in their stomachs to attend four Thanksgiving Day dinners.
Gilmore Girls, S03E08: Let the Games Begin 8/27/15 70.65%[12.01/17]        Comments
Rory and Lorelai take a tour of Yale with Richard and Emily, and Rory and Jess begin their relationship.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 8 8/25/15 92.15%[18.43/20]        Comments
The despicable antics of the Paddy's gang continues during Season 8.
Gilmore Girls, S03E07: They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They? 8/20/15 87.90%[17.58/20]        Comments
Relationships are tested during Stars Hollow's annual 24-hour dance marathon.
Gilmore Girls, S03E06: Take the Deviled Eggs... 8/13/15 79.19%[12.67/16]        Comments
Lorelai and Rory attend Sherry's baby shower, and Luke ships around to find out what Jess is up to - and how he has enough money for a major purchase.
Gilmore Girls, S03E05: Eight O'Clock at the Oasis 8/6/15 77.07%[11.56/15]        Comments
Lorelai meets a man at an auction; she and Rory feel obligated to help a new neighbor while he's out of town.
Descendants 8/4/15 83.40%[20.85/25]        Comments
Disney's Descendants aired in the summer of 2015 to huge ratings. Disney's next-big-thing Dove Cameron leads a capable cast that looks at the lives of the offspring of Disney villains.
Gilmore Girls, S03E04: One's Got Class and the Other One Dyes 7/29/15 68.65%[11.67/17]        Comments
Lorelai's business speech and presentation at Stars Hollow High goes off the rails when she's blindsided by questions from curious teenagers.
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