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Gilmore Girls, S02E03: Red Light on the Wedding Night 3/5/15 81.00%[16.20/20]        Comments
Lorelai celebrates her upcoming wedding with the bachelorette party, while Taylor attempts to make Stars Hollow a "safer" place with unnecessary "improvements".
Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E06: A Sin to Err 3/4/15 80.00%[16.00/20]        Comments
Agent Carter is on the run from the SSR and Dottie the crazy assassin. Leviathan has a man inside the SSR.
Gilmore Girls, S02E02: Hammers and Veils 3/4/15 64.44%[11.60/18]        Comments
Lorelai announces the engagement to Emily, and Emily reaction is chilly. Rory helps build a house, and Lane prepares for a trip to Korea.
Gilmore Girls, S02E01: Sadie, Sadie 3/3/15 75.28%[13.55/18]        Comments
Lorelai comes to a decision over whether to accept Max's proposal, and Rory brings Dean to Friday night dinner.
Parks and Recreation, Season 7 2/25/15 78.92%[19.73/25]        Comments
Parks and Rec set its final season in the not-too-distant future and gave one final loving look at the greatest American fictional small town of contemporary times.
Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E05: The Iron Ceiling 2/18/15 80.90%[16.18/20]        Comments
Old friends help out, secrets are shared, secrets are discovered, and Dottie gets creepier.
Gilmore Girls, S01E21: Love, Daisies and Troubadours 2/9/15 77.15%[15.43/20]        Comments
Lorelai considers her future with Max among a LOT of yellow daisies, and Rory lets Dean know how she really feels about him.
Gilmore Girls, S01E20: P.S. I Lo... 2/6/15 71.88%[11.50/16]        Comments
Rory and Lorelai fight about their relationships (or lack of) and Lorelai discovers why Rory and Dean broke up.
Gilmore Girls, S01E19: Emily in Wonderland 2/5/15 79.00%[13.43/17]        Comments
Emily is upset after seeing where Lorelai and Rory made their home after Lorelai ran away.
Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E04: The Blitzkrieg Button 2/4/15 88.30%[17.66/20]        Comments
Trust is violated, clues are found, and true natures are revealed.
Gilmore Girls, S01E18: The Third Lorelai 2/4/15 73.29%[12.46/17]        Comments
Richard's mother - the original Lorelai Gilmore - visits the family, which causes a normal cool Emily to become a basket case.
Gilmore Girls, S01E17: The Breakup, Part II 2/3/15 68.75%[11.00/16]        Comments
The (nosy) inhabitants of Stars Hollow show their support for Rory as news of her and Dean's breakup spreads around town.
Gilmore Girls, S01E16: Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers 2/2/15 72.45%[14.49/20]        Comments
Dean plans a special night out for Rory, Lorelai is miserable around all of the love-struck Stars Hollow couples, and Luke's ex arrives back in town.
Gilmore Girls, S01E15: Christopher Returns 1/30/15 62.50%[12.50/20]        Comments
The Gilmore girls adjust to having a visitor - Christopher, Rory's dad, wants to be more involved in his daughter's life.
Gilmore Girls, S01E14: That Damn Donna Reed 1/29/15 57.14%[12.00/21]        Comments
Rory assumes the role of a 1950's housewife after disliking Dean's opinion of "The Donna Reed Show", and Lorelai asks for Luke's help in capturing a rogue baby chick.
Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E03: Time and Tide 1/28/15 80.85%[16.17/20]        Comments
Answers are found, secrets are revealed and the SSR team suffers a loss. Stay vigilant.
Gilmore Girls, S01E13: Concert Interruptus 1/28/15 75.94%[13.67/18]        Comments
Rory, Sookie and Lorelai head to a Bangles concert with Paris, Madeline and Louise, and Lorelai finds new junk to replace her old junk while organizing a charity rummage sale.
Galavant 1/27/15 84.30%[16.86/20]        Comments
ABC's winter 2015 project Galavant brought comedy, medieval journeying and lots and lots of singing to the small screen.
Gilmore Girls, S01E12: Double Date 1/27/15 64.80%[9.72/15]        Comments
Rory and Lorelai go on disastrous double dates as favors to their best friends.
Gilmore Girls, S01E11: Paris is Burning 1/26/15 69.59%[11.83/17]        Comments
Parents Day at Chilton is more exciting than usual when Paris catches Lorelai kissing Max. After spreading the news around the school, Rory tells Paris off.
Gilmore Girls, S01E10: Forgiveness and Stuff 1/23/15 75.00%[15.00/20]        Comments
Emily, Lorelai and Rory mend their strained relationships after Richard collapses at the Gilmore Christmas party.
American Horror Story: Freak Show 1/22/15 79.68%[19.92/25]        Comments
American Horror Story found yet another creepy setting for its latest installment. In what was perhaps its most humanistic season yet, themes of revenge and acceptance, togetherness and abandonment were explored.
Gilmore Girls, S01E09: Rory's Dance 1/22/15 72.94%[12.40/17]        Comments
Rory's first dance causes conflict between Chilton students AND the Gilmores.
Gilmore Girls, S01E08: Love & War & Snow 1/21/15 83.53%[14.20/17]        Comments
Rory is snowed in with Richard and Emily, while Lorelai gets a surprise back in Stars Hollow.
Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E02: Bridge and Tunnel 1/20/15 93.35%[18.67/20]        Comments
Peggy has no home for the moment, but there's a plethora of nitromem. So, everything balances out (sorta)....Here's a quiz on Agent Carter's second episode!
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