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House of Cards, Season 3 3/26/15 79.00%[19.75/25]        Comments
Kevin Spacey reprises his Golden Globe-winning role as Frank Underwood in the third season of House of Cards, and Robin Wright is as perfectly icy as ever.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Season 1 Part 1 3/24/15 88.65%[17.73/20]        Comments
Tina Fey produced Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, a sweet-yet-biting comedy that aired on HBO. The Office's Ellie Kemper is perfect as a naive cult survivor up to her ears trying to adapt to life in New York City.
Gilmore Girls, S02E09: Run Away, Little Boy 3/13/15 73.35%[14.67/20]        Comments
Lorelai goes on a casual date with a younger man, and Rory is cast in a play alongside Tristin as part of a school project.
Big Hero 6, Part 2 3/12/15 83.26%[19.15/23]        Comments
Callaghan and Krei, Wasabi and Honey Lemon, Baymax and hairrrrry-baby. Prove you're a Big Hero 6 know-it-all with even more trivia questions.
Big Hero 6, Part 1 3/10/15 83.12%[20.78/25]        Comments
Big Hero 6 was a big success at the box office in late 2014. If the film is any indication, Marvel's stamp on Disney will produce great things in the future.
House of Cards, Season 2 2/26/15 74.56%[18.64/25]        Comments
Kevin Spacey won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of the brilliant, scheming politician Frank Underwood in the sophomore season of House of Cards.
2015 Oscar Nominees, The: 2/19/15 69.56%[17.39/25]        Comments
Time to test your knowledge of the films, performances and achievements up for Oscar in the 2015 Academy Awards.
Project Runway All-Stars, Season 4 2/17/15 85.32%[21.33/25]        Comments
Alyssa Milano, Isaac Mizrahi and the rest of the gang hosted a new crop of returning designers to compete for the Project Runway All-Stars crown.
Fault in Our Stars, The: 2/12/15 80.47%[24.14/30]        Comments
Shailene Woodley continues her string of strong, dynamic performances in The Fault in Our Stars, the 2014 box office success adapted from John Green's terrific sad, funny, insightful book.
Two Weeks Notice 2/11/15 79.23%[17.43/22]        Comments
Lawyer Lucy Kelson tires of feeling like she's babysitting her real estate tycoon boss George Wade, rather than working for him, so she decides to leave. The two discover there is more there than just a professional relationship.
50 First Dates 2/5/15 85.22%[19.60/23]        Comments
A man with commitment issues finds himself falling for a woman with no short-term memory, who can't remember him the next day. He goes about trying to make her fall in love with him again every day.
What Dreams May Come 1/29/15 74.88%[18.72/25]        Comments
Given his ultimate fate, Robin Williams' What Dreams May Come is particularly haunting. Here's a quiz on this meditation on the afterlife.
EdTV 1/21/15 81.60%[20.40/25]        Comments
A regular joe is thrust into national stardom when he agrees to allow a TV network total access to his life in this bitingly funny late 90s comedy. Here's your EdTV trivia quiz.
Virtuosity 1/15/15 78.75%[15.75/20]        Comments
It's Denzel vs Russell, Washington vs Crowe in this sci-fi thriller from the 1990s.
Brave 1/13/15 80.88%[20.22/25]        Comments
Brave gets plenty of mileage out of its plucky young heroine, its colorful highland setting and its rich mother-daughter relationship. Here's a trivia quiz on this Pixar treat.
Maleficent 1/6/15 77.13%[23.14/30]        Comments
Sharlto Copley and Elle Fanning co-star in the Angelina Jolie vehicle Maleficent. Castles, thorns and fairies are about, but much has changed from the version of the story you're familiar with.
2014 Movie Posters, Part 2 12/18/14 75.10%[15.02/20]        Comments
Another chance for you to impress us with your overall movie smarts. See if you can ID the film we're thinking of, if you're just given a small sample of the poster.
Christmas in TV and the Movies, Part 3 12/17/14 53.70%[10.74/20]        Comments
Here's one more test to let you gauge how well you know these famous and less-famous holiday offerings.
Better Off Ted: Racial Sensitivity 11/25/14 54.00%[9.18/17]        Comments
Better Off Ted's fourth episode served up a hilarious satire of racial matters within the anti-humanitarian Veridian Dynamics.
Ice/Cold Movie Titles 11/12/14 64.60%[12.92/20]        Comments
Snow? Cold? Cool? Frozen? See how well you can identify these cold-related movie titles
Man on Fire 11/11/14 80.32%[20.08/25]        Comments
Denzel Washington is brilliant in Tony Scott's brutal revenge thriller.
Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones 10/29/14 79.60%[19.90/25]        Comments
Here's a trivia quiz on Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, the fifth film in the series which hit theaters in early 2014.
Creepshow 10/28/14 72.60%[18.15/25]        Comments
The horror-comedy Creepshow was helmed by a well-known horror director, written by a world-famous horror author, and starred a handful of famous and soon-to-be-famous stars.
You're Next 10/21/14 85.08%[21.27/25]        Comments
You're Next horror trivia! This 2013 fright-fest rewards its audiences with lots of macabre laughs, gruesome slayings and revenge from an unexpected source.
Singer/Band Countries of Origin 10/15/14 59.50%[11.90/20]        Comments
Know where U2 comes from? Probably. But what about Pantera? Ylvis? Tokio Hotel? Test your pop music knowledge with this fun quiz.
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