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Grand Budapest Hotel (Easier Version), The: 9/21/16 78.90%[23.67/30]        Comments
Here's Wes Anderson's wonderfully whimsical, touching look at the life of those who run a stately European hotel.
Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, The: 9/15/16 44.41%[9.77/22]        Comments
Here's a trivia set on the many adventures of that silly old bear.
Rent 9/13/16 71.65%[14.33/20]        Comments
It's the quiz on the smash Broadway musical, having come to the big screen. Let's see how well you know the theatrical version of Rent
Ben-Hur 9/7/16 58.03%[19.15/33]        Comments
A film classic that received an unnecessary, and unsuccessful do you know the original Ben-Hur?
Indecent Proposal 9/6/16 51.00%[10.20/20]        Comments
A film about a semi-sordid love triangle stirred debate among movie-goers in early 1993. How well do you remember Indecent Proposal?
American Tail, An 8/31/16 96.65%[19.33/20]        Comments
Lost in America, a newly-arrived immigrant mouse must find his family while discovering the strange new land he has arrived in.
Fantastic Mr. Fox, The: 8/30/16 75.48%[18.87/25]        Comments
Wes Anderson's choice to direct an animated version of the Roald Dahl classic seemed like an unusual choice. But for Anderson, what else did you expect?
Ed Wood 8/18/16 61.72%[15.43/25]        Comments
A rather unlikely biopic, Burton and Depp nevertheless began their collaboration with 1994's Ed Wood.
Brooklyn 8/16/16 80.60%[20.15/25]        Comments
Brooklyn is a wonderfully entertaining romance/drama about a young lady who moves to America, a completely unfamiliar land, trying to find a better life than the one she left back in small-county Ireland.
Oliver & Company 8/11/16 57.95%[12.17/21]        Comments
Did you know Disney made an animated version of Oliver Twist? No? Well, you learned something today.
Stranger Things 8/9/16 77.88%[19.47/25]        Comments
A cast of relative unknowns, including some great younger actors, help to elevate Netflix's touching, gripping, creepy, funny series Stranger Things.
Meaning of Life, The: 8/3/16 51.46%[13.38/26]        Comments
And now for something completely's a quiz on the Monty Python epic that will hopefully show you, truly, definitively, The Meaning of Life.
Just Friends 7/25/16 73.87%[16.99/23]        Comments
Chris visits his childhood home for the first time in a decade, thinner and more successful than when he left, and finds that although much has changed, his feelings for his friend Jamie have not.
Spaceballs 7/20/16 62.00%[15.50/25]        Comments
It's one of the great comedy spoofs ever. Never mind when then will be now...let's see how well you know Spaceballs.
Roman Holiday 7/19/16 76.00%[19.00/25]        Comments
An incognito princess meets a newspaper reporter and the two spend the day together in Rome, both hiding their true identities from the other.
Aquamarine 7/11/16 66.00%[16.50/25]        Comments
Alice Hoffman's book got adapted into a film in 2006, introducing the world to Emma Roberts, Sara Paxton and JoJo Levesque.
Great Mouse Detective, The: 7/6/16 74.30%[14.86/20]        Comments
It's one of the products of the period considered to be lesser-Disney, but 1986's The Great Mouse Detective still has its charms.
Adventures in Babysitting (Disney) 7/5/16 84.67%[25.40/30]        Comments
Jenny and Lola get into one mess after another as they head into the big scary city in Disney Channel's original movie Adventures in Babysitting.
Chef 6/22/16 88.50%[17.70/20]        Comments
An unhappy man finds a different line of work - and a better relationship with his family - after losing his job as an award-winning chef.
Moonrise Kingdom 6/15/16 67.12%[17.45/26]        Comments
Wes Anderson's trademark quirkiness and incredible design are on full display in the 2012 love story Moonrise Kingdom
Threesies Episode IV: A New Quiz 6/7/16 45.60%[6.84/15]        Comments
More Threesies! More Threesies! More Threeeeeeesies!!!!
World's End, The: 6/1/16 75.00%[18.00/24]        Comments
At last, the quiz for the final film of the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy. Let's conquer the Golden Mile. Let's have a good time. 'Cause that's what we want to do. We want to get loaded. We want to have a good time. We want to have a party. So, drink up, let's Boo-Boo!
Lucy 5/24/16 71.43%[21.43/30]        Comments
A synthetic drug greatly but rather violent expands the mental and physical abilities of an unsuspecting young woman in Lucy.
Who Played the Mom in Movie X 5/4/16 67.85%[13.57/20]        Comments
Here's a quiz for you movie fans. Try your hand at this trivia set concerning cinematic mothers.
Sleeping with the Enemy 4/12/16 80.40%[16.08/20]        Comments
Julia Roberts stars in the early '90s slasher-that-pretends-it-isn't-really-a-slasher
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