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Date Taken Comments
Moana 4/25/17 77.50%[15.50/20]        Comments
Adorable pirates, a sassy demi-god, a mysterious ocean and supernatural forces all bear on the fate of the newest Disney heroine. See how well you know Moana.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 11 4/5/17 80.50%[16.10/20]        Comments
The Paddy's Pub crew: horrible people doing horrible things
Kung Fu Panda 3 3/28/17 87.28%[21.82/25]        Comments
The third installment in the Kung Fu Panda series pits the Furious Five against a seemingly undefeatedable enemy.
Pixar Shorts 2 3/21/17 73.60%[18.40/25]        Comments
Remy and Mater, Presto and his rabbit, Night and Day: Pixar Shorts Collection, Volume 2 touches on these notable pairs, among others.
My Left Foot 3/7/17 46.68%[11.67/25]        Comments
It's the stirring story of an artist with developmental challenges, and proof of DDL's acting genius.
2001: A Space Odyssey 2/28/17 59.24%[14.81/25]        Comments
It's one of the undeniable classics in both science fiction and all of cinema. Its footprint is still evident in films today. And it's a reminder that computers will in fact one day kill us all.
Wings (1927) 2/22/17 63.35%[12.67/20]        Comments
It's a landmark in cinema. It launched stars and set moviemaking on the path toward today. How well do you know Wings?
No Country for Old Men 2/21/17 48.92%[12.23/25]        Comments
Flip a coin, and let's see if you're ready to prove how well you know No Country for Old Men.
Annie Hall 2/15/17 70.28%[17.57/25]        Comments
It's Woody Allen's signature work, and one of the enduring comedies of the 1970s.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2/14/17 86.25%[17.25/20]        Comments
A Greek woman scandalizes her large, close-knit family by falling in love with a man who is not Greek.
Me Before You 2/8/17 83.30%[16.66/20]        Comments
Cheerful caregiver Lou and bitter patient Will clash - but tension soon turns to love.
Last Emperor, The: 2/7/17 61.67%[18.50/30]        Comments
Bernardo Bertolucci wrote and directed this sprawling epic, giving audiences a rare look at an arc of Chinese history and the man caught up in it.
Bridget Jones's Baby 2/1/17 74.40%[18.60/25]        Comments
Bridget Jones is back, with a surprise pregnancy and a question about the baby's paternity.
Dirty Harry (version 2) 1/31/17 74.52%[18.63/25]        Comments
It's one of Eastwood's signature role, with one of filmdom's most recognizable quotes. Test your knowledge on the original Dirty Harry.
Schindler's List 1/24/17 46.67%[14.00/30]        Comments
It's Spielberg's striking portrait of a factory owner caught up in the atrocities of the Holocaust.
Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) 1/17/17 43.00%[10.75/25]        Comments
It's one of the straaaaaangest Best Picture Oscars ever. See how well you know this hilarious, if trippy, Michael Keaton flick.
Ghostbusters II 1/11/17 82.32%[25.52/31]        Comments
It's the follow-up to the original 80s smash, which finds the Ghostbusters reunited in a widely-debated sequel.
American in Paris, An 1/10/17 59.71%[14.33/24]        Comments
Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron positively burst through the screen in the early 50s musical An American in Paris.
2016: Celebrities in Memoriam 1/4/17 82.10%[16.42/20]        Comments
2016: the year of the seemingly non-stop celebrity death announcement
Secret Life of Pets, The: 12/21/16 82.25%[16.45/20]        Comments
Max and Duke go on an adventure through NYC while their owner is away.
Apartment, The: 12/20/16 59.44%[14.86/25]        Comments
It's a Billy Wilder classic. How well do you know The Apartment?
Prince of Egypt, The: 12/7/16 59.45%[13.08/22]        Comments
Ready to get Biblical? Let's test your recall of this Dreamworks animated blockbuster.
Krampus 11/29/16 64.75%[12.95/20]        Comments
Happy Holidays, everyone! Let's get a start of this holiday madness with a modern Christmas horror comedy, Krampus.
Jungle Book (2016), The: 11/23/16 69.52%[17.38/25]        Comments
Baloo, Bagheera, Kaa and King Louie return to the screen, voiced by familiar actors and actresses, in the 2016 update to Disney's The Jungle Book.
Jungle Book (1967), The: 11/16/16 47.63%[7.62/16]        Comments
Most audiences were introduced to Kipling's story of a boy raised in the wild jungle through what would become a classic of the Disney animated pantheon.
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