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Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) 1/17/17 100.00%[25.00/25]        Comments
It's one of the straaaaaangest Best Picture Oscars ever. See how well you know this hilarious, if trippy, Michael Keaton flick.
Ghostbusters II 1/11/17 82.58%[25.60/31]        Comments
It's the follow-up to the original 80s smash, which finds the Ghostbusters reunited in a widely-debated sequel.
American in Paris, An 1/10/17 59.71%[14.33/24]        Comments
Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron positively burst through the screen in the early 50s musical An American in Paris.
2016: Celebrities in Memoriam 1/4/17 82.05%[16.41/20]        Comments
2016: the year of the seemingly non-stop celebrity death announcement
Secret Life of Pets, The: 12/21/16 84.40%[16.88/20]        Comments
Max and Duke go on an adventure through NYC while their owner is away.
Apartment, The: 12/20/16 59.44%[14.86/25]        Comments
It's a Billy Wilder classic. How well do you know The Apartment?
Prince of Egypt, The: 12/7/16 66.32%[14.59/22]        Comments
Ready to get Biblical? Let's test your recall of this Dreamworks animated blockbuster.
Krampus 11/29/16 68.05%[13.61/20]        Comments
Happy Holidays, everyone! Let's get a start of this holiday madness with a modern Christmas horror comedy, Krampus.
Jungle Book (2016), The: 11/23/16 79.52%[19.88/25]        Comments
Baloo, Bagheera, Kaa and King Louie return to the screen, voiced by familiar actors and actresses, in the 2016 update to Disney's The Jungle Book.
Jungle Book (1967), The: 11/16/16 46.00%[7.36/16]        Comments
Most audiences were introduced to Kipling's story of a boy raised in the wild jungle through what would become a classic of the Disney animated pantheon.
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street 11/15/16 62.54%[15.01/24]        Comments
The musical comes to the screen, as in 2007 Burton and Depp translate Sondheim for moviegoers.
James and the Giant Peach 11/10/16 53.35%[10.67/20]        Comments
Roald Dahl's grippingly imaginative book comes to the big screen in a terrifically animated film. Enjoy this quiz on James and the Giant Peach.
Full Metal Jacket 11/7/16 45.48%[11.37/25]        Comments
Kubrick's war masterpiece Full Metal Jacket proved that no film, not even Oliver Stone's Platoon, could offer the definitive word on Vietnam.
Bulworth 11/1/16 78.13%[12.50/16]        Comments
At the time, it seemed a portrait of politics going far off the rails. Today, it seems rather tame.
Conjuring 2, The: 10/27/16 86.72%[21.68/25]        Comments
The team behind The Conjuring returned in 2016 to offer a new adventure for moviegoers' favorite ghost-busters.
10 Cloverfield Lane 10/25/16 79.33%[19.04/24]        Comments
Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Goodman are both outstanding as residents of a bunker in the 2016 thriller 10 Cloverfield Lane.
Zootopia 10/19/16 89.64%[22.41/25]        Comments
A bunny police officer and fox con man join forces to solve a missing mammals case and become friends despite being predator and prey.
Lights Out 10/18/16 75.44%[18.86/25]        Comments
A great entry in the Things-That-Go-Bump-in-the-Night genre, Lights Out offers some fine performances and a terrific horror villain.
Carrie (1976) 10/11/16 48.39%[11.13/23]        Comments
One of - if not the best - Stephen King adaptation for screen, it made everyone rethink the many, many horrible things that can happen at the prom.
Modern Family, S06E16: Connection Lost 10/5/16 72.89%[13.12/18]        Comments
A terrifically conceived and executed episode, Connection Lost shows the Pritchett family communicating across various devices to solve a mystery.
Punch-Drunk Love 10/4/16 60.00%[12.00/20]        Comments
Most consider it the artistic peak of Adam Sandler's career....yeah, it's safe to say that it's been downhill since Punch-Drunk Love.
Gran Torino 9/29/16 44.63%[10.71/24]        Comments
Clint Eastwood enters what appears to be the downside of his directorial career with 2008's Gran Torino. Here's a trivia set on the movie.
Grand Budapest Hotel (Harder Version), The: 9/28/16 66.67%[10.00/15]        Comments
You may know The Grand Budapest Hotel....but do you really, really, *really* know it?
Anchors Aweigh 9/27/16 56.00%[14.00/25]        Comments
It's the all-singing, all-dancing classic from the 40s starring Kelly and Sinatra. How well do you know Anchors Aweigh?
Grand Budapest Hotel (Easier Version), The: 9/21/16 78.90%[23.67/30]        Comments
Here's Wes Anderson's wonderfully whimsical, touching look at the life of those who run a stately European hotel.
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