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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 6 4/17/14 72.96%[20.43/28]        Comments
Mac, Sweet Dee, Dennis, Charlie and Frank are back for Season 6 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
Jason Voorhees 4/16/14 57.29%[17.76/31]        Comments
Like the man says, walk tall and carry a big....machete. The very bane of teenagers in horror movies, let's see how well you know the life and times of Jason Voorhees.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4/8/14 55.35%[17.16/31]        Comments
With the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film project coming soon to a theater near you - or, already having done so - we want to see how well you know these Heroes in a Half Shell
Game of Thrones, Season 3 Recap 4/3/14 71.43%[21.43/30]        Comments
Jon beyond The Wall, Dany and the Unsullied, the Red Wedding and Bran getting down with his warg self.
Back To The Future Trilogy 4/2/14 58.71%[18.20/31]        Comments
Get ready to go back to the future, and then back to the past, to get back to the present, which is either the future or the past, depending on where you went back to. Got it?
Veep, Season 1 Recap 3/27/14 74.52%[18.63/25]        Comments
Gary, Amy, Mike and Sue do their best to barely keep the Vice President's office afloat in the first season of HBO's fantastic farcical comedy Veep.
AC/DC 3/12/14 26.57%[7.97/30]        Comments
Make sure you know which songs are Brian's and which are Bon's, and blast your way through this AC/DC quiz.
Hills Have Eyes (1977), The: 3/11/14 53.00%[10.07/19]        Comments
Before breaking it big, big, big with A Nightmare on Elm Street, Wes Craven had a few notable entries in the slasher-horror genre. A Hill Have Eyes is such an entry, later to be remade several decades later.
Wiz, The: 2/25/14 50.00%[12.50/25]        Comments
It's Michael Jackson's signature film role. Get ready to ease on down the road, but first prove your knowledge of The Wiz.
Harlem Nights 2/19/14 88.45%[17.69/20]        Comments
One of Eddie Murphy's last great comedies (?), this late 1980s crime comedy teams Murphy with the great Richard Pryor, the underappreciated Danny Aiello, the sublime Della Reese and.....Jasmine Guy.
Never Been Kissed 2/12/14 79.20%[23.76/30]        Comments
Before he was in Alias, Michael Vartan was Drew Barrymore's love interest in Never Been Kissed, which features supporting performances by Molly Shannon, John C. Reilly, Octavia Spencer and others.
RoboCop 2/11/14 81.87%[24.56/30]        Comments
Paul Verhoeven gave us a darkly comedic vision of the future, and Peter Weller did a great job animating a seemingly lifeless android in this crime blockbuster from the late 1980s.
Spectacular Now, The: 2/5/14 80.53%[24.16/30]        Comments
Shailene Woodley continues to add to her star-in-the-making career with her turn in The Spectacular Now, which recalls such other unconventional teen romances as Say Anything....
Numbers in Movie Titles, Part 5 1/28/14 63.90%[12.78/20]        Comments
Here's one more (final?) time to prove your knowledge of movienumerology. One two three four, let's see you well your movie title numbers.
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 1/21/14 71.52%[17.88/25]        Comments
It did well at living up to the irrepressible, creative spirit of the original. Bill Hader, James Caan and Anna Farris reprise their roles in this 2013 sequel.
Project Runway All Stars, Season 3 Recap 1/12/14 72.77%[18.92/26]        Comments
Christopher, Seth Aaron, Irina and Ari all return to Project Runaway, all trying to prove themselves the cream of the crop among the best of the show's past participants.
Movies Set Outside the US Part 3 1/8/14 61.95%[12.39/20]        Comments
Break out your mental movie map and see if you can correctly pick the right locale for these films.
Despicable Me 2 1/7/14 79.43%[23.83/30]        Comments
Despicable Me 2 stormed the box office to run away with the crown of biggest animated film of 2013
2013: The Year in Miley Cyrus 12/25/13 67.07%[10.06/15]        Comments
2013 was a big year for Miley publicity-wise with outrageous onstage antics and racy/nonsensical videos. It's time to twerk...sorry...test how well you know the year in Miley Cyrus.
2013: The Year in Gaming 12/21/13 43.80%[6.57/15]        Comments
While we await all the next gen awesomeness that is coming in 2014, let's find out how well you know 2013 in games.
2013: The Year in Music 12/19/13 59.72%[14.93/25]        Comments
You may know your One Direction from your Jonas Brothers (or maybe not), but how well do you know 2013: The Year in Music?
2013: The Year in Pop Culture Part 1 12/17/13 64.80%[12.96/20]        Comments
BOP loves pop culture the way that Miley Cyrus loves attention. We have tracked an entire year of headlines just for these two quizzes.
Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Part 2, The: 12/10/13 77.57%[23.27/30]        Comments
If you know Kili from Fili, Bifur from Bombur and Oin from Gloin, here is a trivia quiz for you.
Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Part 1, The: 11/27/13 86.53%[25.96/30]        Comments
Wizards, gnarly beasts, forgotten swords and a creeping menace help fill the first three hours of The Hobbit's film adaptation.
Rise of the Guardians 11/26/13 89.36%[22.34/25]        Comments
Tooth, Sandy, Bunny and North. You may know them by other names, but together, along with Jack Frost, they must defeat the threat that is Pitch Black in Rise of the Guardians.
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