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Gravity 7/22/14 75.27%[22.58/30]        Comments
Before landing a bunch of Oscar nominations, including a win for Alfonso Cuaron, Gravity thrilled audiences with some truly remarkable simulated-space footage. Here is a trivia quiz on this modern masterpiece.
Way, Way Back, The: 7/16/14 78.72%[19.68/25]        Comments
Steve Carell and Sam Rockwell give two different yet equally effective supporting performances in this 2013 coming-of-age movie.
Lego Movie, The: 7/15/14 77.17%[23.15/30]        Comments
One of the highlights of early 2014 movies is The Lego Movie, starring Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Ferrell and a host of others.
Hot/Heat Movie Titles 7/9/14 75.40%[15.08/20]        Comments
Test your IQ of movies with the word hot, heat, burn, fire, or any other similar word in the title.
Pompeii 7/8/14 74.36%[18.59/25]        Comments
Game of Throne's Kit Harrington stars in this action-romance drama about (kinda) the last days of doommed Pompeii.
3 Days to Kill 7/1/14 80.68%[20.17/25]        Comments
McG directs Kevin Costner and Amber Heard in 3 Days to Kill, which tries to marry an action thriller with a somewhat ponderous family reconciliation film.
Non-Stop 6/24/14 82.00%[20.50/25]        Comments
Liam Neeson. On a plane. Fighting a terrorist. (Nearly) by himself. If this sounds like your cup of tea, then Non-Stop is the film for you!
Veronica Mars 6/19/14 82.70%[24.81/30]        Comments
Kristen Bell reprises her famous girl detective role in this cinematic rendering of the underappreciated television program.
James Bond Movies: One-Liners 2 6/18/14 62.47%[18.74/30]        Comments
Another quiz on all those famous, whip-smart, smarmy James Bond zingers you know and love.
Fathers in the Movies III 6/11/14 65.90%[13.18/20]        Comments
Good and bad, loving and neglectful - how well do you know movie dads? Check out the third installment of Fathers in the Movies.
Veep, Season 3 6/9/14 78.00%[19.50/25]        Comments
Ben, Amy and Gary try to keep the Meyer campaign afloat, while a technology firm, and old Finnish friend and Dan's breakdown, among other things, try to thwart it.
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S01E21: Ragtag 6/5/14 81.32%[20.33/25]        Comments
Get ready, HYDRA is about to go full HYDRA in the first season's penultimate episode.
James Bond Franchise Screenshots 2 5/28/14 65.30%[19.59/30]        Comments
Adding to our already impressive catalog of James Bond movie-related trivia, here's another quiz to test your smarts on screenshots from the franchise.
Ride Along 5/27/14 82.04%[20.51/25]        Comments
Kevin Hart is at his hilarious best in Ride Along, playing the undisciplined, in-over-his-head loose wheel to Ice Cube's tough-as-nails cop.
Skyfall 5/14/14 71.53%[21.46/30]        Comments
Making a damn strong case for Best Bond Film Ever, Skyfall appealed to critics and proved unstoppable at the box office.
Mothers in the Movies III 5/8/14 64.75%[12.95/20]        Comments
How well do you know these moms in the movies?
Mean Girls Quotes 4/30/14 79.20%[19.80/25]        Comments
Mean Girls has more than stood the test of time, and is a bit of a cultural milestone more than a decade after it first launched Lindsay Lohan to stardom.
Frozen 4/23/14 85.48%[21.37/25]        Comments
Anna joins forces with Kristoff and Olaf to find her sister, Queen Elsa, who has put Arendelle in an eternal winter. How well do you know Frozen?
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 6 4/17/14 84.71%[23.72/28]        Comments
Mac, Sweet Dee, Dennis, Charlie and Frank are back for Season 6 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
Jason Voorhees 4/16/14 54.55%[16.91/31]        Comments
Like the man says, walk tall and carry a big....machete. The very bane of teenagers in horror movies, let's see how well you know the life and times of Jason Voorhees.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4/8/14 48.55%[15.05/31]        Comments
With the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film project coming soon to a theater near you - or, already having done so - we want to see how well you know these Heroes in a Half Shell
Game of Thrones, Season 3 Recap 4/3/14 69.13%[20.74/30]        Comments
Jon beyond The Wall, Dany and the Unsullied, the Red Wedding and Bran getting down with his warg self.
Back To The Future Trilogy 4/2/14 57.32%[17.77/31]        Comments
Get ready to go back to the future, and then back to the past, to get back to the present, which is either the future or the past, depending on where you went back to. Got it?
Veep, Season 1 Recap 3/27/14 76.92%[19.23/25]        Comments
Gary, Amy, Mike and Sue do their best to barely keep the Vice President's office afloat in the first season of HBO's fantastic farcical comedy Veep.
AC/DC 3/12/14 25.60%[7.68/30]        Comments
Make sure you know which songs are Brian's and which are Bon's, and blast your way through this AC/DC quiz.
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