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How Well Do You Know: Black Swan
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1. In Nina’s dream, which character from Swan Lake is involved?
Prince Siegfried
Odile the Black Swan
Princess Odette
Baron von Rothbart
2. What odd body condition does Erica notice on Nina?
Scratches on her back
Red eyes
Goosebumps on her neck
Long toenails
3. What does Nina first steal from Beth’s dressing room?
Her ballet shoes
Her lipstick
Her earrings
Her tiara
4. At ballet auditions in the Lincoln Center, we are introduced to a new student, Lily. Where did she originate from?
San Francisco
5. After an intimate conversation with Thomas Leroy, who got the part of The Swan Queen, according to Nina?
6. Erica is so proud of Nina for getting the part of Swan Queen she bought her a cake made with their favorite flavors. What are they?
Chocolate and mint
Cookies n’ cream and caramel
Strawberry and vanilla
Dulce de leche and chocolate
7. Beth, the enraged dancer, storms out during the gala dinner and Thomas’s toast. What was her concern?
Nina was going to replace her as his favorite peer
Beth will retire after her last performance
Nina was replacing her role as Swan Queen
Beth will no longer have any part of the production of Swan Lake
8. Meanwhile, Nina notices an irritation on her skin. Where is it coming from?
9. In a private and creepy (yes, I do mean it that way) intervention with Nina, Thomas has an assignment for her. What is it?
Seduce David
Touch herself
Go on a date with Lily
Insert Harvey Weinstein reference here (yep, too easy)
10. During rehearsal, what is Thomas’s main concern about Nina’s performance as the Black Swan?
Her feet are clearly in pain
She didn’t show sexual arousal
She rushed her performance
She lagged her feet movements
11. The next day of rehearsal, why did Nina confront Lily?
Lily called Nina in the middle of rehearsal
Lily was trying on Nina’s costume
Nina wanted to hit Lily up for a date
Lily told Thomas that Nina needed a break
12. How did Beth end up in the hospital?
Attempted suicide
Traffic collision
Alcohol poison
Drug overdose
13. How old was Erica when she had Nina and gave up her ballet career?
14. Who gave Lily Nina’s home address?
Mr. Fithian
15. How does Lily like her cheeseburgers?
Ultra rare
Medium rare
Extra bloody
16. Lily introduces Nina to Tom and Jerry. What is Jerry’s real name?
17. Erica approaches Nina, outraged, and asks where she’s been. How does Nina respond?
Reaching for the stars
To the moon and back
Flying against the sun
Riding a rocket to Venus
18. Lily and Nina, while intoxicated, go to Nina’s apartment and makeout. What does not happen?
The wings on Lily’s tattoo flap
Lily’s face changes into Nina’s
Lily’s tattoo morphs into wings
Lily crushes Nina’s face with a pillow
19. The lights go out and Nina is alone in the stage. What does she see backstage?
Rothbart having sex with Nina’s double
Feathers sprouting from her back
Thomas having sex with Lily
A and C
20. Nina goes to the hospital to visit Beth. Which stolen item does Nina return first?
21. Nina runs home, all the manic hallucinations happen, and she turns into a swan. Which transformation happens last?
Her eyes turn red
She grows feathers on her back
Her legs bend backwards
Her fingers bleed like hell
22. Because her daughter became so violently psychotic, Erica locks Nina in her room. Where did Erica hide the doorknob?
Inside the music box
Under Nina’s bed
Inside one of her stuffed animals
Under the chair cushion
23. So far, Swan Lake’s recital has been running smoothly, until David accidentally drops Nina. Why did he lose his grip?
Nina’s nervousness caused her body to quake
Nina’s tights were not designed for hand grip
Nina’s legs sweat so much that David’s hands couldn’t hold anymore
Nina shrieked as she saw her feet becoming webbed
24. If you can remember the plot twist, you certainly can remember the weapon Nina uses…
Beth’s knife
Broken light bulb
Mirror shard
Prop sword

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