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How Well Do You Know: Liar Liar
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1. Fletcher arrives from work to visit Max and Audrey. What’s his excuse for showing up late?
The bathroom line was too long
He had a last minute conference with the jury
He ran out of gas while in a tough neighborhood
He washed the coffee stain off his shirt in the laundry
2. What is the name of the personal game Fletcher likes to play with Max?
Tickling Crab
Poking Monster
The Hand Spider
The Claw
3. Audrey’s new boyfriend Jerry wants her to move with him to Boston. Where does he work?
Real Estate Office
Television Studio
4. Let’s see if you can remember Max’s age. Afterall, his birthday is coming up.
5. Fletcher has a case with Samantha Cole, who is divorcing her husband. How many times has he allegedly been disloyal?
6. Max makes a wish that for one day Fletcher never told a lie. What time does he make that wish?
7. Of course, we all know that Fletcher is a liar ... er, lawyer. What is Audrey’s job?
Real Estate Agent
8. The day after the big wish came true, who does he confront first while on his way for Samantha’s trial?
The beggar
The woman at the elevator
9. Fletcher’s mother thinks he’s on vacation. How long has he claimed to have taken that holiday?
Seven days
Five weeks
Four days
Six weeks
10. Due to Fletcher’s lack of concentration and ability to lie with omission, Judge Stevens has decided to call a mistrial, postponing the trial until…
11. On his immediate way home, Fletcher gets stopped by the police. Which is not one of his automotive violations?
He almost hit a Lexus
He ran through a crosswalk without yielding
He changed lanes in the intersection
He followed too closely
12. What happened to Fletcher’s car before he and Audrey paid it back?
Mitchell farted inside the car
The rear car window is broken
Eddie scratched the door
Eddie and Mitchell left cigarette holes on the passenger seat
13. What does Fletcher take from the car impound lot?
Air freshener
Cigarette from the ashtray
Business phone
14. Fletcher learns that Max’s wish came true. What does Max ask first to test that wish?
Will I go blind when I sit too close to the TV?
Are you and Jerry going to get along?
Will it stick when I make a face?
Is wrestling real?
15. What is Fletcher’s answer?
Yes, Randy Savage didn’t get these muscles for nothing.
Yes and people actually do get hurt, sad truth.
In the Olympics, Yes. On Channel 23, no.
What are you joking? Of course it’s fake!
16. How much did Greta’s “expensive Tiffany’s” picture frame cost and where?
$3.75 from Big Lots
$6.50 from a garage sale
$4.25 from a flea market
$7.33 from Walmart
17. Finish this quote: "Several years ago, a friend had a burglar on her roof. He fell through the skylight, landed on a butcher's knife, cutting his leg. The burglar sued my friend. He sued my friend! Because of guys like you, he won! My friend had to pay the burglar ______."
18. I promise when I say that previous question is the final one involving numbers. Miranda takes Fletcher to a meeting where Mr. Allan is speaking, and has Fletcher tell the truth about him and the rest of the members. What does he say about Simmons?
He slept with ten women when his wife wasn’t watching
He’s the biggest brown nose he’s ever seen
He should have retired years ago
He has bad breath caused by gingivitis
19. Why was Samantha late for the trial?
There was traffic at the kid’s kindergarten
She was stopped by the police for speeding
Her daughter took too long in the bathroom
Her son threw up in the car
20. How did Dana’s defendant witness Samantha’s affair?
Tape recording
Security footage
A and B
21. Where does Fletcher get the idea of assaulting himself in the bathroom?
He bangs his forehead against the wall
He gets soap in his eyes while washing hands
He stubs his toe against the radiator
He bangs his head on the stall door
22. Fletcher calls Samantha for his next witness. He shows her a copy of her driver’s license and her birth certificate. Which part did she not lie about?
Hair color
23. Who bails Fletcher out of the slammer?
24. Cross my heart, this is the last question involving numbers. Fletcher confesses his love for Max. How long ago has it been since the wish expired?
15 minutes
45 minutes
30 minutes
60 minutes
25. What was Max’s wish on his sixth birthday?
For Fletcher and Audrey to get back together
For Fletcher to never lie for the rest of his life
For Fletcher and Jerry to get along
For a new pair of rollerblades

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