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How Well Do You Know: Sing
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1. Buster gets kicked out of restaurant during a meeting with his friend Eddie. What did Buster do that warranted a swift exit from the restaurant?
he stole a chef's uniform and tried sneaking back to the kitchen to eat some free food
he yelled at the manager
he started jumping on other people's tables while trying to avoid security
he packed sandwiches rather than order off the menu
2. The amount of prize money being awarded for the winner of Buster's singing contest is misprinted on hundreds of flyers thanks to a mishap involving ________.
secretary Miss Crawly's glass eye
Buster's broken computer
a car accident outside the theater
a coffee cup
3. Ash the porcupine is happy when Buster chooses her to be part of the singing competition, but it causes trouble too. Why?
she has a severe case of stage fright so she isn't sure she can do this
her boyfriend and bandmate is not picked along with her - Buster wants only Ash
she dropped her beloved guitar in excitement and it broke - so now she doesn't have an instrument to play
she's not sure she can get the time off of school or permission from her parents
4. Why is Johnny the gorilla chosen to participate instead of the other competitor in his category?
he's got "spunk"
Miss Crawly thinks he's more attractive than the other competitor
the other competitor, a giraffe, can't hear Buster's instructions
he's strong so she can help as a stagehand in addition to the singing
5. What did Buster's late father do for 30 years so Buster could afford to buy the theater?
drove a school bus
collected trash
harvested crops
washed cars
6. Rosita the pig really needs to hire a nanny so she is able to attend rehearsals. Why is she having trouble finding one?
she doesn't trust a stranger with her children
the nannies she finds are all part of the show too
she has 25 children
she has no money to pay them
7. Ash is happy to be in the competition but unhappy about this.
she's part of a song-and-dance number, and she can't dance
she's being asked to sing pop music and wear a dress
Buster wants her to dye her hair blue
she wants her boyfriend to be performing with her, even though he wasn't chosen
8. Johnny learns he needs to learn to do this in order to be a part of the competition.
play piano
dance a routine
dress the part of a "rocker"
sing in another language
9. Meena the elephant, who was too afraid to sing at her initial audition, goes back to the theater to ask for another chance. Buster offers her a job as _________ rather than having her sing/reaudition.
a stagehand
a caterer
his new secretary
his assistant
10. Mike the mouse gains the status he wanted - and is allowed into the nightclub - after he does this.
buys a sports car
bribes the bouncer
takes out an ad in the paper, announcing his impending wealth after he wins the prize money
upgrades his wardrobe so he "looks wealthy"
11. Why is Ash upset when she arrives home after rehearsal?
her boyfriend Lance insults her look and her singing ability, telling her she will always be a failure
she finds her boyfriend Lance has another girlfriend/bandmate over
she learns her parents aren't planning on coming to the competition
her guitar isn't working
12. What does the arrogant Mike do in the club that makes him a target of a group of bears?
cheats at cards
hits on their girlfriends
insults them within earshot
steals the leader's wallet
13. What lie does Buster tell Eddie's Nana after unsuccessfully trying to get money from her?
he has nearly enough money to pay off his debts and pay the competition winner
he's upgraded the theater
he's thinking of selling the theater to Nana
he's sick
14. Johnny rushes to the theater and attempts to rehearse quickly before getting back to the location of the heist. He can't get there in time, though, because of this.
he's stuck in traffic, thanks to an accident he caused by rushing to the theater
he's pulled over by the police for speeding
Miss Crawly keeps him after rehearsal so he can practice his piano playing
he's kidnapped by the bears who are looking for Mike
15. Where is Rosita when she finally finds her rhythm and starts dancing?
her kitchen
the empty stage, after the theater's closed
the grocery store
her kids' school
16. The theater is destroyed after the glass-enclosed water tanks break, causing water to wipe out nearly all of the place. Eddie helps Buster do this in order to raise some money.
wash cars
sing on the streets
sell candy bars
work at a gas station
17. Buster decides to continue with the singing competition - now an unpaid competition - after this happens.
Rosita talks to him about her unrealized dreams of being a performer
he finally hears Meena sing
Eddie kicks him out of the poolhouse
he overhears Nana talking about the possibility of giving Buster the money
18. The competition is being televised, and as the singers perform, more spectators show up at the theater to see them perform. What happens during Johnny's performance?
Johnny's father breaks out of prison
the police come to arrest him for his involvement with his father's crew
he asks Ash to come on stage and sing with him
Mike cuts the mic feed so nobody hears Johnny sing
By way of explanation.....
Dad tells Johnny how proud he is of his son. Awwww.
19. Ash performs her original song to an enthusiastic crowd, despite __________.
losing electricity again
there being very few people in the audience
the appearance of Judith the bank manager
Nana's insistence that she be the only one to sing on stage
20. Meena finally sings in public and shows everyone what an incredible voice she possesses. What happens during her performance?
a recording executive offers her a record deal
her high pitch shatters every light bulb in the theater
the makeshift theater collapses
she starts to cry but the rest of the crowd helps her get her confidence back
By way of explanation.....
she literally "brings down the house"

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