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1. What did young Miguel's great-great-grandmother learn to make in order to support her family, after her husband left to pursue a career in music?
hand-blown glass sculptures
2. How did Miguel's hero, hometown hero/musician/actor Ernesto de la Cruz, meet his untimely demise?
he was run over by a traveling band's bus
he choked on a piece of pie
he was crushed by a giant bell
he had a heart attack mid-song
3. A mariachi musician talks Miguel into entering a talent show while Miguel is doing this.
begging to be in the mariachi band
turning the musician's guitar
drawing a chalk picture of Ernesto de la Cruz
shining the musician's shoes
4. Miguel accidentally knocks a picture over that belonged on his family's ofrenda for Dia de los Muertos. He discovers a hidden part of one picture that leads him to believe Ernesto de la Cruz is his great-great-grandfather. What does he see in the picture that brings him to this conclusion?
a guitar
a pair of shoes
a watch
a note to his daughter
5. Miguel says he doesn't want to be a part of his family any more after Abuelita does this.
gives his dog away
smashes his handmade guitar into pieces
sets fire to his Ernesto de la Cruz records and videotapes
forbids him from ever saying Ernesto de la Cruz's name
6. Miguel can't play in the talent show without his guitar, but he thinks he's found a way around that. What does he do?
he makes another from the wood table used for the ofrenda
he borrows one from another musician
he decides to sing without a guitar
he breaks into Ernesto de la Cruz's shrine and steals his guitar off the wall
7. Miguel discovers he's not quite living, but not quite dead. Who is the only being from the living world that can still see him after he's crossed over into the land of the dead?
his great great grandmother Coco
stray dog Dante
his baby sister
his Abuelita
8. Miguel's shocked to find that there really is a land of the dead, and that family does cross over on Dia de los Muertos. He thought it might have been something made-up that adults tell kids, like ________.
the nutritional value of broccoli
taking baths
dental floss
9. Imelda gives Miguel her blessing so he can return back to the land of the living, but adds a condition. What is it?
he must never mention Ernesto de la Cruz's name again
he can't play music ever again
he must give her daughter Coco a message from her
he must go to school to learn how to make shoes
10. Miguel's back for only seconds before appearing again in the land of the dead. What did he do that sent him back?
he went to the talent show
he mentioned de la Cruz to a passerby
he sang while walking home
grabbed de la Cruz's guitar
11. Miguel enlists the help of drifter Hector in finding Ernesto. Why does he ask Hector for help?
he overhears Hector say he knows Ernesto personally
Hector says he's bored and is looking for something exciting to do
Hector is the only person around
he is scared and Hector is the only person other than his family who's been nice to him
12. Miguel and Hector make a deal; if Hector gets Miguel to see Ernesto de la Cruz, Miguel will do this for Hector.
visit Hector's family and ask them to put his picture on their ofrenda
find Hector's long-lost child
put Hector's picture up on the ofrenda so he can cross over
put in a good word for Hector with Ernesto de la Cruz
13. What is Hector's unfortunate food-related nickname, given to him by his musician friends?
"Chicken Bone"
"Pork Chop"
By way of explanation.....
he apparently died by choking on a piece
14. Hector's friend loans him the guitar, but under one condition. What?
Hector needs to first return all the other items he's borrowed
Hector has to play him a song first
Miguel needs to prove he's worthy of borrowing the guitar
Miguel needs to put his picture on an ofrenda along with Hector's
15. Why does Hector's friend disappear after the song ends?
he's tired and wants to hide from the world
he's been forgotten by everyone in the living world
he was a figment of Hector's imagination so he was never there
his picture has been put on someone's ofrenda
By way of explanation.....
Hector calls it the "final death"
16. Miguel, with Hector's help, puts on a great performance at the talent show after admitting:
he's never performed before
he's incredibly nervous about meeting Ernesto
he misses his mom and dad
he is considering not playing music ever again
17. Mama Imelda finds Miguel and surprises him by doing this.
telling him about her late husband
singing him a song
giving him her blessing with no conditions
telling him how to get to Ernesto's house
By way of explanation.....
She chose her daughter over music, which is why she never sang after her husband left.
18. After sneaking into the party, Miguel gets Ernesto's - and the partygoers' - attention by singing a song for the crowd. His performance is cut short when this happens.
he trips down stairs and lands at Ernesto's feet
he chokes and coughs while singing
he falls into Ernesto's swimming pool
he is knocked out by a decorative bell
19. How does Hector get into Ernesto's party?
he sneaks in by dressing as a waiter
he disguises himself as Frida Kahlo
he walks behind a very tall skeleton
he stuffs himself into a woman's handbag, then reassembles himself once inside the house
20. After learning that Ernesto poisoned Hector and stole his guitar and songs, and after being banished into a sinkhole, Hector and Miguel discover they are related! How do they discover this?
Hector pulls out a copy of the same picture Miguel has
Hector mentions his daughter's name is Coco
Miguel talks about his family's shoe business
Miguel starts singing "Remember Me"
21. Who finds Hector and Miguel first, saving them?
Mama Imelda
Pepita the spirit guide
Abuelita, who had also crossed over
22. Mama Imelda accidentally winds up on stage during Ernesto's show, and performs a song while trying to do this.
keep Hector's photo away from Ernesto so she can give it to Miguel
reconcile with Hector
fight Ernesto's guards
bless the flower petal so Miguel can go home
23. The evil Ernesto de la Cruz admits to his villainous deeds, and throws Miguel off the side of a building. Miguel is saved by Pepita, but is upset when he's returned back to his family. Why?
he doesn't like that the crowd still worships Ernesto
Dante has disappeared
Hector's photo fell into the water during Miguel's fall
he's learned Hector had had the "final death"
24. Miguel gets his blessing from Mama Imelda at the very last minute, and runs home. How does he get Coco to remember her father?
ht tells her stories about Hector and Imelda
he sings "Remember Me" to her
he asks her if she remembers anything about her childhood
he shows her a picture of Hector
25. One year later, it's time for Dia de los Muertos. Which of the following is NOT true?
Coco has died, so her picture is on the ofrenda
Hector is now famous in town
Ernesto's shrine and monument has been demolished, with just a pile of rubble standing
Hector gets to pass through the gate along with the rest of his family

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