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How Well Do You Know: What's Your Number?
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yura 4/20/18 1:54 am


1. Ally has a rough morning. Not only does she get dumped when she asks her boyfriend to her sister's wedding, but this also happens.
her apartment is robbed
her car is totaled in an accident
she loses her job
she finds out she's pregnant
2. Ally reads a magazine article which states that the average number of men one person sleeps with is 10.5. Ally is taken aback by this, as she's already slept with 19. She deals with this piece of information by getting drunk and embarrassing herself at ______.
her sister's engagement party
her high school reunion
a coworker's going away dinner
trivia night at the local bar
3. Ally announces to her sister and her friends that she will only sleep with guy #20 when it's the man she's going to marry. Unfortunately, she wakes up the next morning next to #20 - and it's not someone she wants to spend her life with. Who is he?
her sister's fiancé
the bartender from her sister's engagement party
her former boss
her dentist
4. How does the guy in apt. 6A, Colin, help Ally get out of dinner with her boss?
he claims he has a date with Ally that night
he assaults her boss
he says they have a tenants meeting to attend
he reminds her that the apartment occupants are doing "trust exercises" later that afternoon
5. While taste-testing wedding cakes with her sister Daisy, Ally runs into an ex-boyfriend. "Disgusting Donald" - who is now very not-disgusting - is the reason Ally did this.
learned to cook
went to self-defense training
took knitting classes
started running
6. Ally asks Colin for help in tracking down her ex-partners. He refuses, until she makes him a deal. What will she do for him if he helps her?
pretend to be his girlfriend when he meets his mother for lunch
help him find a job
help him get rid of his one-night stands
introduce him to her "hot friends"
7. Colin has luck in tracking down an ex named Dave Hansen. Ally decides she's not interested in pursuing anything with Dave - why not?
he hasn't aged well
he's still a bartender and magician, years after they dated
he doesn't remember Ally and can't recall any part of their relationship
he no longer lives in Boston and she wants to stay in the city
8. Colin has success finding Ally's former flames after he does this.
sets up a Facebook profile in her name
puts her picture and an ad in the paper
has her create a Tinder account
puts her name in her college alumni directory
9. Ally checks out a local Open House, as her ex Simon is selling his home. She walks into the wrong house and finds not Simon, but:
Simon's ex-wife
Disgusting Donald
10. Ally's reunion with Simon is a disaster; the drunker she gets, the worse her fake British accent gets. Which of the following is NOT an accent she wound up using?
Swedish Chef
Eliza Doolittle
Pepe Le Pew
11. Ally admits she lost her virginity to a guy named Gerry Perry. Gerry is/was _______.
a circus clown
a professional bowler
a horse trainer
a puppeteer
12. Ally flies to Miami to reconnect with an ex, but is embarrassed at how he recognizes and remembers her. What does her ex, Barrett, do for a living?
plastic surgeon
By way of explanation.....
Her face doesn't ring a bell, but, um, another part of her does
13. Ally flies to Washington, DC to see her ex Tom. Tom's a congressional aide with big political ambitions - and he's interested in a future with Ally. What part of the deal makes Ally say no way?
she doesn't want to be a politician's wife
he doesn't make enough money to be able to support her comfortably
Tom's gay and wants to marry her so she'll be his "beard"
he already has a wife and she doesn't want to be a mistress or the "new wife"
14. Colin and Ally sneak into this place and have a friendly competition that involves stripping.
Boston Garden
a museum
Fenway Park
a T subway station
15. Ally dreams of making sculptures. What does Colin want to do for a living?
design clothes
win skateboard competitions
play music
build furniture
16. After spending the night together - but no sex! - Ally grabs Colin's phone by mistake. What does she accidentally learn by looking at his phone?
he has a girlfriend
he got her hard-to-find ex Jake's number but never gave it to her
he's been writing an article about their time together and his mission to find her exes
he's looking at engagement rings for her
17. What happens to Ally immediately before meeting Jake for dinner?
the back of her dress splits open
she gets hit by a taxi
it starts to rain, causing her makeup to run
her hair extensions catch on fire
18. How do Ally and Daisy get their mother to accept that their father - and his girlfriend - will also be at Daisy's wedding?
they offer to seat their father at the "bad table" near the kitchen
they ask their mother if she'd like to walk Daisy down the aisle instead of their father
they announce that Ally will be bringing Jake to the wedding as her date
they offer her a large sum of money to stay quiet and pleasant about the whole thing
19. During the wedding reception, Jake asks Ally to head overseas with him for 6 months. Why does she refuse this offer?
he tells her she needs to cut off all contact with Colin
he disparages her number of sexual partners and her sculptures
he admits he doesn't want to marry her, he just wants to be "another number"
she doesn't like that he's rude to her father
By way of explanation.....
plus, she realizes she loves Colin
20. Ally's mother is furious that Ally's dumped Jake. Daisy diffuses the situation (at her own wedding, mind you) by doing this.
forcing her mother to give a speech
does a fun couples dance with her new husband
admitting she shouldn't have gotten married
announcing she's pregnant
21. After sneaking into the wedding, Ally makes her presence known to Colin by doing this.
stealing the mic from the bride and making a romantic speech to Colin
pretending to be a waitress at the reception and serving him a drink from her
hiring someone to write his name in the sky via airplane
crashing the stage and singing along with him and the band
22. Ally gets a call after her happy reunion with Colin that makes her even happier. What happened?
she's sold some of her sculptures
a lawyer's called to inform her she has inherited some money
she learns she is being re-hired at the company that originally let her go - in her former boss's position
a drunken hookup was letting her know they never slept together, thereby making Jake #20

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