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How Well Do You Know: Finding Dory
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1. Finish the lyric! We see the undertow, we say…
Heck no!
Let’s go!
What’s an undertow?
There's the undertow! There's the undertow, there's the undertow
2. Dory asks random sea creatures where her parents are. Which animal is not one of them?
3. Remember that time when Nemo was lost and Marlin and Dory encountered a gang of sharks? How many sharks were there, according to Marlin?
Duh, it’s obviously three.
Really? That’s your question? Skip to the next one already!
4. Do you remember who Kathy is/was? You sure? When Mr. Ray lectures about their field trip to the stingray migration, what is Kathy’s response?
I love grapes
5. Speaking of member berries, Dory finally remembers her parents. Where are they currently?
Pismo Beach
Morro Bay
Catalina Island
Marina del Rey
6. What is “the Jewel of Morro Bay”?
Fine Dining Restaurant
Marine Life Institute
Water District
7. If you can tell Dory the name of her parents, you deserve a medal... of shells. Their names are...
Jenny and Charlie
Lily and Martin
Katie and Ken
Penny and Lenny
8. Dory ends up in the Jewel of Morro Bay. Where do fish who aren’t qualified for marine life end up?
Long Beach
9. Hank the octopus helps Dory find her parents. How and where did Hank lose his tentacle?
He got it cut off by the sous chef at a Japanese restaurant
The scientist in the laboratory cut off the weak tentacle
Children at the Kid Zone grabbed him and tore it off
He didn’t lose his tentacle. It’s actually a birth deformity
10. Dory meets Destiny, a nearsighted whale shark who was her childhood friend. What is their friendship name?
Pipe pals
Shell buddies
Whale sisters
Sand buddies
11. Destiny suggests that Dory find her parents in Open Ocean. Which is not one of the mishap names she calls her destination?
Hope and devotion
Soap and lotion
There is no option d
12. Meanwhile, Marlin and Nemo seek help from a disabled bird named Becky (thanks to Fluke and Rudder) to take them to the Quarantine building. How does it backfire?
Becky flies into the Quarantine building wall
The weight of the bucket causes Becky to plummet to the ground
Becky gets distracted by the spilled bucket of popcorn
Becky feeds Marlin and Nemo to her babies
13. While trying to call back Becky, where do Marlin and Nemo unsuccessfully end up?
The otters exhibit
The main Open Ocean aquarium
The janitor’s mop bucket
A fish tank at a gift shop
14. Meanwhile, if you recall about Hank’s missing tentacle, Dory ends up in the Kid Zone. Which sea creature in the Touch Pool is not included?
Sea cucumber
Sea anemone
Sea urchin
15. Speaking of clams, what is the clam’s story?
He lost a pearl
His family was turned into chowder
His date left him
A human child broke his shell
16. Which animal was his date?
17. Dory finally reaches the Open Ocean. Which event from her childhood does not flash in her eyes as she discovers her old home?
Jenny and Charlie putting shells on the sand
Dory playing hide and seek
Dory attempting to cross the undertow
Dory talking to Destiny through the pipes
18. What was Dory trying to do before she became lost?
Crossing the undertow
Playing hide and seek
Talking to Destiny through the pipes
Picking up a purple seashell
19. What was Dory’s tag number?
20. Dory, Marlin, and Nemo find the Quarantine Room and land into a crate full of which fish?
Flying fish
21. Destiny and Bailey use their echolocation to find the truck shipping to Cleveland. What distracts Bailey during his search?
Fluke and Rudder
Crush and Squirt
The voice of Sigourney Weaver
22. As if we didn’t educate you on marine biology enough, let’s talk about the three R’s. What does the second R stand for?
23. Hank drives the truck to retrieve Dory to the water. Which street do they exit on the roundabout?
Gilman St
Ashby Ave
Great Coastal Highway
Powell St
24. In a game of hide and seek, who does Dory find first?
Marlin and Nemo
Jenny and Charlie
25. Which is not a camouflage/hiding spot for Hank at the end credits?
Inside the Volkswagen
Inside the wet floor sign
On the kelp bed
In the manta ray migration

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