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How Well Do You Know: Kiki's Delivery Service
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1. Kiki wants to leave at midnight to continue training as a witch. How old is she?
2. Kiki wants to leave tonight?! Awww, Okino wanted to go:
Watching the superbowl
3. How long does Kiki have to train by herself?
2 years
3 years
6 months
1 year
4. Kiki encounters the snobby Senior Witch whose special gift, aside from flying on a broomstick, is:
Brewing potions
Fortune telling
Morphing into animals
Casting powerful spells
5. Kiki and Jiji fall into a train cabin full of ______ to sleep overnight.
6. Kiki causes a ruckus on her first time at Koriko and gets caught by the police. How so?
She broke a piece of bread from the greengrocer to feed Jiji
She flew into a bus causing her to lose control of her broom
She accidentally turned a policeman into a frog
A dog chased Jiji through the streets, knocking people over
7. We meet Tombo, who has a hobby linked with:
8. Kiki gets her first job after helping Osono retrieve a mother with a baby pram her:
9. Kiki has saved up money herself, hoping she can purchase a:
Vacuum cleaner
MP3 player
10. At the grocery store, Jiji discovers a picture of himself on a:
Cat food can
Jug of cat litter
Cereal box
11. As Kiki and Jiji fly to deliver a present for a boy, how do they get knocked over?
A flock of geese attack her causing her to fall
A kite blocks Kiki’s vision and loses focus
Gust of wind blows them away to the forest
The birdcage falls off, causing broomstick turbulence
12. We see a young woman named Ursula, who’s drawing sketches of:
Her cabin
Pine trees
Her room
13. What does Maki, Kiki’s first customer, do for a living?
Interior designer
Pastry chef
Theatre director
Fashion designer
14. Tombo gives Kiki an invitation for an aviation club. When will he be there to pick her up?
7:00 PM
6:00 PM
4:00 PM
12:00 PM
15. Madam’s gift for her granddaughter is a pie made of:
Squash and Mince meat
Carrot and Raisin
Pumpkin and Herring
Salmon and Cheese
16. Oh no! Kiki’s going to be late for the Aviation club! How late is Madam’s clock?
5 minutes
10 minutes
20 minutes
25 minutes
17. The white cat that Jiji has a crush on is named:
18. Kiki and Tombo go on their first date on his personal bicycle. They destine to visit the:
Airship docking near the ocean
Leonardo da Vinci flight exhibit
KASDF aviation show
Junior pilots talent show
19. The first evidence of Kiki losing her magic is when Jiji meows. When does she realizes her loss?
In the middle of delivery
During dinner
As she mopes on the bed
After she wakes up
20. As soon as she tests her remaining powers on her broom:
Crows pluck out the straw
Her broom breaks
Tombo breaks up with her
Police catch and arrest her
21. What does Ursula have Kiki do while the latter finds her voice?
Partake in drawing lessons
Paint the ocean
Feed her crows
Be her head model
22. Ursula claims that Kiki being an inspiration is better than:
Making pancakes
Feeding the cat
Cleaning the floor
Sewing the cat doll’s head
23. Madame gives Kiki a reward for being such a huge help to her. That reward is…
Rose macarons
Herring and pumpkin pie
Cat-shaped cookies
Chocolate cake
24. Kiki finds her inspiration and save Tombo from falling off the dirigible. Meanwhile:
Osono gives birth
Kokiri and Okino go camping
Jiji finally speaks
Ursula paints a picture of Kiki
25. Who else has children by the end?

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