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How Well Do You Know: Sabrina
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1. Peeking through the trees to watch the Larrabee's yearly party to commemorate the 6-meter yacht race, Sabrina the chauffeur's daughter noted that:
nobody ever wore the same dress or tuxedo twice
it never rained on the night of the Larrabee party
the Larrabees spent an amount equaling half her father's salary on each party
Hollywood elite often attended the parties
2. The Larrabee family was very wealthy. A townhouse given to them as a wedding gift had been converted into ______.
a homeless shelter
Grand Central Terminal
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Saks Fifth Avenue
3. Linus, the eldest Larrabee, was given this superlative by his Yale classmates.
"classmate with the handsomest brother"
"most likely to work himself to death"
"most likely to never crack a smile"
"most likely to leave his alma mater $50 million"
4. David Larrabee sneaks away from the party, along with his date. Where do they meet up?
the indoor tennis court
the swimming pool
the servant's kitchen
the sauna
5. Sabrina gets ready to head to Paris. What's she going to be doing in France?
taking photography lessons
going to culinary school
modeling in fashion shows
working for an art curator
6. A lovesick Sabrina decides to end her life. What instructions does she leave for her father in the suicide note?
to make sure David doesn't attend the funeral
to make sure David understands how much Sabrina loved him
to let her father know he was a loving father
to give all of her possessions to David
By way of explanation.....
"PS: Don't have David at the funeral. He probably wouldn't even cry."
7. Sabrina starts every car in the garage and waits for the end. Who winds up inadvertently saving her?
David Larrabee
her father (the family chauffeur)
Linus Larrabee
David's date
8. Sabrina heads off to Paris and finds that culinary school is going to be harder than she anticipated. Why?
she can't even crack an egg
she can't remember where the school is located, and doesn't know who to ask for directions
she hates the food they're cooking
she doesn't understand the instructor's instructions, as he speaks only French
9. Sabrina's cooking ability improves after this happens.
she commits to learning to cook a meal for David
she befriends a baron who is also a fellow student
she gets a job in a local cafe
she starts dating the instructor
10. David's upset to read news of his engagement - especially as he hasn't proposed to anyone. He learns Linus planted the news, as it's part of a business deal. The family David will marry into owns a company that produces ______.
sugar cane
11. What is being made with the sugar cane that's part of the Tyson/Larrabee business deal?
ethanol fuel
12. 2 years after heading to Paris, Sabrina arrives home. She enjoys a ride home from David, partly because this happens.
he doesn't recognize her
he tells her how happy he is to finally have her back home
he kisses her
he wants to stop and take her to lunch
13. David's plan to spend some alone time with Sabrina at the indoor tennis court fails when this happens.
his fiancee Elizabeth finds him and won't leave his side
he sits down on the champagne glasses he had hidden in his back pocket
Sabrina's father accidentally hits him with the towncar
Linus and his mother take Sabrina away so David can't find her
14. Linus shows up at the tennis court with champagne instead of his brother. Linus is proud of Sabrina when she does this.
admits she might be better off going back to France
decides to stay away from David
refuses the money he offers her to leave David alone
offers to help Linus with the Larrabee/Tyson merger
15. Sabrina notes when the band plays a certain song, as it's the song David dances to with all of his dates. Linus takes the opportunity to dance with her instead. What's the song?
"Cheek to Cheek"
"Isn't It Romantic"
"My Funny Valentine"
"The Way You Look Tonight"
16. While trying to "woo" Sabrina as a distraction, Linus tells her father about his plan to do this.
convince Sabrina that Linus is the man for her
cancel the merger
send Sabrina back to Paris
make David the president of Larrabee Industries so he'll be forced to work more
17. Sabrina is both happy and sad to hear this news from Linus. She has no idea the news he shares is a lie.
he's going to sell the Larrabee Corporation
he's heading to Paris by boat
he's thinking of heading to culinary school himself
David is looking at engagement rings for Sabrina
18. Sabrina and Linus arrive home from a night out to find David waiting outside for her. He's healing up and feeling better. What does Sabrina ask David to do?
take her to the indoor tennis court so they can have their dance
kiss her
take her to Paris
throw another Larrabee party
19. Sabrina tries to avoid another date with Linus, but he comes and gets her from the Larrabee Building phone booth. What does Sabrina do while she's in Linus's office/the boardroom?
tidies up the office
asks him to dance with her again
makes a call to Paris
cooks him dinner
20. Sabrina finds the boat tickets to Paris while she's looking for this item.
a garbage can
an egg beater
a can opener
a salt shaker
21. Feeling bad about his deception - and Sabrina's hurt feelings as a result - Linus does this.
admits his true feelings to Sabrina
makes plans to stop the merger/wedding
writes a letter to Sabrina
talks to Sabrina's father about what he should do
22. David finally makes an appearance in the boardroom and does this.
punches Linus
hands in a resignation letter
asks Linus for help in getting their parents to accept Sabrina
asks for a raise
By way of explanation.....
Davis realized the kiss he got from Sabrina the night before was a "goodbye kiss"
23. The ship to Paris has already sailed. How does Linus get onto the boat?
he rides a tugboat, which catches up with the ship
he parachutes in from a small aircraft
he swims to it
he had the Coast Guard force the ship back to the dock
24. David and Linus's father, sick of the shenanigans, calls the business meeting to order. What happens next?
David pushes him out the door
he sits on a jar of olives
he cries
he calls off the business deal
25. How does Sabrina figure out that Linus is on the ship?
she looks up to see Linus standing in front of her, flowers in hand
the ship's captain makes an announcement, offering to marry Sabrina and the man she loves
Linus gets on the intercom system and professes his love
a steward asks Sabrina to straighten the brim of a man's hat

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