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How Well Do You Know: Game Night
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1. Max and Annie first meet when they answer the same question at trivia night about:
Care Bears
2. A trip to an over-interested doctor suggests there's a psychological problem with Max's:
3. It's the name of the dog owned by weirdly obtrusively needy neighbor Gary:
St. Margaret
4. Max and Annie's somewhat dim friend Ryan insist that rich people incorporate this in their game nights (he's sure the Kennedys do):
Fight clubs
5. Max's life is complicated by being constantly upstaged by his mysteriously successful brother Brooks. The word is that Brooks was one of the first investors in:
6. The relationship between marrieds Kevin and Michelle gets complicated during a game of Never Have I Ever, as Michelle eventually reveals she slept with this celeb:
Morgan Freeman
Jamie Foxx
Taye Diggs
Denzel Washington
7. The game at Brooks's house kicks off with the appearance of Agent Henderson, FBI. You know Agent Henderson is really intense because:
He wears sunglasses at night
He kicks the door to Brooks's house in
He chews on his cigarettes
He uses a disproportionate amount of profanity
8. Brooks taken by the "real" bad guys. During the brawl, Kevin observes that this is, in an upset, does not get broken:
A floor-to-ceiling mirror
A house of cards
A glass table
A crystal vase
9. It's the answer to the first riddle contained in the dossier:
A stapler
A straw
A potato
A camera
10. Max and Annie track the kidnappers to the bar. They suspect the bartender is in on the "crime", so Max tests him by ordering him a:
Singapore Sling
Moscow Mule
Harvey Wallbanger
11. Annie takes over in the bar, forcing the kidnappers to the floor, but needing to demonstrate for them this yoga pose:
Mountain pose
Child's pose
Warrior pose
Tree pose
12. Ryan and Sarah visit the murder mystery company, where Ryan attempts to bride the employee with:
Super Bowl tickets
A kiss from Sarah
Brooks's car
13. When Max and Annie free Brooks, he admits that he is not a venture capitalist, but a:
Drug kingpin
NSA agent
14. Brooks has run afoul of a criminal called:
The Ukrainian
The Romanian
The Bulgarian
The Estonian
15. Max is shot. Annie runs into a store and picks up several items to aid with the removal of the bullet. Among them is:
Air freshener
A squeaky toy
A spork
A box of toothpicks
16. During the bullet removal procedure, Annie has to constantly keep her phone from going into sleep mode by using this body part:
17. The gang pays a visit to Gary's, in order that they can obtain:
Information from a computer
A car
Gary's dog
18. Max leaves Gary's office splattered in:
Motor oil
Lighter fluid
19. Max and company need to steal this item and deliver it to a bridge at midnight:
Russian nesting dolls
A Renoir
A jade necklace
A Faberge egg
20. Max cites this videogame in his metaphor for his reluctance to have kids:
Space Invaders
Donkey Kong
21. Where did Michelle meet "Denzel Washington"?
At a grocery store
At a gas station
At a car wash
At a movie theater
22. S/he ends up nabbing the Faberge egg:
23. The Faberge egg gets smashed. It's a fake. What is inside it?
Blueprints for an energy-producing device
A list of illegal campaign contributions
Nuclear launch codes
24. The final clue that Brooks had laid out would have lead Max to find this in his pocket:
Car keys
An apology letter
Keys to a vacation home
A check for $25K
25. Gary is pretend-shot by the pretend kidnappers, then he's shot for real by The Bulgarian. This leads to a final confrontation (bungee cords included) in this place:
At a train depot
On a dock
On an airplane
In a scrapyard

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