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How Well Do You Know: The Emperor's New Groove
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1. Before we start our introduction to our main character, how do we preface our story?
Once upon a time, in land way down south…
A long time ago, in a faraway forest...
Long ago, somewhere deep in the jungle…
One night, in the pits of the Andes...
2. Let’s get to REAL star of the movie: KUZCO!! King of the Sun and all-around hippest dude in creation. What does he say about the last bride?
She’s just not going to make it.
That dress does not match you, sister.
You’re trying too hard to impress me.
Let me guess, you have a great personality.
3. Pacha’s house is about to be demolished to make room for Kuzcotopia!! What is Kuzcotopia?
A tourist hotel
His summer resort
A theme park dedicated to him
His personal massage parlor
4. Angered about getting fired from her job as Kuzco’s adviser, Yzma, along with Kronk, devises a plan to kill him. Which animal does she plan to turn him into?
5. While Kronk is saving his spinach puffs, Kuzco strikes up a conversation with Yzma. What does he ask about Kronk?
His IQ
His cooking
His age
His income
6. Speaking of which, which thing about Kronk annoys Kuzco?
His singing
His indecisiveness
His stupidity
His cooking
7. Tipo’s growth spurt is nothing compared to Chaca’s…
Double Dutches
Loose tooth
8. Pacha notices Kuzco has turned into a llama. What does he have Kuzco do to help discover his unfortunate makeover?
Check his hands/hooves
Wiggle his toes
Smell his breath
Check his back for fleas
9. Which of the jungle creatures does Kuzco come across first?
10. What was Chaca’s dream about?
Pacha becoming a llama
Pacha climbing a rock with a llama
Pacha falling off a waterfall
Pacha kissing a llama
11. Kuzco promises to change his mind about Kuzcotopia. NOT!! How do Kuzco and Pacha manage to get out of the crevices?
They pull each other to climb to the top
Pacha grabs the bridge rope to climb on top
Pacha climbs up while carrying Kuzco
Bats fly from a cave and fling Kuzco and Pacha to the top
12. Now that the bridge is out, how long will it take to reach Kuzco’s palace?
2 days
4 days
1 day
3 days
13. While Yzma is getting chased by wasps, what is Kronk doing?
Talking to a squirrel
Cooking stew
Pulling himself out of quicksand
14. Little do you know, Kronk speaks squirrel. Where did he learn such dialect?
Junior Chipmunk training
From the one time Yzma turned him into a squirrel
From a dialect book at a zoo
When he lived in the jungle with the squirrel
15. During their four-day trip to the palace, Kuzco and Pacha go out to have lunch. They both order the special. What is the special?
Roasted caterpillar
Rattlesnake Surprise
Hot and crispy pillbug
Hercules beetle dip
16. Why is Yzma not a fan of the restaurant’s menu?
The entrees are insects
Everything is over 1,000 calories
The entrees are soaked in oils
Everything has too much gravy
17. Pacha discovers Yzma and Kronk in the restaurant. How do he and Kuzco escape?
He tells the waitress to move Kuzco and Pacha to an outdoor table
He asks the waitress to throw Yzma a birthday celebration
He reveals that he brought a llama in here
He tells the waitress that he and Kuzco left their money at home
18. What caused Kronk to wake up from his sleep?
Kuzco was wearing a dress
That bird wasn’t a golden-throated small-winged warbler
He should have put cheddar on those potatoes
Pacha didn’t pay his check
19. Yzma and Kronk reached Pacha’s house. Who does she claim to be?
Second uncle’s father’s sister’s step-uncle’s mother thrice removed
Third cousin's brother's wife's step-niece's great-aunt twice removed
Father’s step-brother’s fourth nephew’s step-cousin’s aunt once removed
Aunt’s brother’s third wife’s step-nephew’s sister twice removed
20. How do Tipo and Chaca defeat Yzma?
They put roller skates on her feet as she rolls off a cliff
They lasso her up with a jump rope and play her like a yoyo
They honey-coat and feather her as she becomes a pinata
They throw a ball at her and she falls off the hill into a mud puddle
21. Next, Yzma and Kronk are on a race with Pacha and Kuzco to reach the palace. When do Yzma and Kronk lose trail?
They get chased by jaguars
Kronk gets distracted by another exotic bird
They walk across a weak bridge
They get struck by lightning and fall off a cliff
22. All the guards, under command of Yzma, get turned into animals with her potions. Which animal gets a day off?
23. Kuzco and Pacha use various potions to find which one that changes back to human. Which animal is not a transformation?
24. Who ends up defeating Yzma?

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