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How Well Do You Know: Definitely, Maybe
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1. Will Hayes receives this while sitting in his office.
a phone call from his daughter's teacher
divorce papers
a pink slip
2. Will picks his daughter Maya up from school to discover a whole bunch of angry kids. What's happened?
the kids' favorite teacher quit
the kids were taught a sex ed lesson
the kids were told that Santa Claus is not real
the kids were given surprise standardized tests that day
3. Maya pesters Will to tell her the story of how he and Maya's mother/soon-to-be ex-wife met. Will agrees, but under one condition:
he will omit any mention of sex
he's only telling the story for an hour a day, right before bed
he has the option of ending the story at any time
he will change names and facts as he sees fit
4. The story of Will's romantic past begins in 1992, in Madison, Wisconsin. Will has aspirations to be ________ when he's older.
President of the United States
a stand up comedian
a astronaut
an actor
5. Why is Will leaving his college sweetheart Emily and heading to New York City for a few months?
he's in a summer program at NYU
he's going to intern at CNN
he's campaigning for Bill Clinton
he's participating in a theater program
6. Maya's shocked to learn this piece of information about college-aged Will.
he had sex before marriage
he used to smoke cigarettes
he was part of a fraternity
he had spiked hair
7. Will and his friend Russ open the package Will was supposed to deliver to Emily's friend Summer. What does he discover after opening it?
Emily has been cheating on Will
Summer tried convincing Emily to break up with Will
Emily and Summer were intimate while at Columbia
Emily was involved with Summer's brother while an undergrad
By way of explanation.....
the gift was Summer's old diary
8. Will gets drunk with Summer's boyfriend, Hampton Roth, while dropping off the diary. What does Hampton do?
he's a congressman
he's a political writer
he's a political science professor
he's an actor
9. Will and copy-girl April have a contest - the loser of said contest has to buy dinner. What are they trying to see?
who can hand their phone number out to the most tourists in Times Square
whether Will's cigarette or April's "natural" cigarette will burn quicker
who can spit the farthest
who is more committed to raising money for the Clinton campaign
10. Will takes April to a party after her boyfriend stands her up (on her birthday, no less!). What does Will do while up on the rooftop with April?
shows her the engagement ring he's bought for college girlfriend Emily
propositions her
convinces her to break up with her loser boyfriend
explains why he wants to become President of the United States
11. April owns numerous copies of a certain book, as she's looking for a special inscription inside from her late father. What book is she collecting?
Great Expectations
Jane Eyre
Moby Dick
Pride and Prejudice
12. Will proposes to Emily while she's visiting him in NYC. How does she respond?
she happily accepts
she admits to sleeping with his roommate
she agrees to marry him on the condition that he doesn't make her move to New York City
she says she doesn't love him any more
13. Will meets up with Summer Hartley once again after this happens.
he runs into her at a Clinton reelection campaign fundraiser
they see each other while biking in Central Park
he receives an invitation to Hampton Roth's book reading
she calls him, asking for help with an article she's writing
14. Will asks Summer to sing him a song, since she had wanted to be an actress once upon a time. What does she sing to him?
"I've Got a Crush on You"
"I Want Your Sex"
"My Funny Valentine"
"I've Just Seen a Face"
15. Summer and Will want to spend the entire day in bed together, but that doesn't happen after they receive a call. What's going on?
Hampton is in the E.R.
Will's candidate has been caught in bed with a prostitute
Russ and his girlfriend are engaged
Will's mother has died
16. Will gets a surprise visit from April. April's in for a surprise too - what happens during her visit with Will?
Will introduces April to Summer
Will yells at her for talking so long to get back in touch with him
Will stops in a jewelry store to pick up an engagement ring for Summer
Will admits he should have dated April all along
17. What happens that leads to Will and Summer's break-up?
Summer spends the night at Hampton's place
Summer writes an article incriminating Will's candidate
Summer and Will argue about whether they want children
Will considers a new career path
18. Will finds the copy of Jane Eyre that April has been searching for. He goes to drop it off at her place but leaves with the book after:
meeting April's live-in boyfriend
learning April wants nothing to do with him
learning she's not going to be home for another few days
realizing he's still angry at April for her brush-off at his birthday party
19. Maya's getting upset with Will's story - why?
she is unhappy hearing that Will has been with women other than her mother
she feels the story is too long
she's afraid she won't like who her mother is
retelling the story seems to be making Will sad
20. Summer "introduces" Will to this person at her party.
21. Maya's figured out that Emily is her mother. What part of the story clued her in?
Emily's favorite saying "what's shakin', bacon?"
the way Emily giggled when she was nervous about saying no to Will's first proposal
Emily's crooked smile
the way Emily pushes Will's hair back from his forehead
By way of explanation.....
Emily soothes Maya the same way
22. Will tells Maya the happy part of his story. What is it?
Maya's existence
realizing he is still in love with Emily
the way his life turned out
the happy years he spent with Maya's mom
23. What does Will do immediately after signing the divorce papers?
calls Maya to let her know
takes a walk through Central Park
delivers the copy of Jane Eyre to April
visits Summer and her son at their new apartment
24. Maya's curious about one part of Will's story. What is it?
how much of the story he told was embellished or exaggerated
why he chose Emily over the other two women
why he changed every name in the story except for April's
if he regretted who he ended up with
25. April's still angry that Will held onto the book for so long, but she wants to know about the story Maya refers to. Why does Will say he held onto the book for so long?
he wanted to wait for the right moment to give it to April
he wanted to read the book first
he needed to make sure Emily was okay with him giving a gift to another woman
it was the only part of April he had left in his life

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