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How Well Do You Know: Princess Mononoke
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1. Let’s start off with Japanese history (I know, bare with me). Ashitaka is prince of the Emishi during the:
Kenmu Restoration
Muromachi period
Azuchi–Momoyama period
Kamakura period
2. The villagers keep alert of a demon who possessed the leader of the Boar Tribe named:
3. Ashitaka is permanently banished from his village. What does he do before he leaves?
Cuts his hair
Draw blood from Yakkuru
Burn his uniform
Cuts his infected arm
4. Ashitaka gives a piece of gold to a rice vendor as currency. How many bags of rice would Jikobo presume the piece of gold is worth?
4 bags
5 bags
3 bags
2 bags
5. Ashikara spots San as she:
Gathers water from the river
Heals Moro’s bullet wound
Eats jerky next to a campfire
Drinking blood from a deer
6. Ashitaka notices the Kodama, the spirits of the trees. Why is Kohroku afraid of them?
It might possess him and kill him
It might be carnivorous
It might tell the Forest Spirit of his presence
It might contain poisonous fungus
7. Now that Kohroku has broken his right leg and arm, he lost his job position as:
Ox herder
8. The misogynistic men of Tatara tell the story about Nago, the former leader of the Boar Tribe. Why did the tribe attack the town?
They cut off the trees to build houses
They were about to attack the Forest Spirit
They were digging the ground for more iron
They killed most of the boars for food
9. What is Eboshi’s concern about the weaponry?
They’re too small
They’re too heavy
They’re not made of lead
They have complicated triggers
10. Ashikara takes San the Wolf Girl to the Cedar Forest. Who shoots Ashikara?
11. What did the Ape Tribe want to do with Ashikara?
Take him to the Forest Spirit
Heal his bullet wound
Take him to Okkoto
Consume his flesh
12. Much has been said about the Forest Spirit (Shishigami), the immortal guardian of the forest, the god of life and death. Despite this knowledge, the humans want to:
Use it to heal their wounds
Restore botanical life near Tatara
Decapitate it
Shoot it and use its skin as a carpet
13. Okkoto, the incumbent leader of the Boar Tribe, has been rumored to:
Have been blinded by the humans
Have died a century ago
Become immune to the demon’s curse
Killed a hundred humans in one tusk
14. Lord Asano of the samurai wants to make a truce with Eboshi, if she:
Trades her women for their weapons
Gives away half of her iron to them
Hands over weapons to them
Allows them to occupy her fortress
15. Jikobo delivers the message from the emperor to Eboshi. What does have the women laborers do?
Join her to defeat the Forest Spirit
Continue crafting molten iron ore
Kill all the men in Tatara
Take over the fortress
16. Ashitaka had a dream last night that:
A demon attacked and killed him
Eboshi shot him and he become a Night Walker
He was leader of the Ape Tribe eating a human
San was nursing him
17. Before she was raised by Moro, San was a human whose parents were:
Shooting boar for sport
Collecting water
Digging under the ground
Destroying the forest
18. Eboshi’s soldiers draw toxic iron gas that draws these forest creatures in.
19. As soon as the samurais chase Ashitaka toward the forest, he uses his demonic hand to cut off the first samurai’s:
20. Which character in the third act does not become a red demon?
They all turn into demons
21. The people dressed as boar come armed primarily with the following except:
Bows and arrows
Blow darts
22. The first time Eboshi shoots the Forest Spirit, it almost loses one of its abilities:
Shift into the Night Walker
Heal wounds
Grow and wilt plants
Walking on water
23. Moro’s last method of attack after she dies involves:
Consuming the samurai’s corpses
Attacking Jikobo and chewing him
Biting the arm off Eboshi
Decapitating every human
24. Ashitaka commands Toki and the other women to:
Stop Jikobo and retrieve the Spirit’s head
Rescue all the injured soldiers
Bandage up Eboshi’s wound
Move quickly to the river
25. After the climatic recovery and rebirth of the forest, Eboshi vows to:
Call a truce to Asano’s army
Create a new and better society
Relocate to another forest
Dedicate the Forest Spirit’s legacy for Ashitaka

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