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How Well Do You Know: Ant-Man
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1. As he threatens to quit his job from S.H.I.E.L.D, Hank accuses them of:
Tying deals with Hydra
Stealing the Pym Particles
Stealing ideas of the Ant-Man suit from him
Not warning about shrinking into subatomic size
2. Why did one of the prison inmates Peachy punch Scott near the eye?
Scott used a racial slur against him
Scott made fun of his muscular psyche
Scott threw sand in his eye while the inmate strangled him
It was a way of saying goodbye
3. Scott leaves prison to start a new life in San Francisco. He has served his sentence for the crime of:
4. Despite being in Baskin-Robbins, Scott’s former job, the customer orders:
5. At Cassie’s birthday party, Scott gives her a present, Hideous Bunny, who says:
I love you, bunny buddy
Wanna be my love bunny?
Let’s be friends forever
You’re my bestest friend
6. Darren turns Frank into a blob after being questioned about the Yellowjacket suit. Darren then:
Washes his hands with Frank as soap
Flushes Frank down the toilet
Keeps Frank sealed inside a vial
Throws Frank in the trash (underwhelming, I know)
7. Scott, desperate to pay child support and see Cassie again, jumps in Luis’s heist. Luis heard about the valuables in Hank’s vault in his house from Emily, a:
8. Instead of using mice for his shrinking experiment, Darren uses:
9. Scott tries the Ant-Man suit and discovers new places in the apartment building except:
Down the sink drain
Inside the vacuum cleaner
Under a vinyl record player
In the bathtub
10. Hank sends his associate ants to help Scott escape from prison. One of them he grows a bond with, Ant-thony, also known as:
11. Hope wants to wear the Ant-Man suit, but Hank won’t let her. How does Hank claim Hope’s mother died?
Car accident
Heist shooting
Plane crash
12. Brief biology lesson #1: Paratrechina longicornis are known for erratic walking patterns, using electricity to defend enemies and defrying animatronics. That species is known as:
Carpenter ant
Bullet ant
Crazy ant
Fire ant
13. Brief biology lesson #2: The Carpenter ants, who go under this Latin name, are ideal for ground and air transport.
Paraponera clavata
Apocephalus paraponerae
Wasmannia auropunctata
Camponotus pennsylvanicus
14. Brief biology lesson #3: Solenopsis Mandibularis (the fire ants) are known for their venomous bites, but they’re also known for their:
Toxic exoskeleton
Acidic saliva
15. Scott proves Hank’s love for Hope and Scott’s love for Cassie by having the ants move a:
Granola bar
16. Hank finally confesses the truth about the death of Hope’s mother to her. In 1987, Janet disappeared into the quantum realm while attempting to:
Disable a Soviet nuclear missile
Fix one of Hank’s computers
Rescue Hope from drowning
Retrieve the Pym Particles from HYDRA
17. Scott sneaks into the Avengers Facility to steal a signal decoy, while encountering/fighting his number one idol…
Black Widow
Iron Man
The Falcon
18. Scott has an idea to sneak into Cross Technologies by gaining access to the water main. Hank and Hope agree until he recruits Luis, Dave and Kurt, with Luis being arrested for stealing two:
Waffle irons
Smoothie machines
Video game consoles
19. Luis poses as a security guard, while whistling, just like in The Andy Griffith Show. Which popular Disney tune does he whistle?
Hakuna Matata
A Whole New World
It’s a Small World
Whistle While You Work
20. How does Officer Paxton recognize Scott’s presence in Cross Technologies?
The VistaCorp logo on the van
The “La Cucaracha” car horn
The indistinct voice saying “asshat”
Luis shouting “You’re my bestest friend”
21. Darren Cross shoots Ant-thony killing it. What body part of Ant-thony does Scott see falling down?
22. As Yellowjacket and Ant-Man fight in the suitcase, a song by this English band plays.
The Cure
Duran Duran
Pink Floyd
Fleetwood Mac
23. Yellowjacket has escaped and captured Cassie in her home at this street:
Clemont Drive
Collingwood Street
Sandy Creek Road
Winter Street
24. Here comes Scott, once again, to engage in an epic battle against Yellowjacket, with the help of his:
Carpenter ants
Fire ants
Bullet ants
Crazy ants
25. With all of Scott’s adventures in quantum realm and clearing of all charges, Cassie has just learned how to:
Do cartwheels
Ride a bicycle
Tie her shoes
26. Ant-Man ends with a post-credit sequence about the interrogation of this villain:
Red Skull
Ulysses Klaue
Winter Soldier

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