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How Well Do You Know: A Quiet Place
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1. The film begins on Day #:
2. This is the toy coveted by young Beau Abbott, which leads to his doom:
Fire truck
Space shuttle
Dump truck
3. In the store, the toy is taken from Beau. How does he get it back?
He grabs another one
His mother gives it back to him
His brother gives it back to him
His sister gives it back to him
4. The path from the town back to the house marked with:
5. One of the monster takes Beau at a:
Highway intersection
Baseball field
6. The following is written about the creatures on a white board at the Abbott's house. Can you fill in the blanks?

Attack sound

Move fast / kill everything
Stay out of cities / can't outrun
Blind / armor
Can't kill / smell blood
7. Alert moviegoes noted the absence of these in the Abbotts' house:
8. We hear the creatures first attack the house when this is knocked over as the kids play a board game:
A lantern
A stool
A table
A bucket
9. Lee goes on a fishing trip. Who does he take with him?
His daughter only
His son only
Both his daughter and his son
His wife, his daughter and his son
10. A nail first comes loose on the stairs as Evelyn is:
About to give birth
Searching for her daughter
Hauling up laundry
Experimenting with the radio
11. On the fishing trip, Lee tells his son it is OK to make sound when:
They are standing in the middle of the river
They have their heads under water
A clap of thunder sounds
They are next to a waterfall
12. Returning from the fishing trip, Lee and his son come across a distraught man who attracts the creatures when he:
Shoots himself
Falls down a muddy hillside
Falls off his roof
13. Evelyn's water breaks:
When she is alone inside the house
When her daughter has stepped on the nail
When she is out looking for her daughter
When she is out looking for her son and Lee
14. The warning lights around the Abbotts' house are colored:
15. Soon after Evelyn steps on the nail, the creatures attack the house when she:
Screams loudly
Knocks a shelf over
Falls down the remaining stairs
Drops and breaks what she is carrying
16. Evelyn is in the basement. The creature is in the basement. This makes a sound, which allows Evelyn to escape:
The radio
Egg timer
A wind-up toy
A breaking mirror
17. Evelyn gives birth while hiding:
Under a bed
In a closet
In a dumbwaiter
In a bathtub
18. After she has given birth, Lee finds Evelyn:
In the attack
In a closet
Hiding under a stairwell
In a shower
19. Who sets off the rocket, which draws the attacking creatures from the house?
The son
The daughter
20. This seems to harm the creature:
The sound of a shotgun blast
A frequency given off by Regan's hearing aid
21. Evelyn falls asleep safe and sound in the basement. Which is great and all, until she wakes up and finds the basement:
Is on fire
Is flooding
Is pitch black
Is filled with the sounds of the baby's cries
22. The kids find themselves trapped in:
A well
A tractor
A shed
A grain silo
23. Lee makes his last stand as a creature has trapped the kids in a:
Corn field
24. Lee's final message for his daughter is:
It's nobody's fault
You're going to make it
I have always loved you
You have to take care of your brothers
25. Evelyn and Regan finally kill the creature when the harness the power of a/n:
Sand blaster
Air horn

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