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How Well Do You Know: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
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1. The Jumanji game was discovered while a man was:
going through a box in his attic
planting a tree in the backyard
running on the beach
rummaging through a dumpster
2. Fridge can't understand why his former childhood friend Spencer is wearing this item of clothing to school.
bicycle helmet
By way of explanation.....
It's bright and sunny - no chance of rain!
3. What causes Bethany to land in detention?
she gives a makeup tutorial in the library
she makes a FaceTime call during a quiz
she makes out with her boyfriend in the teachers' lounge
she writes graffiti on the wall of a bathroom stall
4. So Martha gets detention for insulting the gym teacher, and Spencer and Fridge get detention after Spencer is caught writing Fridge's paper. What do they, plus Bethany, need to do during said detention?
sit quietly in the cafeteria
re-organize and shelve library books
shred papers in the storage closet
take staples out of magazines
5. Once the teens find the Jumanji game and are transported into the game, they discover their new identities. Spencer can't believe the abs he has as Smolder Bravestone. Fridge, as Moose Finbar, is upset he's short. Martha's upset at Ruby Roundhouse's skimpy outfit. Bethany's upset that Shelly Osborn is:
an overweight middle aged man
in possession of a horrible complexion
making questionable fashion choices
6. Shelly (Bethany) is the first to be killed. What's his cause of death?
drowning in a creek
crushed by a falling tree
eaten by a hippo
hit with a poison dart
7. Moose (Fridge) is upset at being known as:
Smolder's sidekick
the "sweet one"
the "3rd wheel"
8. Bravestone's former partner put a curse on Jumanji by stealing a jewel from a rock shaped like this animal.
9. The gang discovers their pre-determined strengths and weaknesses by doing this.
touching their noses
clapping their hands
hitting their chests
pulling their ears
10. Which of the following is NOT true?
Smolder Bravestone has no weaknesses
Ruby Roundhouse's strength is dance-fighting
Shelly Oberon's weakness is endurance
Moose Finbar's weakness is sunlight
11. Moose (Fridge) is insulted when Bravestone (Spencer) does this.
outruns bikers with Moose on his back
uses Moose to thwart a jewel robbery attempt
calls Moose "little buddy"
laughs at Moose's newfound lack of athletic abilities
12. The gang discover tattoos on their arms. What do the tattoos indicate?
their life count
the amount of time they have left until the game ends
their weaknesses
their in-game progress
13. Shelly (Bethany) needs some help in learning how to do this.
act "macho"
play video games
chew tobacco
pee like a man
14. Despite having no weaknesses, Bravestone (Spencer) loses his first life after this happens.
Moose (Fridge) pushes him off a cliff
he chokes on pizza
he's hit by the guide's SUV
he gets eaten by the same hippo that first ate Shelly (Bethany)
15. Moose (Fridge) loses a life in the bazaar. He explodes, thanks to one of his weaknesses. What does he do that causes his first death?
pets a dog
drinks alcohol
eats cake
passes gas
16. The gang is saved by Seaplane, another player in the game. One of Seaplane's strengths is margaritas. Unfortunately for him, one of his weaknesses is ______.
poison ivy
By way of explanation.....
inconvenient, given that he lives in the jungle
17. The gang figures out Seaplane's real-world identity when they learn this piece of information about him.
he mentions his hometown
he thinks it's still 1996
he talks about his house and his father
he mentions he found the Jumanji game on a breach
18. Martha tries - and fails, despite Bethany's best efforts - at flirting, but has better luck in distracting henchman after she spots this.
a flashlight
a cake
a boom box
a baseball bat
19. The gang's broken helicopter is being chased by vicious albino rhinos. Who fixes the helicopter's motor while it's flying through the air?
20. Seaplane (Alex Vreeke) loses his last life after he's bitten by a mosquito. He comes back to life, but it's at a cost. What happens?
Van Pelt kidnaps Moose while everyone else is distracted
Shelly (Bethany) loses a life after giving him CPR
he gains more weaknesses
everyone else in the game automatically goes back to the previous level
21. Bravestone/Spencer and Ruby/Martha admit their mutual attraction, but it isn't quite as romantic as they'd hoped. Why not?
Bethany is spying on them
the mosquitos are biting them while they're making out
they are chased by Van Pelt's henchmen
their first kiss is horrible
22. Moose/Fridge gives Bravestone/Spencer a pep talk. What part of the talk horrifies Fridge?
the speech implies that the two of them are friends
he realizes he loves being in Jumanji more than he does his home
he used excerpts from Spencer's paper in the speech
he quoted their high school principal
23. Ruby does this while stuck with Van Pelt, in an effort to help get the jewel back to Bravestone.
she throws the jewel off the cliff
she intentionally gets bitten by a snake
she uses dance fighting in a battle with Van Pelt
she sets fire to Jumanji
24. Jumanji has been saved and restored to it's former glory, and one by one, the group leaves the game and goes back to real life. Which member of the group wants to stay in Jumanji?
25. The gang walks by "Freak House" to discover it's not the creepy place they formerly knew it to be. They see adult Alex, who tells them the game spit him back out where he started in 1996. He also tells them this piece of information.
he's met Alan Parish, the person who formerly occupied his hut in Jumanji
he's named his daughter Bethany, after the person who saved his life
he is looking into going back to Jumanji and invites them along
he has saved enough money over the years to send them all to college, as a way of thanking them for getting him out of the game

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