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How Well Do You Know: What If
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1. What does Wallace do before heading to his friend Allan's party?
deletes an old voicemail from his ex-girlfriend
sneaks out of a woman's bed/house
drunk dials his ex-wife
cries in the bathroom
2. Wallace and Chantry are introduced by Allan, the party host. Wallace is Allan's college roommate. How does Chantry know Allan?
they used to date
they are co-workers
they are cousins
Chantry is Allan's son's pediatrician
3. Wallace and Chantry run into each other once again. Where are they?
a showing of The Princess Bride
a Phish concert
another one of Allan's parties
a bar
4. Chantry and Wallace discuss this food item while hanging out.
Juicy Lucy
Fool's Gold
Monte Cristo
5. Wallace attends a dinner party hosted by Chantry and her boyfriend Ben. Wallace accidentally does this, bringing the dinner to a screeching halt.
chokes on a piece of ham
knocks Ben out a second story window
trips and, trying to prevent himself from falling, grabs Chantry
questions what Chantry sees in Ben, not realizing everyone can hear him
6. Wallace's night goes from bad to worse when this happens at the hospital.
he and Chantry have an awkward encounter with his ex-girlfriend
he comes down with food poisoning
Ben proposes to Chantry from his hospital bed
he clashes with Ben's doctor and is thrown out of the hospital
7. Chantry turns down a promotion that would send her to Taiwan. Chantry makes her living as a(n):
8. Wallace sees more of Chantry than he expects after this happens.
she gets splashed by a mud puddle and needs to change into Wallace's clothes
he walks in on her as she's getting out of the shower
she gets stuck in a dress and needs help getting the clothes off of her
her dress rips on a nail in the subway station
9. What does Ben give to Chantry before he leaves for Dublin?
a prepaid plane ticket to Dublin
the keys to his car
an emerald necklace
an engagement ring
10. Chantry and Wallace discuss the worst thing that's ever happened to them. Wallace mentions his last breakup, but then feels horrible when Chantry shares hers. What was Chantry's answer?
her parents' divorce
her best friend moving away
the night her family's house burned down
the death of her mother
11. Who expressed interest in hooking up with Wallace?
Allan's girlfriend Nicole
Chantry's sister Dalia
Megan, Wallace's ex
Allan's sister
12. Dalia and Wallace make out after Allan and Nicole's wedding. Wallace stops, saying Dalia is great, but he can't continue doing this. How does Dalia respond?
she pushes Wallace out of her car before speeding away
she accuses Wallace of being in love with Chantry
she starts crying about the fact she's not married, as she had hoped to be at her age
she expresses relief, saying she was only making out with him to make Chantry jealous
13. Based on a story Chantry tells while at a bonfire on the beach, Wallace, Allan and Nicole try to come up with alternate names for this product.
Cracker Jack
Kit Kat
Cool Whip
Hamburger Helper
14. The gang goes skinny dipping, but things don't end well for Wallace and Chantry. What happens?
they have sex by the fire, and immediately regret it
Ben surprises Chantry - and everyone else - by arriving home for the weekend
Wallace admits his feelings and Chantry rebuffs him
Allan and Nicole steal their clothes, leaving them with only a sleeping bag
15. An upset Chantry uses her ticket to Dublin and joins Ben there. She's shocked to hear this piece of information while out with Ben and his co-workers.
Ben cheated on her with one of his co-workers
Ben's job in Dublin may be extended for another 6 months
Ben's been fired
Ben's getting ready to propose
16. How does Wallace learn that Chantry is in Dublin?
Chantry calls him from the airport and leaves him a long voicemail
he stops by her place and Dalia answers the door
Allan tells him
Chantry sends him a postcard from Dublin
17. Wallace flies to Dublin but isn't there long, as he discovers Chantry's already gone. What else happens?
Ben punches Wallace in the face
he gets lost in Dublin and misses his flight back home
he catches Ben with another woman
Ben tells Wallace that he and Chantry are engaged
18. Wallace, Allan and Nicole have lots of news to share while out at the bar one night. Which of the following is not mentioned?
Nicole is pregnant
Ben has left his job in Dublin and is back home
Wallace is going back to med school
Nicole and Allan are throwing Chantry a going-away party
19. So, Wallace and Chantry confess their feelings for each other during Chantry's going away party. 18 months later, Chantry and Wallace "bump into each other" at the airport. Which of the following is not true?
Wallace is a doctor
Chantry and Wallace are engaged
Wallace followed Chantry to Taiwan
Chantry is pregnant
20. The happy couple escapes the crowd during their wedding reception and enjoys a moment of solitude. Where did they escape to?
the roof
in front of the refrigerator where they first met
the back of the limo
the bathroom

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