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How Well Do You Know: The Big Sick
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1. Kumail first meets Emily when this happens.
she is the new bartender at the club where he performs stand-up
she yells out during his set at a comedy club
they are sitting in the same waiting room at the hospital
she is his Uber driver
2. Emily calls out Kumail on the "pick-up move" she assumes he's used on multiple women. What is it?
he writes her name in Urdu
he puts their name in a joke made during his next set
he uses a cheesy line about how good she look in his bed
he performs a magic trick
3. After having sex, Kumail shows Emily a picture of himself in high school. Which celebrity's haircut did he copy?
Johnny Depp
Brad Pitt
Leonardo DiCaprio
Hugh Grant
4. Emily had been voted "most noticeable" in her high school yearbook. Her classmates called her by this nickname.
Hocus Pocus
5. Emily's plan to leave after sleeping with Kumail doesn't go totally according to plan - why not?
her car won't start
she feels sick and doesn't feel like she can leave until she feels better
Kumail is her Uber driver
there's a taxi drivers' strike so there isn't one available to get her home
6. Kumail's mother asks him to go into the basement after family dinner to pray. What does he do down there instead?
watches videos and plays video games
folds laundry
does sit-ups and burpees
looks through boxes of old childhood mementos
7. How does Kumail know when his mother has invited over a single Pakistani woman in the hopes of matching her up with Kumail?
she winks at Kumail's brother and sister-in-law
she uses the words "dropped by"
she tries to "fix" Kumail's hair before she answers the door
she talks in a high pitched voice
8. Kumail's friends mock his one-man show. What's the show about?
his lackluster dating life
the history of stand up comedy
life in Pakistan
nobody's really sure, to be honest
9. Kumail is very surprised when Emily shares a piece of information with him after they've been dating for a few months. What does she tell him?
she's moving to Los Angeles in a few months
she's been married before
she thinks she might be pregnant
her apartment building is being sold and as a result, she is being evicted
10. What happens that brings about Emily and Kumail's breakup?
Kumail's parents are very rude to Emily after meeting her
Emily admits she never wants to get remarried
Kumail can't stop asking questions about Emily's first marriage, which is putting strain on the relationship
Emily finds the cigar box filled with pictures of Pakistani women
11. Kumail's sad about the breakup, but he gets a bit of good news: He's made it to the finals of the competition to become a part of:
Last Comic Standing
Montreal Comedy Festival
The Second City
Saturday Night Live
12. Shortly after an ill Emily is put into a medically induced coma, Kumail realizes her parents need to be contacted. Why does he apologize to a comatose Emily?
he realizes he has forgotten her parents' names
he needs to use her fingerprint to unlock her phone so he can make the phone call
he feels badly about how their last interaction went, and he's sad she's sick
he was flirting with the nurse who suggested he call Emily's parents
13. Kumail finds it difficult to talk to Emily's parents. They are not exactly impressed when he compares comas to _____.
car accidents
By way of explanation.....
There's good comas and bad comas - just like carbs!
14. After dropping Terry and Beth off at Emily's apartment, Kumail tries to lie his way out of the place. It backfires, though. What happens?
they all end up back at the hospital
Beth decides she wants to see Kumail's place
Terry and Beth join him at the comedy club so they can see his set
Kumail, Terry and Beth run into Kumail's parents
15. Beth becomes enraged and causes a scene during Kumail's set after this happens.
Kumail makes a (poorly executed) joke about Emily's hospitalization
they receive a phone call from the hospital
a drunk patron spills beer on her laptop and refuses to apologize
a heckler tells Kumail to "go back to ISIS"
16. Kumail and Emily talk about how his parents and how Emily and Terry met. Emily asks Kumail a question about his parents' first date, and he doesn't know the answer. What did she ask about?
what movie they went to see
how old they were
whether they were friends before they dated
whether they knew after their first date that they'd be getting married
17. What lie did Kumail tell his parents to explain why he never showed up to their house the previous night?
his set ran extra late
he was studying for the LSATs
he had food poisoning
he was on a date with another Pakistani woman
18. Kumail has a nice time with Khadija, another woman his parents have introduced him to. He upsets her, though, after he tells her this.
he's not attracted to Pakistani women
he does not see marriage or children in his future
he's not into the idea of arranged marriage
he is not a religious person
19. Terry stays at Kumail's place for the night. What piece of information does he share with Kumail?
he's losing sleep because he's afraid Emily is going to die
he's been battling a drinking problem
he hasn't told Beth he lost his teaching job
he cheated on Beth at a conference
20. Who surprises Kumail with a visit to his apartment?
his parents
his brother Naveed
the promoter for the Montreal Comedy Festival
21. So, Kumail's been disowned by his mother and he's angry that Emily's parents are going to move her to another hospital. Who gets the brunt of his rage after he leaves the hospital?
a fast food restaurant's employee who's working the drive-thru
his brother Naveed
the grocery store produce manager
the receptionist working at the hospital security desk
22. Emily's not happy to see Kumail, and she asks him to leave. He sees her again, though, as Beth invites him to a party in Emily's honor. Which of the following is not in the "bag of devotion" that Kumail gives to Emily?
a stack of validated parking tickets
visitor passes from the hospital
tickets from when her parents saw his show
ashes from his having burned the pictures of Pakistani women
23. Kumail shows up to family dinner and announces that he refuses to be kicked out of the family. He also makes one other announcement:
he's proposing to Emily
he's moving to New York City
he's studying for his LSATs - for real, this time
he would like his mother to set him up with another Pakistani woman
24. Kumail's family shows up as he's about to leave for NYC. Although his mother won't get out of the car or speak to him, his father gives him something. What is it?
a hug
a container filled with his favorite meal
a check for moving expenses
a guarantee that he is still part of the family
25. Despite living in different cities, Kumail and Emily reconnenct when this happens.
his brother Naveed sets up a surprise meeting
she, Terry and Beth take a family trip to NYC and track him down
he attends her grad school graduation ceremony
she "heckles" him during a set he's performing in NYC

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