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How Well Do You Know: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
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1. Mildred Hayes pays for the billboards right around this holiday:
Fourth of July
Father's Day
Mother's Day
2. Officer Jason Dixon first sees the billboards late at night. The first one he sees is actually the third billboard, which addresses Chief Willoughby by name, adding:
Too late
Resign now
How come
For shame
3. Mildred works at this type of establishment:
Gift shop
Women's clothing store
4. In his first meeting with Mildred, Willoughby discloses this secret, which Mildred and the rest of the town already know:
He's about to be fired
He's about to run for mayor
He's dying of cancer
He's about to move out of town
5. Dixon harasses Red Welby as he tries to:
Watch a movie
Wash his car
Play pool
Take a driver's test
6. Father Montgomery visits Mildred about the billboards. Mildred has none of it, drawing parallels between the priesthood and:
A sports team
7. Mildred goes to the dentist. It doesn't go well. The visit ends up with Mildred drilling a hole in the dentist's:
8. Mildred had to sell off her ex-husband's ______________ to pay for the billboards:
Gun collection
Comic books
9. Mildred's brief detention at the police station ends abruptly when the chief:
Passes out
Calls Mildred a profane name
Coughs up blood on her
10. Flashback to the last time Mildred saw her daughter Angela. The two have a semi-contentious conversation about Angela:
Dropping out of school
Dating a girl
Borrowing the car
Being drunk all the time
11. Charlie (Mildred's ex) is now seeing a sweet but somewhat dim girl who smells, on account of her job working at:
A zoo
The county dump
A vet's office
A circus
12. Willoughby and his wife have one final day together, giving his daughters strict instructions on busying themselves:
Gathering pinecones
Hunting for snipes
Picking berries
13. Mildred converses with this type of animal as she contemplates the loss of her daughter:
A squirrel
A deer
An eagle
A rabbit
14. Red receives an unsigned package containing the next month's payment for the billboards. It is eventually revealed that the source of the money is:
Chief Willoughby
Willoughby's wife
Dixon's mother
Mildred's ex
15. Chief Willoughby kills himself:
In his cellar
In his attic
In the horse stable
In the bed of his truck
16. Things go to hell at the station as news of Willoughby's suicide spreads. Dixon remains oblivious, though, as he is listening to headphones playing a song by:
Britney Spears
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Neil Diamond
17. Willoughby leaves a letter for Dixon, in which Willoughby says what Dixon needs to become a good detective is:
18. The new chief fires Dixon, asking for his gun and badge. Dixon hands over:
Both his gun and badge
His gun but not his badge
His badge but not his gun
Neither his gun nor badge
19. Mildred is visited by a menacing man, who breaks this in her shop:
A figurine
A window
The cash register
A clock
20. The billboards are on fire. Mildred attempts the fire, going as far as to:
Bail water from a nearby pond
Climb on top of one
Shovel up dirt
Slap the fire with her bare hands
21. Before firebombing the station, Mildred:
Calls the station's phone
Breaks in and steals her daughter's case file
Slashes the tires of a cruiser
Writes her name on the station wall
22. Dixon, badly burned, winds up in the same hospital as Red, who Dixon beat up and threw out a window. Red nonetheless gives Dixon:
A magazine
23. Dixon overhears two men in a bar discussing what sounds like Angela Hayes' murder. Dixon briefly leaves the bar to:
Call Willoughby, forgetting he is dead
Photograph a license plate
Get a tape recorder
Get his wallet
24. The man Dixon suspects to be the murder is from this state:
25. The new chief tells Dixon that Dixon's suspect is:
A government official
In the military
In law enforcement
Was in jail at the time of Angela Hayes' murder

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