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How Well Do You Know: Cars 3
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1. Lightning McQueen is discouraged after being beaten in races by young hotshot Jackson Storm. He's surprised to see this happening around him now that the young cars are taking the lead.
his name is being forgotten
he's close to losing the Rusteze endorsement
his friends/competitors are retiring
Sally is more interested in getting a new, younger racer boyfriend
2. Who combines a forlorn Lightning to stay teaching again, 4 months after getting into a terrible crash during a race?
the ghost of Doc Hudson
3. How was Rusteze able to open a high tech racecar training facility?
the owners sold Rusteze to a new (rich) owner
the owners had been saving their money for decades
the owners offered other companies the chance to endorse Lightning for a hefty fee
the owners asked for donations from fans to build the facility
4. How did Sterling, the new owner of Rusteze, make his fortune?
fuzzy dice
auto detailing
truck hitches
mud flaps
5. Lightning doesn't like it much when his trainer Cruz Ramirez calls him by this name.
"Old Timer"
"Has-Been McQueen"
her "Senior Project"
6. Sterling decides not to race Lightning after McQueen does this.
crashes into and destroys the racing simulator
threatens to boycott the race if he doesn't get what he wants
insults trainer Cruz Ramirez
hurts his front bumper after a strenuous training session
7. Lightning makes a deal with Sterling; whether he wins or loses the race will decide _______.
whether he will continue to be endorsed by Sterling
if and when he retires
who his successor will be
whether he can continue to train with Cruz
8. Lightning and Cruz train together on a beach. Why does Cruz have a harder time with this than Lightning?
she has trouble seeing clearly in the sunlight
her tires don't get good traction on the sand
she is afraid of the water/waves
she has trouble racing outdoors
9. Lightning and Cruz race in disguise at a place called Thunder Hollow. They're racing against a ________ named Miss Fritter.
school bus
garbage truck
transport vehicle
10. "Chester Whipplefilter" is outed as Lightning McQueen after this happens.
a water truck overturns on the racetrack
he absentmindedly wipes mud off of his hood
a truck in the crowd insults Lightning, not realizing he was actually speaking to Lightning himself
a camera crew shows up, having tracked down Lightning and Cruz's location
11. Cruz and Lightning fight after the race is over, and she leaves for home after telling him about her dream of being a racer. What did Lightning do that started the argument?
he insulted her racing skills
he accidentally broke her trophy
he told her she was "not a bad racer - for a girl"
he accidentally punctured one of her tires
12. After Lightning asks him for advice, Mater reminds Lightning of someone named Smokey. Who is/was Smokey?
Lightning's father
the "old timer" who was forced out of competition when Lightning entered the racing scene
the car who sponsors the Piston Cup
Doc Hudson's friend and trainer
13. Smokey introduces Lightning and Cruz to some of Doc's old friends. After hearing stories about Doc outsmarting a rookie, Smokey surprises Lightning. What does Smokey do?
he shows Lightning old videos of Doc as a young racer
he shows Lightning proof that Doc loved and was happy coaching McQueen
he introduces Lightning to Doc's childhood sweetheart, Doris
he gives Lightning books with instructions on how to outsmart a rookie like Doc had once done
14. Why does Smokey think Cruz is still beating Lightning during their mock races?
Lightning's afraid to race against and beat a female racer
Lightning's distracted by the fact Cruz is pretending to be Jackson Storm - he needs Storm himself there
Lightning's trying to be faster, when he needs to race smarter
Lightning's heart isn't in the race - he's thinking about retiring
15. It's race day, and Lightning has trouble staying focused after he hears this happen.
Sterling admits he never had any intention of keeping Lightning on as his star racer
Cruz is denied entry into the crew pit area
Sterling sends Cruz back to the training facility, telling her she's a trainer and not a racer
Sterling tells Jackson Storm that he wants Storm to be the new Rusteze car
16. How does Lightning respond to the conversation between Sterling and Cruz?
he sends Cruz out on the track in his place
he tells Sterling he is retiring
he sticks up for his new friend Cruz
he lets Sterling know that Cruz is a better racer than Lightning has ever been and will ever be
17. How does Cruz win the race at the last minute?
she forces Jackson into a guard rail
she flips over Jackson after he pushes her into the wall
she gets Jackson to stall, causing him to lose speed
she distracts him, causing him to flip over
18. So, does Lightning get to choose whether or not he is retiring?
yes - he and Cruz were both counted as the race winner(s)
no - he didn't compete for a long enough duration in the race for his win to count
yes - he managed to broker a deal with Sterling after the race
no - Sterling pulls out the contract, showing him that he has no legal choice but to retire
19. So now that Lightning gets to choose his next move, what does he decide to do?
become Cruz's crew chief
race for one more year
become a trainer at the Rusteze facility
promote Sterling's brand of mud flaps
20. Lightning surprises everyone in Radiator Springs before having a leisurely race with Cruz. What did Lightning do?
had the roads in town repaved
got a new paint job as a tribute to Doc Hudson
had a racetrack installed in Radiator Springs
bought mud flaps for every car in town

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