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How Well Do You Know: La La Land
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1. Why is Mia wearing a winter jacket during her audition?
the audition is for the role of an Eskimo
she realized she was too overdressed for the audition and wanted to hide the fancy dress
her shirt ripped as she was getting out of her car
someone spilled coffee all over her shirt as she was leaving the coffee shop on the way to the audition
2. Mia leaves a party early to discover:
her car's been towed
she has no idea how to get home
a man she doesn't know is waiting outside for her
her friends left without her
3. How does Mia find the club where Sebastian is playing?
her bus stop is directly in front of the club
she's walking home after her car was towed
her friends suggest they stop there on the way back to the apartment
she hears a radio ad while driving home
4. Sebastian arrives at his apartment to find a surprise visitor waiting for him - who?
his ex-girlfriend
his landlord
his young daughter
his sister
5. Sebastian is fired once again from his job due to issues with:
his appearance/the way he's dressed
his interactions with the patrons
the songs he's playing
his general demeanor
6. Mia's attempt at a conversation with Sebastian doesn't go that well, as Seb walks right by her. They meet again soon after at a pool party. Why is Seb there?
he's working for the party's caterer
he's the bartender
his 80's cover band is playing at the party
his friend dragged him there
7. Mia gets Seb's attention after she requests a song. What does she ask them to perform?
"Tainted Love" - Soft Cell
"I Ran (So Far Away)" - A Flock of Seagulls
"Don't You Want Me" - The Human League
"Goodbye to You" - Scandal
8. Mia asks Seb to grab her car keys, but he has a little trouble doing so. Why?
her keys are missing
the man Mia is with has already grabbed her keys for her
the valet can't get the door to the key rack open
she drives a Prius - as does everyone else at the party
9. Despite their insistence that there's no attraction, Seb and Mia do their fair share of flirting (and dancing). Their time together comes to a close after this happens.
Seb's girlfriend walks by
Mia gets a call from her boyfriend
Seb gets nervous and finds a reason to leave
Mia asks Seb out and he declines
10. Mia's love of movies started at an early age, thanks to this person.
her summer camp counselor
her older brother
her neighbor, a former drama teacher
her aunt
11. Seb is incredulous after Mia tells him this.
she hasn't had a boyfriend since she moved to L.A.
she doesn't think he's all that charming
she hates jazz
she loves being a barista
12. Mia gets a callback for a role in a TV show. She had described the show as a cross between:
Pulp Fiction and Alias
Million Dollar Baby and Beverly Hills 90210
Dangerous Minds and The O.C.
Fight Club and Gossip Girl
13. Seb offers to take Mia out "for research". Where is he going to take her?
a tour of the botanical gardens
his favorite middle-of-nowhere diner
a showing of "Rebel Without a Cause"
the butterfly pavilion at the Natural History Museum
14. Why is Mia late for her movie date with Seb?
she had forgotten her date was on a Monday
she was at an audition
her boss made her work late due to her replacement calling in sick
she was out to dinner with her boyfriend and his family
By way of explanation.....
she had forgotten about the previous engagement until her boyfriend arrived at the house
15. Mia and Sebastian's attempt at a kiss is interrupted when this happens.
Mia's boyfriend storms into the theater and yells at her for leaving their date
the film they are watching catches on fire in the movie projector
Sebastian gets cold feet and decides not to kiss her
the theater is evacuated due to a pulled fire alarm
16. Where do Mia and Sebastian go after the movie abruptly stops?
an aquarium
a planetarium
a zoo
a museum
By way of explanation.....
the one, in fact, that was featured in Rebel Without a Cause
17. Sebastian has an awkward encounter with Keith, a former schoolmate and bandmate, at the jazz club. What does Keith do during their brief conversation?
offers Sebastian a place in his band
hits on Mia
tells Sebastian he's trying to get the jazz club shit down
requests the band play something other than jazz
18. Mia tries to convince Sebastian to change something about his future hypothetical jazz club - what?
the club's decor
the signature drinks served there
the type of music played there
the name of the club
By way of explanation.....
He wants "Chicken on a Stick"; She feels it should be something simple, like "Seb's"
19. What is the name of the band Sebastian has joined?
The Messengers
La La Land
The Baristas
The Dreamers
20. Seb surprises Mia with a quick trip home, but the nice evening ends in a fight. Mia uses this as her opportunity to leave the apartment.
the landlord arrives looking for his late rent
the smoke alarm goes off - there's something burning in the oven
Keith shows up unannounced, needing to go over the setlist
Seb's sister calls him with urgent news so it's a call he has to take
21. Sebastian misses Mia's one woman show because of this.
a wedding cake tasting with his sister
a broken down car
a trip to the emergency room
a magazine photo shoot
22. Mia moves back in with her parents in Boulder City. Seb finds her there to give her some good news - _________.
she's been hand picked for an audition by a woman who saw her one-woman show
he's had enough money saved to proceed with the plans to open up his own club
he's going back on tour and wants her to join him
her one-woman show is receiving rave reviews in the local papers
23. During her audition, Mia is asked to tell a story rather than read a part. Who is Mia's story about?
her childhood dog
her aunt
her high school drama teacher
24. Five years after Mia's audition, she and Sebastian see each other again when this happens.
Sebastian is in the band performing at Mia's movie premiere after-party
they run into each other at the grocery store
Sebastian's playing at Mia's wedding
Mia's husband brings her to a jazz club, which happens to be Seb's
25. How does Mia discover the jazz club she's in is Seb's club?
Seb is standing at the door, welcoming patrons to his club
she sees the club's sign on the wall and realizes it's the logo she drew for him years ago
she spots him tending bar
she notices his picture and a picture of The Messengers hanging in the club

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