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How Well Do You Know: Bridget Jones's Baby
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1. Bridget's 43rd birthday began like all the others:
with a good cry
with an early morning phone call from her mother
with a midnight viewing of Fatal Attraction
with a drunken phone call to Mark Darcy
2. Bridget spots Mark Darcy - and his wife - at this event.
Daniel Cleaver's memorial service
Mark's parents' anniversary party
the grand opening of Bridget's new shop
Magda's wedding
3. Most of Bridget's friends cancel birthday plans. She spends the evening of her birthday with her friend Tom. Where are they?
a pub
a grocery store
a spin class
a strip club
By way of explanation.....
Tom's the teacher
4. Where does Bridget's friend/co-worker Miranda bring her for her birthday?
a music festival
a swingers club
a wine tasting
5. Bridget first meets Jack when he helps her after she:
falls face first into mud
loses her luggage
gets separated from Miranda
gets her sweater caught on a post, causing it to rip off of her
6. Miranda and Bridget ask someone backstage to take their picture, not realizing he's a celebrity there to perform. Bridget thinks he's a guy who works at Starbucks; he's actually _____.
Ed Sheeran
Harry Styles
Justin Timberlake
Shawn Mendes
7. Bridget sleeps with handsome stranger Jack after:
she mistakenly crashes into his yurt after thinking it's where she and Miranda are staying
he saves her from a man who is drunkenly harassing her
he helps her find the wallet she had dropped earlier after falling in the mud
they both wind up on stage with Ed Sheeran
8. Unable to discuss Bridget's sexual escapade in front of Shazzer's kids, Bridget and Shazzer pretend they are talking about _____.
a Jack-in-the-box
a visit from Santa Claus
a trip to the amusement park
a puppet show
9. Godmother Bridget's horrified to discover on her way to Jude's baby's christening that:
Mark Darcy's wife will be there as well
she's forgotten the baby's gift
Mark Darcy is the last minute choice for godfather
she has spilled red wine down her white outfit
10. Mark tells Bridget he is getting a divorce after trying to kiss her. He's standing near her after trying to remove this item from her hair.
a piece of chewing gum
a pencil
a toy train
an elastic band
By way of explanation.....
courtesy of one of her many godchildren
11. Bridget finds it the identity of the music festival one night stand after seeing him on tv. Jack Qwant is:
a dating website guru
a reporter for a rival news channel
the judge presiding over Mark's clients' trial
a hedge fund manager
12. How does Bridget get to Jack so she can obtain some of his hair for a DNA sample?
she has him invited onto Hard News as a guest
she hires someone to break into his apartment
she stops by the radio station where he is a guest deejay
she waits outside his favorite restaurant and grabs his water glass after he leaves
13. Bridget's father jokes that he knows dozens of people who might be "anyone's" - including Bridget. He then clarifies that he's joking, as he knows Bridget is his due to this feature they both share.
a large nose
eyes that are the same shade of blue
dainty feet
a birthmark
14. Bridget tells Mark about the pregnancy, but both he and Jack do not know they might not be the father. Why didn't Bridget tell them that piece of information?
she'd rather wait until the baby is born to tell them
she wants to see which one of them will be more involved with the pregnancy
she wants to figure out first whether she wants either of them involved in the baby's life
they both seemed so happy about the news
15. How does Bridget's mother take the news of the pregnancy and the uncertainty over the baby's father?
she makes it known that she hopes Jack is the father, as he's rich
she and Una wonder which of the potential fathers is the more attractive one
she questions loudly whether Bridget had a three-way
she asks how Bridget could be so "irresponsible"
16. Feeling a bit left out as a result of Jack's involvement with Bridget and the pregnancy, Mark decides to:
check his and Jack's compatibility on Jack's dating site
propose to Bridget
find a way to get Jack sent out of the country
talk to Bridget's parents
By way of explanation.....
things aren't looking good for ol' Mark
17. Mark and Jack fight at the hospital after Bridget has a medical emergency that turns out to be nothing more than a case of too much junk food. Mark leaves after:
Jack says Mark would be a horrible father
Bridget implies she's in love with Jack
Jack insinuates he and Bridget didn't use protection, leaving a higher chance the baby's Jack's
Jack knocks Mark out in the hospital lobby
18. Jack admits to Bridget that he intentionally deceived Mark shortly after Jack _____.
proposes to Bridget
asks Bridget to move in with him
tells Bridget he doesn't like Mark
informs Bridget of a trust fund he set up for the baby
19. Bridget goes to see Mark, but leaves before speaking to him - why?
she realizes she wants to be with Jack
she overhears Mark telling a neighbor he doubts the baby is his
she spots Mark's soon-to-be ex-wife back at his house
Mark hops back in a taxi - unbeknownst to her, he's heading to her flat
20. Bridget's fired for incompetency after she arranges for an interview with a dictator but accidentally puts his ______ on the air instead.
personal chef
21. Bridget's day goes from bad to worse; she winds up stuck in the rain after:
she's mugged outside of her apartment
her purse, keys and cell phone get locked in an atm vestibule
her car stalls on the highway and she has difficulty changing the tire due to her belly
her umbrella blows away
22. Mark decides to pay Bridget a visit after finding this item in a dresser drawer.
an old picture of him and Bridget
some of Bridget's lingerie
the engagement ring he has once planned on giving her
his reindeer jumper/sweater
23. Mark's declaration of love is interrupted when Bridget goes into labor. They find getting to the hospital to be a challenge after:
Mark throws his ringing cell phone out a window
Bridget passes out and Mark can't lift her into the taxi
there's a blackout in London
there's a taxi strike through the city
24. Jack leaves the delivery room after it's clear that Bridget's chosen Mark. Why does Mark leave the room?
he panics, not sure of whether he can be a good father
he receives a phone call on the hospital phone regarding a court case
he needs medical attention after Bridget bites his arm during a contraction
he runs after Jack to make sure he's okay
25. One year after the birth of baby William, Bridget's getting married. What's the deal?
she's marrying Mark, the baby's father
she's marrying Jack, the baby's father
she's marrying Mark but Jack's the baby's biological father
she's marrying Jack but Mark's the baby's biological father

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