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How Well Do You Know: Me Before You
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1. Louisa loses her job at a cafe after:
the owner closes down the shop
she berates a customer
her ex-boyfriend/co-worker accuses her of stealing money from the register
she gets a second job at a competing cafe
2. Lou finds an open position at the temp agency, but is warned she'll need to do something about her _______ if she wants the job.
perky attitude
mode of transportation
3. Lou is already nervous about the interview, but this makes her even more nervous.
she burps at the start of the interview
she forgets the name of the woman interviewing her
her skirt rips when she sits down
she trips and falls, unused to walking in high heels
4. Lou's second day on the job doesn't start out all that great - why?
Will asks her to stop talking to him
she causes Will to choke on his lunch
she oversleeps and is an hour late
she learns that Mrs. Traynor is not pleased with Lou's job performance
5. Lou's sister Treena begs her not to quit working for the Traynors - why?
she thinks Will is still the ideal man and would make a good match for Lou
she thinks Lou needs to "build character" by staying in a dead end job
she's going back to school and needs Lou to be able to help their struggling parents
the salary is so high that Lou could potentially move to the city within months
6. Will gets some unexpected visitors and is NOT pleased with them. What's happened?
his insurance agent is refusing to cover any more medical costs
the man responsible for Will's injuries pays him a visit
his girlfriend at the time of his accident is engaged to his best friend
his parents have decided to place him in an assisted living facility
7. Lou's boyfriend Patrick plans their vacation around this event.
a triathlon
a music festival
a job conference
his sister's wedding
8. After being confronted about his poor behavior towards her, Will starts softening his attitude towards Lou. He asks her to do this with him.
listen to his favorite music
bake cupcakes
look through pictures from his childhood
watch a foreign film
9. Lou stays with an ill Will during a snowstorm. She attempts to entertain him by:
singing him a song from her childhood
telling him jokes
dancing for him
telling him stories from her years at the cafe
10. Lou is distressed when she overhears Will's parents arguing. What are they fighting about?
Will's growing feelings for Lou
Lou's job performance
Will's desire to end his life via assisted suicide
the fact they are running out of money due to Will's skyrocketing medical bills
11. The horse racing outing doesn't go as well as Lou had hoped. Which of the following does NOT happen?
Will's wheelchair gets stuck in the mud
Will falls out of the wheelchair
Lou's horse loses
Lou is unable to get seated at a fancy restaurant
12. Lou is surprised when Will agrees to do this.
meet her parents at her birthday dinner
go see a movie with her
double date with her, Patrick and Treena
give her unemployed father job and career guidance
13. Patrick seems upset when Lou is more excited about Will's gift to her than Patrick's. Patrick got her a necklace with his name inside; what did Will get her?
tights with bumblebee stripes
a DVD of the French movie they watched together
Wellies (boots)
ruby earrings
14. Lou is surprised to hear that Will has done this.
paid for her and Patrick's trip to Norway
arranged for her father to have a job at the Traynor castle
asked his mother to give Lou a raise
bought her a car
15. Lou receives word that Will has been hospitalized shortly after she's ______.
decided it's time to look for a new job
moved out of her parents' house
told Patrick she can't go on vacation with him
told him she loves him
16. Patrick's surprise dinner date doesn't end well after he:
sees what Lou has planned for her and Will's vacation
tells her he loves her and she says "thank you"
admits Will makes him uneasy
refuses her marriage proposal
17. As their vacation comes to a close, Will asks this of Lou.
marry him
convince his mother that euthanasia is the best choice for the family
come to Switzerland to be with him when he dies
break up with Patrick
18. Which of Lou's family members convinces her that she did not "fail" Will and the Traynors, and that she could call them to be with Will in his final moments if she chose to?
her father
her mother
her grandfather
19. Lou asks Will to tell her something good during the moments before he chooses to end his life. What is the "something good" he relays back to her?
he tells her he loves her
he recites a sonnet by Shakespeare
he compliments her on her bumblebees tights
he sings the song from her childhood back to her
20. Shortly after his death, Louisa reads a letter from Will where he tells her he's left her something - what?
his mother's engagement ring
his motorbike
enough money to make a new start
a job working in the castle for as long as she wants it

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