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How Well Do You Know: Indecent Proposal
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1. David and Diana have a heated argument over this bad habit that David has:
Leaving dirty dishes in bed
Not flushing the toilet
Putting his shoes on the kitchen table
Cutting his toe nails in the kitchen
2. What do David and Diana need money for?
An over\drawn checking account
To buy a business
To pay for David's schooling
A mortgage
3. What does David do for a living?
4. What great idea does David have to make money?
Going to the race track
Going to Las Vegas
Playing the lottery
Going to Atlantic City
5. When John Gage first notices Diana, she's in a store taking a large amount of free samples. What is she filling her pocket with?
6. Gage first approaches Diane attempting to buy her:
A box of candy
A dress
7. Winner winner, chicken dinner! Diana wins a million dollars for John doing what?
Playing craps
Playing roulette
Playing blackjack
Playing poker
8. Diane argues with John insisting, "You can't buy:"
9. David's best friend Jeremy thinks that John wants to give David a million dollars is hilarious . What does he think John has asked for in return?
David's land
David's first born child
David's kidney
For David to kill someone
10. David changes his mind about Diana and John doing the deed. He tries to stop them, only to have them quickly leave in what?
A boat
Sports car
11. What does David find in Diana's purse that starts a huge argument about John?
A check
A book of matches
A fountain pen
A thank you card
12. Diana's boss insists that she helps John with his latest project. What does Diana do for a living?
Art dealer
13. How do David and Diana lose their dream home?
John buys it
It's condemned
The bank seizes it
It's sold at auction
14. Diana confronts John about buying her home and makes a scene screaming and cursing at him. Where does the confrontation take place?
His office
On the street
A restaurant
In building lobby
15. John takes Diana to his home, and she is less than impressed with it. What does she say is missing in his home besides furniture?
A few plants
A soul
16. In a heated argument, David gives John a brief lesson on birds. What type of bird does David compare John to?
17. David takes up teaching and tries to inspire the class with a object. He tells them, "Even a ____ wants to be more than what it is."
A block of wood
A stone
A brick
A piece of paper
18. What does David do with the entire one million dollars?
Buys a hippopotamus
Gives it to charity
Buys a house
Donates it to save polar bears
19. What does John tell Diana\ to get her to break up with him?
He just wanted to see if she would leave David for him
He's married
He's bored with her
He's gave multiple women money for sex
20. What is the reason John gives his driver for breaking it off with Diana?
He didn't like winning by default
She would never look at him, like she did David
He felt he owed it to David
She would never love him, like she did David

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