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How Well Do You Know: It Could Happen to You
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1. Waitress Yvonne Biasi is having a bad day. As the movie opens, Yvonne is at the courthouse, ______.
filing for bankruptcy due to credit card charges incurred by her estranged husband
taking care of her numerous unpaid parking tickets
fighting her ex-husband for custody of her young daughter
having been arrested for disturbing the peace
2. Officer Charlie Lang's wife Muriel is upset because Charlie picked the "wrong" numbers on their lottery ticket. How did he get a number "wrong"?
he forgot how old she is, so he guessed her age
he picked the date they meet, rather than the date they got engaged
he thought she wanted to have 5 children; she claims she only wants 2
he picked the date they always celebrate their anniversary, not the actual date of their anniversary
3. Yvonne tells her friend that no matter how broke she is, she will always have certain standards, certain things in her life that remain constant. Her example of this is:
Miracle Whip
Charmin toilet paper
Diet Coke
Good N Plenty
4. An enraged Muriel tells Charlie that they cannot possibly split the winnings with a complete stranger. Her proof of this has to do with ______.
a spot on her piece of toast that looked like Jesus
a dream she had about her dead father
her visit to a psychic earlier that week
blood test results from a doctor's appointment
By way of explanation.....
He had the number 4 appearing in his eyeballs, indicating he wanted them to have the $4mil winnings
5. What special ingredient does Yvonne, along with her friend/coworker, add to her horrible boss's coffee?
coffee grounds
cigarette butts
6. What gift does Charlie give to Yvonne before telling her about the winnings?
a necklace with her name on the pendant
a chain that will keep her glasses around her neck, so she'll never misplace them
a coffee maker
a pair of sensible shoes for wearing in the diner
7. Yvonne celebrates the news of her newfound good luck by:
giving pie and ice cream to everyone in the diner
quitting her job on the spot
running outside and giving away the tip money she had in her pocket
giving Charlie an enthusiastic, somewhat inappropriate kiss
8. Muriel is still angry about Charlie's deal with Yvonne. He tells her that this will make her look good, telling her that "Muriel Lang: Woman with the Heart of Gold" could ________ as a result.
be interviewed by national magazines
get some commercial endorsement deals
be given a car and other gifts by companies impressed with her generosity
get a teaching position at a local beauty school
9. Muriel's day of shopping at high-end stores is seemingly ruined after:
a thief steals the shopping bags Charlie's holding onto
Tiffany's refuses to help Muriel because she's rude to the staff
protesters throw paint on her new fur coat
she discovers the store she really wanted to visit was closed for renovations
10. How does Charlie know that the bodega he frequents is being robbed?
the owner gives him his coffee for free
the owner is moving incredibly fast, not slow like usual
the owner calls him "Charlie" instead of "Officer Lang"
the owner has a smile on his face
11. While Yvonne is busy getting advice on board on increasing her net worth by playing the stock market, Charlie and Yvonne wind up missing the boat. The boat departs while:
Charlie is helping Yvonne up, as she fell walking to the boat
Charlie is paying Yvonne's taxi driver
Charlie is chasing down a thug who robbed Yvonne as she was getting on the boat
Yvonne is trying to find the walkway onto the boat
12. What did Yvonne do shortly after buying the diner?
renamed it "Charlie's Diner"
sent Charlie an invitation to join her for a thank you dinner on the house
established a table, with Charlie's name on it, for guests who can't afford a meal
hired her former boss to wash dishes and clean the bathrooms
13. Yvonne's estranged husband, actor Eddie, suggested that if they were to have a child, it should be named ______.
Al Pacino
Cary Grant
Marlon Brando
Clint Eastwood
14. Where did Charlie and Muriel meet?
a drivers education course
a high school cooking class
jury duty
an aerobics class
15. Charlie and Yvonne spend more time together, doing nice deeds for fellow New Yorkers. After one such deed, Charlie returns home to find Muriel throwing his clothes off the fire escape. Where had he been?
a homeless shelter, serving meals with Yvonne and co-worker Bo
the local children's hospital, reading to sick children
Grand Central Station
Yankee Stadium with Yvonne, friend/coworker Bo and the neighborhood kids
16. Charlie ends up at the Plaza after Muriel asks him for a divorce. Why is Yvonne there?
her apartment is being fumigated
her estranged husband shows up at her apartment, asking for money
her old bed broke and the new one hasn't been delivered yer
she wanted to experience living in luxury for just a night
17. Muriel and Charlie meet with their lawyers to discuss terms of the divorce. Charlie grabs Muriel's arm when she _______.
claims Charlie never loved her and was using her for her money
insists Yvonne give her share of the money to Muriel
threatens bodily harm to Charlie and Yvonne
tries to slap his face
18. After Muriel's lawyer paints them in a negative light, Yvonne and Charlie lose the court case. Blaming herself, Yvonne avoids Charlie, but he eventually finds her _______.
in her apartment
at the train station
at the diner/coffee shop
in Central Park
19. Charlie and Yvonne don't realize that the homeless man who they served at the diner was in fact a photographer for the New York Post, who wrote a lovely story about their generosity. On their way out of the city, they stop by the diner one last time. What surprise do they find waiting for them?
Charlie's former squad, waiting to give them a goodbye gift
bags of mail containing money sent in by New York Post readers
Muriel, who has had a change of heart and decided to let Yvonne keep her share of the winnings
diner patrons throwing a fundraiser for Yvonne and Charlie so they can leave the city with some money in their pockets
20. Which of the following does not happen after Charlie and Yvonne are "given a $600,000 tip by the city of New York"?
Yvonne's ex Eddie could only get work driving a taxi
Charlie and Yvonne run a soup kitchen for the city's homeless population
Yvonne and Charlie married and stayed in NYC
Muriel's new husband cleaned out her bank account and fled the country

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