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How Well Do You Know: Wimbledon
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1. Peter Colt, currently ranked 119th in the world, gains an entry to Wimbledon via wild card. In the meantime, he's looking to become this after the tournament's over.
middle school phys ed teacher
owner of a tennis academy
tennis director at a country club
employee at his father's auto shop
2. Peter mentions he doesn't win a match if this happens:
his family is in attendance
he has sex the night before
he drinks alcohol
he has a girlfriend
3. There's marital discord between Peter's parents. Where is Peter's father moving to?
the treehouse in the back yard
Peter's childhood bedroom
the garage
the attic
4. How do Peter and Lizzie Bradbury first meet?
they sit next to each other in a crowded hotel bar
they have unknowingly booked the same practice time at the tennis court
she steals his taxi
he's accidentally given the key to her hotel room
5. Lizzie is known in the tennis world for her _______.
kindness and compassion toward her opponents
unorthodox serve
temper on the court
speed and stamina
6. What does Lizzie want to know after Peter shows up to her room for their date?
how many sexual partners he's had
his room number
the names of his potential opponents during Wimbledon
his stance on fooling around before a match
7. Lizzie's father/trainer is convinced this happens to Lizzie when there's a guy in the picture.
she gets more focused
her serve gets "mushy"
her game improves
her temper towards her opponents gets worse
8. Peter wins his match after getting a second wind, thanks to seeing Lizzie in the crowd - but he's really nervous about his next match. Why?
his opponent is Lizzie's ex-boyfriend
it's at the same time as Lizzie's match so she won't be there to cheer him on
his parents are planning on attending the match together
it's against his good friend/practice partner
9. Lizzie admits that she knew who Peter was before they accidentally met in her hotel room. She remembered seeing a match where Peter did something memorable - what?
ran into the stands and kissed his then-girlfriend
stopped the game to attend to a spectator who was having a heart attack
carried an injured ballgirl off the court
punched his opponent
10. Carl meets a young lady who is very interested in the fact he's Peter's brother. What does she say is her passion in life at the moment?
chat rooms
11. While at a cocktail party, Peter knocks out hotshot player Jake after Jake does this.
tries to kiss Lizzie
"accidentally" knocks over Peter
gives Lizzie a lecherous look
insults Lizzie's reputation
12. After sneaking away from the party to avoid the paparazzi - and Lizzie's father - Peter and Lizzie arrive at his flat. They don't have the amount of privacy they wish, though. Who do they find at the flat?
Peter's parents
Peter's friend/rival Dieter Prohl
Carl, his date and his friends
Lizzie's father and agent
13. What does Lizzie do after sleeping with Peter in his flat?
calls her father from the bathroom
escapes out the fire escape
orders a pizza
asks him if she can stay with him until Wimbledon's over
14. Lizzie and Peter discover while watching tv in bed that her father is outside Peter's building. How did he know where to find Lizzie?
Lizzie alerted the paparazzi to her whereabouts
Peter told his blabbermouth agent Lizzie was staying over
Carl's date sold a picture from the apartment encounter to the paparazzi
Lizzie told her father over the phone where she was staying
15. Lizzie and her father move out of the hotel, but Peter discovers where they are now staying. Peter sneaks into Lizzie's flat in the middle of the night, but it doesn't quite go according to plan. Why not?
he accidentally sneaks into her father's bedroom before narrowly escaping unnoticed
he wakes up the entire neighborhood in the process
her father calls the police on the "intruder" inside the flat
Lizzie's fast asleep, having taken a sleeping pill the night before her match
16. Peter wins his semifinals match despite this hiccup.
he's hit in the eye by a ball
Lizzie causes a scene in the stands
he spots his parents at the match
he hurts his back before the end of the match
17. What happens after Peter wins the semifinal match?
his father moves into his flat
his parents reconcile
Carl gets engaged
he gets food poisoning
18. Why is Peter's joy at making it to the finals short-lived?
he hears his parents have decided to separate
Lizzie lost her match and blames him for only wanting a "quick screw"
his endorsement deal falls apart thanks to his relationship with Lizzie
his opponent knocks him out after the match ends
19. An angry Lizzie's on her way home from Wimbledon when she hears that she's the reason Peter made it as far as he has in the tournament. How does she hear this?
he calls her and leaves a voicemail saying as much
she talks to their mutual agent Ron
he says it in a nationally televised interview before his final match
a hotel maid mentions overhearing him say it
20. Peter's distracted and doing horribly, but he gets a second chance after this happens.
opponent Jake injures himself during a serve
he spots his parents arriving late to the match
the match is temporarily suspended due to rain
Lizzie calls him during a break in play
21. So Lizzie arrives for a pep talk during the break and professes her love for Peter. He arrives late back to the game and has found his groove. What happens before match point that briefly takes Peter (and everyone else!) out of the game?
Carl shouts Peter's name loud enough for everyone to hear
Lizzie runs into the court to give Peter a good luck kiss
Peter hurts his knee and starts swearing
his agent's cell phone rings in the middle of a dead silent crowd
22. After match point is incorrectly called out, Peter gets match point once again, and wins Wimbledon. Which of the following does not happen after the match ends?
Carl admits he bet on Peter to win for once
Peter gives his racket to his ballboy
Peter finds his family in the crowd and asks his mother if he can finally retire
Lizzie pushes through the crowd and joins him on the court for a celebration
By way of explanation.....
they do find each other, but he finds her in the stands
23. We next see Peter and Lizzie years later, with a recap of what's happened to this point. Which of the following is not true?
Lizzie is playing tennis with her and Peter's daughter
Lizzie's father goes on to train other young players after Lizzie retires
Peter decided to teach kids how to play tennis, rather than work at a country club
Lizzie went on to win the US Open and Wimbledon

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