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How Well Do You Know: Runaway Bride
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1. How does USA Today reporter Ike Graham first hear about the "runaway bride"?
he sees her being interviewed on Good Morning America
a man in a bar tells him about her
he spots her running down the streets of NYC, away from her wedding
he overhears her story while getting his hair cut
2. Why is Ike fired from his USA Today job?
he didn't fact check his article on Maggie before running it
he sexually harassed his editor
advertisers threatened to pull their ads from the paper, due to the "unnecessary" sexism in Ike's column
he skips a meeting about the Maggie article to go to a Yankees game
By way of explanation.....
Maggie sent a letter to USA Today noting the incorrect pieces of information printed in the article
3. Ike arrives in Hale, Maryland to talk to Maggie. He believes he's right about her and wants to prove it. Maggie and her friend Peggy, aware of his identity, get back at him by:
having his car towed
dyeing his hair a variety of rainbow colors
stealing his wallet and putting photocopies of his drivers license photo up all over town
shaving his head
4. Ike finds something of interest to him while paying a visit to Maggie's family - what?
Maggie's high school yearbook
Maggie's diary, which contains excerpts of her failed weddings
a 30 year old bottle of wine
videos of Maggie's ill-fated weddings
5. Bob, Maggie's current fiancé, does this for a living.
manages a sporting goods store
walks dogs
teaches high school P.E.
pediatric surgeon
6. Maggie visits her 2nd ex-fiancé to warn him that Ike might pay him a visit and ask all sorts of questions. Maggie's breakup with Brian led to:
his becoming a priest
a nasty court battle over sitting of assets
his suicide attempt
an appearance on the Maury Povich show
7. Ike had already been to see Brian, and asked him questions about his relationship with Maggie. What is the one question Ike asked that Brian thought was ridiculous?
Maggie's favorite sexual position
where he and Maggie were set to visit on their honeymoon
Maggie's favorite alcoholic beverage
how Maggie likes her eggs
8. Ike bets fiancé #1, Gil, whether Maggie:
remembers the lyrics to any Grateful Dead song
still has a tattoo she got when she was with Gil
can recollect Gil's last name
will marry Bob
By way of explanation.....
she does not; it was a temporary tattoo
9. What does Ike learn after a brief conversation with Maggie's best friend ("not the ice skater!") Peggy Fleming?
Peggy's husband and Maggie dated in high school
Peggy and Maggie were college roommates
Maggie didn't have a boyfriend until she was 23
Maggie had been proposed to by every man she has ever dated; most engagements were broken off within weeks
10. Maggie decides to cooperate with Ike, helping him write an accurate story about her, after:
helping him change his flat tire
getting him arrested
breaking into his hotel room
reading about him online
By way of explanation.....
she sees the notes he has written about her, and they are not accurate - or flattering
11. Ike speaks his mind with a Hale shopowner after:
she refuses to sell Maggie the expensive wedding dress she wants to buy
he calls Maggie "trashy" within earshot, causing Maggie to cry
she tells Maggie she won't bake another wedding cake for a "reception we all know won't happen"
he is rude to Ike for "poking his nose where it doesn't belong"
By way of explanation.....
she reasons that Maggie only wears them for 10 minutes or so...
12. What does Maggie gift to Ike, possibly as a way to "butter him up"?
a pair of loafers
a Miles Davis album
a bottle of scotch
a first edition of The Grapes of Wrath
13. Ike and Maggie discuss their families and upbringing after he helps her with:
writing her wedding vows
searching for a new house for her and Bob
searching for her missing sister
picking up her drunken father from a bar
14. Ike and Maggie fight during the pre-wedding luau after he does something that angers her - what?
he accuses her off not loving Bob
he questions out loud whether she is getting married solely because she loves the attention she gets
he calls the townspeople out for their constant mocking of her and her inability to wed
he tells her he has feelings for her
15. Why does Maggie decide to have another wedding rehearsal 2 days before the wedding, despite having already rehearsed weeks ago?
Bob wants her to "visualize" the ceremony
she needs Peggy to convince her that this wedding should happen
Ike thinks it would make for a more interesting article
she wants to recite her vows once again - she's having trouble memorizing them
By way of explanation.....
be the ball! sink the putt!
16. Which of the following does NOT happen at the rehearsal?
Ike and Maggie kiss
Maggie's cousin goes to "comfort" Bob
Peggy tackles Ike to keep him from chasing after Maggie
Bob punches Ike in the face
17. After the disastrous wedding rehearsal leads to a breakup with Bob, Ike suggests Maggie marry him instead, as she's already got the dress. In the minutes before the wedding ceremony starts, Ike gets last-minute words of wisdom from:
Maggie's grandmother
his ex-wife
18. Oh, Maggie. The runaway bride bolts yet again, getting away via:
child's bicycle
police car
FedEx truck
19. Some time later, Ike finds Maggie in his apartment, making friends with his cat. What's the cat's name?
20. What gift does Maggie give to Ike immediately before proposing to him?
a miniature FedEx truck
a stopwatch
bottles of hair dye in various rainbow colors
her pair of running shoes

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