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How Well Do You Know: Sleepless in Seattle
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1. Sam and his young son Jonah move to Seattle for a fresh start after the death of their wife/mother. Where did they live before looking for a fresh start?
San Francisco
2. Annie announces at Christmas dinner that she and her boyfriend Walter are engaged. The excitement is cut a bit short when Walter:
has an allergy attack
is bit by the family dog
has a panic attack
3. Annie, who doesn't believe in destiny or "signs", wonders if it's a sign when this happens:
her grandmother's wedding dress rips when she tries it on
a cuckoo clock that hasn't worked in decades starts chirping after she admits she isn't sure she wants to marry Walter
she starts sneezing every time someone mentions Walter
her engagement ring falls down a heating grate while she's looking at bridal magazines
4. How does Annie first learn about Sam and Jonah?
her best friend calls her and tells her about a cute guy she met on vacation
she reads an article about Sam in the Baltimore Sun
she sees them in an ad for Parents Without Partners
she hears them on a call-in radio show while driving to Walter's parents' house
5. What does Sam do for a living?
6. Letters addressed to "Sleepless in Seattle" start arriving at Sam's house, and Jonah thinks it's time to find his dad a new wife from the letter writers. He wants to know something very important - what?
if Sam will be open to the idea of meeting someone new
if Sam and his new wife will have sex
whether Sam will pick a woman who looks just like his deceased wife/Jonah's mother
if Sam will marry a woman with kids - Jonah doesn't want any step- brothers or sisters
7. Who does Annie go to for some advice about love and marriage after hearing Sam's voice on the radio again?
her mother
her brother
her hairdresser
her therapist
8. Sam asks his friend/coworker Jay about modern-day dating. Jay claims that women these days are looking for - what?
money, and lots of it
the opportunity to be a trophy wife
a good gene pool
pecs and a cute butt
9. Jay jokes that Sam will be named Man of the Year in Seattle Magazine after Sam says:
he is looking for a casual relationship only
he could never let a woman split the check while out on a date
he is newly rich, thanks to his late wife's inheritance
he thinks women should be treated like queens
10. Sam gains the courage to ask a woman out on a date after:
realizing how long it's been since he last had sex
seeing Jonah has a girl in his room
his friend Jay bets him $100 he won't do it
Jonah urges him to do so
11. Annie uses her position at a(n) _________ to obtain personal information about Sam and Jonah.
insurance agency
private investigator's office
dentist's office
12. Jonah reads Annie's letter, and tells Sam he thinks something mentioned in the letter is a "sign". What is it?
Annie and Sam both graduated from Vanderbilt
Annie and Sam both think Brooks Robinson is the greatest third-baseman of all time
Annie had dogs growing up named Jonah and Sammy
Annie moved from Seattle to Chicago around the same time Jonah and Sam moved from Chicago to Seattle
13. Jonah calls in to Dr. Marcia Fieldstone's radio show once again, after:
he finds Sam and his date in bed together
he realizes how much he misses his mother
he sees Sam kissing his date
he watches Sam's date move a picture of his mother so it's hidden from view
14. Where does Walter find Annie hiding, listening to Dr. Fieldstone's show?
in a closet
under the bed
in her car
in the bathtub
15. Sam first sees Annie when:
he finds a picture of her that she had sent along with her letter
she jaywalks and he nearly hits her with his car
she is interviewed on a national news program re: contacting "Sleepless in Seattle"
she walks by him as he and Sam are dropping his new girlfriend off at the airport
16. When asked why he doesn't like Sam's new maybe-girlfriend Victoria, Jonah gives this reply.
"She tries too hard."
"She laughs like a hyena."
"She's a lousy cook."
"She's not my mom."
17. Sam's friends Suzy and Greg visit from Chicago. Suzy hears the story of Annie and her desire to meet at the top of the Empire State Building on Valentine's Day, and starts crying while telling the guys about the plot of An Affair to Remember. Sam and Greg enjoy teasing her, saying they also cried at the end of this movie.
The Dirty Dozen
Full Metal Jacket
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
18. Jonah finds a way to fly to New York City, thanks to his friend Jessica, whose mother is a(n) _______.
travel agent
limousine driver
By way of explanation.....
Jessica sneaks into the computer system when her mother isn't around and books Jonah on a flight to NYC.
19. Sam discovers that Jonah is missing as he's getting ready to:
go on a business trip to Baltimore
go away with Victoria for the weekend
go camping with Jonah
break up with Victoria
20. Sam arrives at the top of the Empire State building and finds Jonah there. They leave having not met Annie - yet. What causes them to return?
Jonah saw Annie getting off the elevator
Sam has a feeling that Annie is waiting for them
Jonah forgot his backpack
Sam misplaced his wallet

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