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How Well Do You Know: Trainwreck
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1. What is the name of the men's magazine at which Amy Townsend works?
American Idiot
2. Why is Amy chosen to interview sports physician Aaron Conners, even though she wasn't the one to pitch the idea to her editor?
she told her editor she finds Aaron very attractive and wants him to be yet another notch on her bedpost
she drew the short straw in the staff meeting
her editor thinks ladies' man Aaron will respond better to being interviewed by a woman
she hates sports and thinks less of people who watch them, which her editor thinks will make for a great interview
3. Amy wants Steven, the man she's been seeing, to talk dirty to her in bed. Clearly not understanding how dirty talk works, Steven says a variety of things to her, none of which are what she is looking for. Which of the following is not part of his "dirty talk"?
he uses sports motivational phrases
he talks to her in Chinese
he recites poems
he tells her she looked like a man from behind when he saw her for the first time
4. LeBron James walks into Aaron's office while Aaron's being interviewed by Amy. He came to retrieve his missing sunglasses, but also wanted to discuss getting together with Aaron. What will the guys be doing during their man-date?
taking a Thai cooking class
playing miniature golf
volunteering at a nursing home
watching Downton Abbey
5. What causes Amy's sister Kim - who has just announced her pregnancy - to storm out of a family lunch with Amy and their father Gordon?
Gordon tells Kim she should re-think having a child, as becoming a parent is something he will always regret
Amy and their father make fun of Kim's step-son, whom Gordon doesn't consider to be his "real grandchild"
Amy makes it clear she will never babysit, as she hates children
Amy suggests Kim name the baby after their estranged mother
6. Where does Amy hyperventilate while continuing her interview with Aaron?
in a swimming pool
in the men's bathroom
on a treadmill
on a mountain top
7. Amy and Aaron go out for dinner and drinks, where Amy teaches Aaron how to do something very important - what?
whistle to get the wait staff's attention
discreetly ask for a check at a restaurant
drink massive amounts of alcohol without getting drunk
flirt with the waitress
8. What song does Aaron need to listen to while he's operating on a patient?
"Killing in the Name" - Rage Against the Machine
"New York, New York" - Frank Sinatra
"Love Shack" - The B-52's
"Uptown Girl" - Billy Joel
9. Despite Amy's reluctance in starting a relationship with Aaron, she changes her mind after Aaron:
goes with her to her father's nursing home and gives him stitches after a fall
helps an old lady get her groceries back to her apartment
serenades her in the middle of Times Square
explains how dating the subject of her article will help her career
10. Amy freaks out a little after hearing Aaron discuss _____ while they are attending Kim's baby shower.
his ex-wife and daughter, neither of whom she knew anything about
his desire to have children one day
his intention to move to Nebraska to be closer to his ailing parents
his dislike of nightclubs
11. Other ladies at the baby shower decide to play "Skeletons in the Closet", and the stories are very tame. What story does Amy share in order to liven things up a bit?
the time she slept with 4 men in one night
the time she had to "fish out" a missing condom
the time she almost pierced her nipples
the time she had sex in a glass elevator
12. Amy receives a phone call from Kim, informing her that their father died in the nursing home. How did he die?
he took pain medication that he had been hoarding
he had a heart attack
he fell in the bathtub and hit his head
he was hit by a car while trying to escape from the home
13. What does Aaron say to Amy immediately following her father's funeral that makes her angry?
"We need to talk."
"Cheer up!"
"I love you."
"Let's move in together."
By way of explanation.....
She wasn't happy about hearing those words for the first time after burying her father
14. Why does Amy's editor Dianna decide not to run the article on Aaron?
Dianna doesn't feel comfortable given that Amy is dating him
Dianna thinks he's too boring
Dianna claims he was rude to her during a meeting at the office
Dianna thinks Amy has submitted a poorly-written article
By way of explanation.....
"The Ugliest Celebrity Kids Under 6" will run in its place
15. What causes Amy and Aaron to fight at the Doctors Without Borders ceremony honoring him?
Amy's inappropriate jokes offend the other people sitting at their table
a drunken Amy throws up at the table during the dinner
Amy takes a phone call from her editor during Aaron's speech
Amy complains incessantly about how boring the event is
16. A sad Amy decides to go back to her old ways, going to clubs and heading home with random men. She decides to go home with S'nuff intern Donald, but this ends poorly - why?
his mother enters the bedroom and announces he's 16 years old
she vomits on him, then passes out
she realizes she can't stop thinking about Aaron
he handcuffs her to the bed, then steals her wallet and jewelry
17. Lebron calls Aaron, faking an injury. Aaron arrives at what turns out to be an intervention. Who is NOT there with LeBron to talk to Aaron about his need to reconcile with Amy?
Chris Evert
Marv Albert
Alex Rodriguez
Matthew Broderick
18. After apologizing to Kim for her behavior at Gordon's funeral, Amy reaches out to Kim's stepson Allister. What does Allister teach Amy all about?
Cards Against Humanity
Super Mario Brothers
Iron Man
19. Amy, newly fired from S'nuff after the incident with the intern, pitches the article about Aaron to another publication. What magazine publishes the article?
Vanity Fair
Sports Illustrated
20. Amy apologizes to Aaron with the help of:
Chris Evert
the Knicks City Dancers
Kim and Allister

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