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Overboard 8/19/15 90.72%[22.68/25]        Comments
Rich, rude socialite Joanna gets amnesia and winds up living as "Annie", wife of sweaty carpenter Dean.
Holiday, The: 8/11/15 88.52%[22.13/25]        Comments
Iris and Amanda switch houses for a few weeks, and find the happiness their lives were missing.
Bodyguard, The: 6/30/15 72.25%[14.45/20]        Comments
Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston teamed up for 1992's The Bodyguard. Perhaps you have heard of it.
Fault in Our Stars, The: 2/12/15 81.63%[24.49/30]        Comments
Shailene Woodley continues her string of strong, dynamic performances in The Fault in Our Stars, the 2014 box office success adapted from John Green's terrific sad, funny, insightful book.
Two Weeks Notice 2/11/15 84.36%[18.56/22]        Comments
Lawyer Lucy Kelson tires of feeling like she's babysitting her real estate tycoon boss George Wade, rather than working for him, so she decides to leave. The two discover there is more there than just a professional relationship.
Cutting Edge, The: 2/10/15 77.44%[19.36/25]        Comments
If you're a sucker for early 90's sorta-sports/rom-com movies, The Cutting Edge is for you!
50 First Dates 2/5/15 80.57%[18.53/23]        Comments
A man with commitment issues finds himself falling for a woman with no short-term memory, who can't remember him the next day. He goes about trying to make her fall in love with him again every day.
Four Weddings and a Funeral 10/8/14 85.80%[17.16/20]        Comments
Four Weddings and a Funeral made an international star of Hugh Grant. How well do you know it?
Never Been Kissed 2/12/14 78.80%[23.64/30]        Comments
Before he was in Alias, Michael Vartan was Drew Barrymore's love interest in Never Been Kissed, which features supporting performances by Molly Shannon, John C. Reilly, Octavia Spencer and others.
Spectacular Now, The: 2/5/14 80.40%[24.12/30]        Comments
Shailene Woodley continues to add to her star-in-the-making career with her turn in The Spectacular Now, which recalls such other unconventional teen romances as Say Anything....
West Side Story 8/20/13 63.36%[15.84/25]        Comments
It's a classic of American musical cinema, drawing inspiration from on of the most famous plays ever written. Test your knowledge of West Side Story.
Titanic (Version 2) 8/14/13 61.47%[18.44/30]        Comments
We love getting quizzes submitted by our readers. Here's one from the lovely and talented Christine on a movie called Titanic. Perhaps you have heard of it.
Beautiful Creatures 8/13/13 77.80%[23.34/30]        Comments
In 2013, Richard LaGravenese wrote and directed by cinematic version of the popular Kami Garcia/Margaret Stohl novel Beautiful Creatures. There was much rejoicing.
Male Leads in Chick Flicks II 7/16/13 80.08%[20.02/25]        Comments
Sort through the different options and pick out the man who starred in the given rom-com. You've heard of all these movies. You've seen most of them - hell, all of them, right? - so this should be no problem.
Before Sunset 7/9/13 77.52%[19.38/25]        Comments
Those crazy kids Jess and Celine are at it again in one of the more unexpected sequels you'll get. Yes, there is still a lot of talking in this one. A lot of talkikng.
Before Sunrise 7/2/13 82.04%[20.51/25]        Comments
Yes, it's the film that started it all! Test your knowledge on the movie that gave us all the adventures of Jesse and Celine!
Benny & Joon 4/16/13 89.00%[22.25/25]        Comments
Johnny Depp shows impeccable comedic timing in the sweet sleeper hit Benny and Joon.
Pride and Prejudice - Episodes 5 and 6 4/11/13 80.87%[24.26/30]        Comments
Here's our final quiz on the BBC's Pride and Prejudice, covering the white-knuckle excitement of episodes 5 and 6.
Pride and Prejudice - Episodes 3 and 4 4/4/13 77.17%[23.15/30]        Comments
Here's the middle quiz in our series of HowWellDoYouKnow's on BBC's Pride and Prejudice.
Pride and Prejudice - Episodes 1 and 2 3/28/13 82.93%[24.88/30]        Comments
Answering the hopes of possibly dozens of people, here comes the first installment on our quizzes on BBC's 1995 Pride and Prejudice.
American President: Quotes, The: 2/14/13 77.28%[19.32/25]        Comments
From Andrew Shepherd to Lewis Rothschild, from Leo Solomon to Leon Kodak, let's see if you know the still-recognizable quotes from The American President.
Male Leads in Chick Flicks 2/13/13 74.24%[18.56/25]        Comments
So you think you know your romantic comedies/dramas? We'll list a film and ask you to identify the male lead in each.
White Christmas 12/18/12 80.84%[20.21/25]        Comments
It's a holiday classic filmed with memorable stars. Crosby, Kaye and Clooney team up for this timeless seasonal treasure.
This Means War 10/2/12 80.28%[20.07/25]        Comments
It's Tuck vs FDR for the affections of sweet Lauren in This Means War. Two spies gear up - literally - as they both go after the same unsuspecting girl in this 2012 romantic comedy.
Something Borrowed 5/29/12 90.39%[20.79/23]        Comments
Based on the novel by Emily Giffin, Something Borrowed shows us Rachel's dilemma over whether she can be a loyal friend and find love when one situation involves the other.
Showing results 26 - 50 of 151
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