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How Well Do You Know: My Big Fat Greek Wedding
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1. What is the name of the restaurant owned by Toula's parents?
Gus's Muses
Aphrodite's Palace
Dancing Zorba's
2. Toula's father believed 2 things in life: that Greeks should educate non-Greeks about being Greek, and that any ailment could be cured with:
motor oil
baking soda
a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
3. Toula's brother Nick is frustrated that his father shows no interest in something he created for the restaurant. What is it?
a sculpture for the front entryway of the restaurant
a painting
new menu cover art
wooden condiment holders for the tables
4. Toula's father becomes angry when Toula expresses her desire to:
never get married
adopt a child as a single mother
take college classes
open a competing restaurant
5. Toula, her mother and her aunt conspire to get Toula a job at her aunt's:
dry cleaning shop
insurance agency
accounting firm
travel agency
6. Although Toula had first spotted mystery man Ian Miller in the restaurant, they see each other again - and flirt - after Ian:
is distracted and walks into her on the street
rear-ends her car in traffic
sees her working in the travel agency
visits Dancing Zorba's again
7. After officially meeting Ian Miller, Toula goes out to dinner with him. What is Ian's profession?
police officer
8. Toula becomes uncomfortable during the date after Ian:
suggests he wants to sleep with her on the first date
figures out she was the waitress at Dancing Zorba's
admits he hates Greek food
won't stop complimenting her
9. Toula lies to her family, telling them she is taking _______ rather than admit she's seeing Ian.
a pottery class
a Greek history class
Spanish lessons
singing lessons
10. Toula's relationship with Ian is discovered by the family after the two of them were seen making out in public. Gus deals with this news by:
inviting single Greek men over for family dinners
sleeping at the restaurant, refusing to come home until Toula breaks up with Ian
crying non-stop
spreading the "horrible" news throughout the Greek community
11. Toula wants to marry Ian but knows it upsets her family. How does Ian respond?
he suggests they elope
he asks if they can all go to a family therapist to work out these issues
he offers to convert to Greek Orthodox so they can marry in the church
he suggests they take a temporary "break" until she can get her family to accept the engagement/impending marriage
12. A family celebration comes to a temporary halt after the discovery that:
Ian's a vegetarian
Ian doesn't want children
Toula wants to elope
Ian's an only child
13. Toula's not pleased to discover this happening in regards to the wedding.
her family is ordering wedding items without her knowledge
her father has changed the wedding date
Ian has started pushing for non-Greek traditions to be added to the ceremony
her aunt is insisting that Toula and Ian have a double wedding with her cousin Angelo and his fiancee
14. What's wrong with the wedding invitations Toula's mother has ordered?
the incorrect wedding date is listed
Ian's name has been replaced with "Xeno" (Gus's name for anyone who isn't Greek)
Ian's mother's name is spelled "Harry" instead of "Harriet"
they do not mention Ian or his family at all
15. Toula's brother Nick says she has inspired him to do this.
get a job at the travel agency
look for love
find work outside the restaurant
take college classes
16. The Portokalos and Miller families are meeting for the first time. Maria is confused by Ian's mother's contribution to the party. What did she bring?
banana pudding
a bundt cake
a cheesecake
17. Toula's brother and cousin keep antagonizing Ian by:
having him repeat dirty phrases in Greek that they swear are appropriate
getting him nervous about being the only non-Greek in the family
talking about how frumpy Toula looked before, insinuating she will go back to looking like that after they're married
teaching him incorrect Greek dance moves for the wedding
18. Toula wakes up the day of her wedding to discover:
Ian's been trying to call her cell phone for hours
her previous hair dye treatment has turned her hair green
she's overslept
she has a huge pimple on her face
19. What is Toula's family doing to her while she's walking down the aisle? The Millers are horrified to see it happening.
spitting on her
hitting her
pinching her
flipping her off
20. Gus announces he and Maria have a wedding gift for Ian and Toula. What is it?
a honeymoon trip to Greece
a house
a minivan
partial ownership of Dancing Zorba's

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