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How Well Do You Know: Bandslam
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1. This should be a gimme.

Will Burton writes often to his musical inspiration: Dear _____________
Iggy Pop
Eric Clapton
David Bowie
Johnny Rotten
2. Will and his mother flee this city, where Will is known by this nickname which recalls a serious family trauma:
3. Moving to New Jersey, Will says the best new thing about his new school is:
Appreciation of music
4. Will catches the eye of Sam, who drinks pop through:
Life Savers
Pixy Stix
5. Sam spells her name with this number (which is silent):
6. Sam used to have this affliction:
Attention deficit disorder
7. Will becomes aware of pseudo-rival Ben Wheatley, whose popular band Glory Dog has recently:
Been reformed with new members
Changed from heavy metal to a poppier sound
Changed its name
Won Bandslam
8. Will earns a Good Samaritan title after he helps a student who is knocked over by Ben....and who goes on to play this instrument in I Can't Go On, I'll Go On:
9. Charlotte ropes Will into this venture:
Visiting a nursing home
Volunteering at a hospital
Running a day care
Working at an animal shelter
10. Omar, the band's guitar player, assumes a/n __________ accent:
11. The band's bass player insists he doesn't want to be Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers...though he has assumed this name:
12. Sam warns Will about Charlotte. The year before the movie takes place, Charlotte was each of the following, except:
A cheerleader
On the Honor Roll
Junior prom queen
A member of Glory Dogs
13. Sam and Charlotte have this connection in their past:
They used to date the same guy
Charlotte used to babysit Sam
Sam used to tutor Charlotte
They used to be on the same lacrosse team
14. Basher is a great drummer, but he has anger issues. Will is able to get him to join the band, largely because Basher has a crush on:
Will's mom
15. Will and Sam have to work on a class project with each other. They must:
Do a chemistry experiment together
Perform a psychological test on strangers
Solve a no-win situation
Make a presentation about each other
16. Will takes Sam to this NYC music establishment:
The Village Underground
Fillmore East
The Village Underground
17. Charlotte gives Will instructions on how to kiss:
In the bathroom at his house
Right after the band's rehearsal
In her car outside his house
Under the football stadium bleachers
18. When he finally kiss Sam, Will starts be removing this article of her clothing - awkwardly:
19. Sam invites Will to a screening of this horror classic, which she says is her favorite movie ever:
The People Under the Stairs
Children of the Corn
I Spit On Your Grave
Evil Dead 2
20. Will stands up Sam for their movie date so he can go with Charlotte:
To visit her dad in the hospital
To go to the Overlook
To see a band
To break into the school
21. Who shows Will a tape of Sam's lovely rendition of Everything I Own?
Sam herself
Sam's mother
Ben Wheatley
22. For her presentation about Will, Sam uses:
A mirror
A butterfly net
A hair dryer
A tricycle
23. Ben finds out about Will's family past:
From Charlotte
Because he has his minions dig up dirt on Will in the school office
From harassing Will's mom
By getting Will drunk
24. Charlotte gives Will a song for the band to perform at Bandslam. The song bears this name, inspired by Charlotte's dad:
Phil's Song
Eddie's Song
Ricky's Song
Christian's Song
25. Will and Charlotte's relationship takes a hard left-hand turn when:
She finds out about Will's dad
She starts drinking
Will finds out her motivations for forming the band
Her father dies
26. Charlotte reveals that her recent stark character transformation was done:
So her dad wouldn't die
To make her dad proud of her
As part of her effort to get sober
To win back Ben
27. When Glory Dogs performs Phil's Song at Bandslam, I Can't Go On, I'll Go On hastily works out an arrangement of a song to perform:
In a restroom
In an alley
In a dressing room
In the balcony
28. The band ultimate performs Everything I Own at Bandslam. But do you know the band which originally made the song famous?
Velvet Underground
Canned Heat
29. One of the bands that figures prominently into the film wins Bandslam, right?
Right, it is Burning Hotels
Of course, Glory Dogs wins
Woohoo! I Can't Go On, I'll Go On
Nope, the winner is a band that only appears at Bandslam for a few seconds
30. David Bowie finally writes Will! Bowie tells Will:
He was at Bandslam in person
He wants to sign I Can't Go On, I'll Go On to an indie record deal
He wants to host I Can't Go On, I'll Go On on his radio show
He will post on the band's MySpace page

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