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How Well Do You Know: Roman Holiday
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1. A worn out Princess Ann has difficulty with this piece of her wardrobe during an official event.
2. Ann has a breakdown in bed while her lady-in-waiting is:
brushing Ann's hair
going over Ann's schedule for the next day
searching for Ann's pajamas
tucking Ann into bed
3. What happens shortly before Ann sneaks out of the embassy?
she fires her staff
she's thrown into a cold shower so she'll stop screaming
she cries herself to sleep
she's given a sedative in order to calm down
4. Ann is able to get past the locked embassy gates, thanks to:
experience picking locks
an open supply truck
a secret tunnel
bribing a guard
5. Joe Bradley first meets Ann when he sees her:
nearly passed out on a park bench
talking to a statue
being put in the back of a police car
stumbling around, nearly falling into a fountain
6. Joe brings an incoherent Ann to his place for the night after she tells the taxi driver he can bring her to:
the Colosseum
the Vatican
the Trevi Fountain
the Spanish Steps
7. Joe gives Ann something when they enter his room that seems to delight her - what?
a pair of pajamas
a toothbrush
8. Joe goes out for a cup of coffee while Ann is getting changed, and isn't pleased when he returns to his room. What's the problem?
Ann is passed out on the floor
Ann is unconscious and naked in the bathtub
Ann is nowhere to be found
Ann is sleeping in his bed
9. How does Joe learn the identity of the woman sleeping in his room?
his landlord recognizes her and thanks Joe for bringing royalty to his apartment building
he sees her picture in the newspaper he works for
Joe overhears Ann talking in her sleep about her family and the castle
he sees her name embroidered in the collar of her shirt
10. Who helps Joe make sure Ann doesn't leave his room before he returns?
his girlfriend
his roommate
a group of neighborhood children
his landlord
11. Walking back to the consulate, Ann decides it's time for a change. What does she do?
buys a new wardrobe
dyes her hair
has her hair cut short
pawns her royal jewels
12. Ann and Joe are both evasive when one asks about the other's profession. Ann, who claims to be in school, says her father is in "public relations"; what does Joe claim to do?
illustrate comic books
sell fertilizer
scoop ice cream
By way of explanation.....
"...and chemicals. That sort of thing."
13. Joe's friend and coworker Irving meets Joe and Ann at the cafe, and is confused when Joe invites him to join them - why?
Joe had originally made it clear that he didn't want any "third wheels" joining his "date" with Ann
Ann is acting very rudely towards Irving, which makes him uncomfortable
Joe keeps referring to Irving as "Bob", without any explanation as to what's going on
Joe keeps spiling coffee on him and kicking him to keep him from divulging information to Ann
14. Where is Joe's secret camera hidden?
in a lighter
in the brim of his hat
in a pen
in his wallet
15. Ann and Joe wind up in (temporary) trouble with the police after Ann __________ results in disruptions and some damage throughout the city.
jumping into a fountain
trying to ride a motorbike
sprinting through the town square
knocking over a produce stand
16. Joe surprises and frightens Ann a bit at this Roman site.
il Babuino speaking fountain
the Mouth of Truth
the Pantheon
Palace of Justice (Palazzo di Giustizia)
17. Irving manages to get a picture of Ann dancing with this person during a dance on the barges.
a little boy
an undercover government agent
the bandleader
the barber who had cut her hair earlier that day
18. Joe, Ann and Irving escape from the police, who have arrived to break up a fight. Who were the princess and her cohorts brawling with?
a man who wouldn't take "no" for an answer from her
her mother and father
government agents from her home country
a group of tourists from her home country who recognized her
19. Ann and Joe kiss after ________ to safety.
roller skating
20. Ann decides it's time for her to leave Joe after this happens.
she hears a news report about herself and her "illness" on the radio
she's chased down the street by someone who recognizes her
she sees her parents' picture in a newspaper
Joe tells her he knows her true identity
21. The next morning, there's a knock at Joe's door. Who's there?
royal guards
his boss, Mr. Hennessey
his girlfriend
22. How does Ann learn that Joe and Irving are members of the press?
she sees them in the front row of the press meeting
she sees their names and pictures in a group of photos of people she will be meeting shortly
Joe alerts her to this fact immediately before the press meeting
she runs into them while on the way to the press meeting
23. Ann causes a stir among the reporters when she:
expresses a desire to stay in Rome indefinitely
gets angry at her staff and abruptly exits the press conference
is caught winking at Joe
admits that Rome was her favorite city visited in her European tour
24. Ann is surprised when it's time to pose for pictures. Why?
Joe attempts running to the podium to have his picture taken with her
Irving mentions he doesn't need to take her picture, as he already has *plenty* of them from the day before
Joe says, loud enough for everyone to hear, how beautiful she looks
Irving takes her picture with the camera hidden inside his lighter
25. What "commemorative souvenir" does Ann receive when she goes to meet some of the reporters?
a locket of her hair that was obtained from the hairdresser
an envelope containing the pictures Irving took of her in secret
a pair of Joe's pajamas, wrapped in a souvenir Rome t-shirt
the guitar Ann had hit a guard over the head with the previous night

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