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How Well Do You Know: Pride & Prejudice
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1. The Bennet girls and their mother are very excited to hear that nearby Netherfield Hall has been rented out. Why are they so excited about this news?
the man renting Netherfield is single and wealthy
their aunt and uncle are trying Netherfield in order to be closer to family
it's been years since they had a new neighbor
the Bennets own Netherfield; they could really use the rent
2. While Jane is dancing at the ball with the very single - and very rich - Mr. Bingley, Lydia and Kitty tell their mother some other news that makes Mrs. Bennet very happy. What is it?
Mr. Bingley has 2 brothers, both of whom are single
Jane and Elizabeth are both smitten with Mr. Bingley
there will be another dance held the following night
the local militia will be stationed in town
3. Mr. Bingley's friend Mr. Darcy doesn't speak very kindly of Elizabeth, telling Mr. Bingley that she isn't pretty enough to tempt him into spending time with her. Where is Elizabeth when she hears this?
standing behind Mr. Darcy
standing on a balcony directly overhead Mr. Darcy
sitting/hiding under a table that's next to Mr. Darcy
dancing with her sisters
4. What causes Lizzie to visit Netherfield by herself?
she would like to speak to Caroline, Bingley's sister, without the rest of her family present
she wants to care for Jane, who has fallen ill while visiting Netherfield
her mother has sent her there, alone, to discuss Jane with Bingley
Darcy has asked her to visit
5. What is Lydia's not-so-genius plan for getting a member of the regiment to notice her?
pretend to faint so one of them will catch her when she "falls"
drop a handkerchief in front of one so he has to hand it back to her
trip one of them as he is walking by
yell at them, going to get one to answer
6. The Bennets are visited by family member Mr. Collins, the man who is set to inherit the Bennet house after Mr. Bennet dies. What does Mr. Collins do for a living?
7. Mr. Wickham meets Lizzie and helps the Bennet girls shop for _____, charming them all in the process.
8. Darcy and Lizzie attempt small talk while dancing together at the Meriton ball, but becomes tense after Lizzie questions him about:
the rude comments he made about her when they first met
why he has never married
Wickham and his relationship (or lack thereof) with Darcy
how he has acquired such a large amount of money at such a young age
9. Lizzie is surprised to receive this the day after the Meriton ball.
a marriage proposal
a letter from Mr. Darcy
an anonymous gift
a book from the library at Meriton
By way of explanation.....
she declines Mr. Collins's proposal, to her mother's disapproval
10. Shortly after Jane departs to visit family in London, Lizzie hears some surprising news. What is it?
her friend Charlotte is engaged to Mr. Collins
her father has inherited a large sum of money
Jane is not planning on returning from London
Mr. Darcy has been to the house looking for her
11. Lady Catherine de Bourgh incessantly quizzes Lizzie on her upbringing during dinner at Lady Catherine's estate. Which of the following is not an admission from the brutally honest Lizzie?
she and her sisters did not have a governess
she refuses to tell Lady Catherine her age
she has no desire to be married
she plays the pianoforte poorly and cannot draw
12. Who tells Lizzie about Darcy's involvement in separating Jane and Bingley, unaware that Jane is Lizzie's sister?
Darcy's cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam
Darcy's sister Georgiana
Darcy's housekeeper
Lady Catherine de Bourgh
13. Shortly after Lizzie rejects his marriage proposal, Mr. Darcy gives her a letter explaining his troubles with Wickham as well as his reasoning for keeping Jane and Bingley apart. The fallout between Darcy and Wickham also had something to do with this person.
Darcy's sister Georgiana
Bingley's sister Caroline
Darcy's late mother
14. Lizzie returns home to find something happening that she thinks will lead to trouble - what?
Jane is being forced by their mother to pursue another young, wealthy gentleman
her father is trying to persuade Mr. Collins to leave the house to the girls after Mr. Bennett's death
Lydia has been invited to go to Brighton with the family of a Colonel in the militia
Kitty and Lydia are fighting over one of the young men they meet at the Meriton ball
15. Lizzie lies to Jane after admitting:
she saw Darcy while at Rosings
she has feelings for Darcy
Bingley isn't planning on coming back to Netherfield
their mother spoke to Bingley in private
By way of explanation.....
Jane wanted to know whether Darcy mentioned Bingley at all
16. Lizzie goes on a trip with her aunt and uncle. They are temporarily derailed when their carriage breaks, but realize they are close to Pemberley, Mr. Darcy's home. Why is Lizzie's uncle eager to visit Pemberley?
he wants to introduce himself to Darcy
it houses an extensive art collection
he wants to see how the truly rich live
it has a well-stocked lake; he wants to go fishing
17. Despite being told that Darcy was not at home, Lizzie runs into him after being caught:
looking through some of his papers that were laying on a desk
staring at his portrait hanging in the study
spying on his sister Georgiana playing the pianoforte
attempting to start a fire in one of the fireplaces
18. Upon walking back from Pemberley to the inn, Lizzie discovers that her aunt and uncle are planning on staying in the town for an extra day. Why?
they are to tired from their day at Pemberley to go anywhere tomorrow
Darcy has invited all of them to dinner at Pemberley
they wish to tour the parts of Pemberley they didn't get to see earlier that day
her aunt is not feeling well and would like to see a doctor
19. What news does Lizzie receive after returning back to the inn with Darcy, her aunt and uncle?
Lydia has run away with Mr. Wickham
Mr. Bingley has been told that Jane is no longer interested in him
her mother has fallen ill
Mary is engaged
20. How does Lizzie discover that Darcy discovered Wickham and Lydia, and paid for Wickham's commission and the marriage?
Mr. Collins told her; he heard the news from Lady Catherine
Lizzie overhears her uncle tell Mr. Bennet
Lydia lets it "accidentally" slip while telling Lizzie about the wedding
Caroline Bingley, always eager to insult the Bennet family, tells Lizzie how much she owes Mr. Darcy
21. Darcy and Bingley visit the Bennet house, but the visit is short, with no marriage proposal. Afterwards, Lizzie tries telling Jane about her changing feelings towards Darcy, but doesn't get the chance - why?
Bingley comes back to the house to propose to Jane
Mr. Collins and Charlotte show up unexpectedly
Jane says she cannot bear to hear Lizzie say a nice word about Darcy, so Lizzie stays quiet
Darcy visits the house again to speak to Lizzie in private
22. Who shows up unexpectedly at the Bennet house for a late-night chat with Lizzie?
Mr. Collins
Lady Catherine de Bourgh
Mr. Darcy
Caroline Bingley
23. Why IS Lady Catherine at the Bennet house?
she has heard a rumor that Lizzie and Darcy are engaged
she wants to chastise Lizzie for turning down Mr. Collins' proposal
she wishes to discuss the Lydia and Wickham scandal
she wants to know how the Bennets will support themselves; Mr. Collins is getting ready to kick them out of their house
By way of explanation.....
She hopes this to be false, and hopes Lizzie will never "pollute" Pemberley by pursuing Darcy.
24. Unable to sleep after the events of the previous night, Lizzie goes for an early morning walk and finds Darcy also walking on the moors. Why was Darcy coming to see her?
he wanted to ask her about the exact conversation she had with his aunt
he wanted to know how the Bingley/Jane proposal was taken by her family
he needed a place to stay after his aunt told him to leave her estate; he wondered if the Bennets could put him up for the night
he wanted to make amends for his aunt's terrible behavior the previous night
By way of explanation.....
oh yeah, and he proposes once again
25. Lizzie and Darcy, newly married, discuss what she'd like to be called after she asks that he not call her "my dear". Why doesn't she want him using that pet name?
it's what Wickham calls Lydia
it sounds too formal
it's what her father calls her mother when he's cross with her
that's the pet name she wants to call him

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