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How Well Do You Know: The Grand Budapest Hotel (Easier Version)
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1. Where does the first scene take place?
The hotel/ museum
A school library
A cemetery
An Alpine cafe
2. A number of years ago, The Author lived in The Grand Budapest in the middle of August. There, he met the only living souls in the hotel. Which parts didn't he make “polite nods” with them?
The funicular
The reception desk
The Palm Court
The Arabian bath house
3. After hearing about Zero Moustafa, the richest man in Zubrowka, he was left, as local people call, “Gespannt wie ein Flitzebogen.” In other words...
By way of explanation.....
The term 'Gespannt wie ein Flitzebogen' literally means 'Curious as a toy bow' in German.
4. In 1932, we meet Monsieur Gustave, who is bidding farewell to Mme. Celine Villeneuve Desgoffe und Taxis. What feature of hers disgusts Gustave?
Her hair
Her shoes
Her nails
Her dress
5. Zero is now going to be officially interviewed. Which is not part of his resume?
He worked at kitchen and janitorial jobs
He has no family
He speaks over three languages including Czech
He studied at primary school
6. The typical guests were often described as the following. Which one strikes a note for The Author?
7. Newsflash! Madame D has been murdered! Which newspaper does Zero find the story?
The Continental Drift
The Daily Fact
The Bohemian Tribune
Trans-Alpine Yodel
8. Madame D, for the lack of a better phrase, was “dynamite in the sack.” As you get older, you move on to the cheaper cuts, why?
They're more flavorful
They're in better quality
They have special bargains
They come from local families
9. Every time you transport to Lutz, you get inspected by the police. Their leader is Inspector Henckels, son of Dr. and Mrs. Wolfgang Henckels-Bergersdorfer. What's his first name?
10. What is not part of Madame D's last will and testament?
Tontine scribed at the time of her husband's death
List of recipients
635 amendments, notations, and letters of wishes
Her final words recorded on vinyl
11. Gustave and Zero steal Boy With Apple by Johann Van Hoytl, the Younger. They make a first plan to sell it. After that's done, how much of the net sales price will Gustave give to Zero?
12. What was the cause of death of Madame D?
Strychnine poisoning
Stabbing in the back
Falling down the hallway stairs
It's never mentioned
13. The key witness who fled from the jurisdiction turns out to be Serge X. How tall is Serge?
14. Another word about Serge, he has only one existing relative, his sister. What part of her body is malfunctioned?
Her right arm
Her left eye
Her missing right index finger
Her right leg
15. Gustave writes a letter to his staff stating Zero's responsibilities. He wants him to take care of the hotel as if he were:
A vulture soaring in the sky with a bayonet rifle
A hawk with a horse whip in its talons
An eagle with a spear-helmet
A falcon with a steel sharp beak
16. Which one of Gustave's poems is about 46 stanzas long?
The painter’s brush touched the inchoate face.
Whence came these two radiant, celestial brothers.
A moist, black ash dampens the filth of dung-rat's nest.
Twas first light when I saw her face upon the heath.
17. What is Gustave's prison number?
18. I could tell you about the shape of Agatha's birthmark, but that would be too easy. Let's focus on her pastries. She makes them in the shapes of tiny tools Gustave needs to escape. Which is not one of the tools baked inside?
Crosscut saw
Bull-point chisel
Cross-peen hammer
19. How does Deputy Kovacs get rid of his dead cat?
He buries it next to his office
He tosses it in the pet cemetery
He stuffs it in his briefcase
He throws it in the trash
20. It turns out, Zero was a fugitive from a refugee camp. Which country is Zero from?
Al Hassim Abdul-Jabbar
Aq Salim al-Jabat
Mu'jam al-Yaqut
Zubarah Marakesh
21. Match the members of The Society of the Crossed Keys with their hotel names in order: Robin, Georges, Martin, Ivan, Dino
Ritz Imperial, Chateau Luxe, Excelsior Palace, Palazzo Principessa, Hotel Cote du Cap
Chateau Luxe, Palazzo Principessa, Hotel Cote du Cap, Ritz Imperial, Excelsior Palace
Hotel Cote du Cap, Chateau Luxe, Ritz Imperial, Excelsior Palace, Palazzo Principessa
Excelsior Palace, Chateau Luxe, Palazzo Principessa, Hotel Cote du Cap, Ritz Imperial
22. Monsieur Ivan give the following items to Zero and Gustave for their escape, except:
Some Courtesan au Chocolat
Two neckties
Third-class train tickets
Squirts of L'Air de Panache
23. Who's head ends up in a basket at Inspector Henckel's office?
Madame D
Deputy Kovacs
Serge's sister
24. How much does fuel-up at Gabelmeister Peak gas station cost?
3 Klubecks
4 Klubecks
7 Klubecks
9 Klubecks
25. During the climax at the peak, how does Jopling die?
He crashes into a tree while skiing
He falls off the cliff on his motorcycle
An avalanche collapses on him
He gets pushed off a cliff by Zero while killing Gustave
26. What is the combination to the hotel's safe?
31 – 10 – 25
43 – 04 – 55
37 – 04 – 56
31 – 01 – 55
27. Which room is Dmitri reserved for?
Prince Heinrich Suite
King Ferdinand Suite
Kaiser Frederick Suite
Count Chamberlain Suite
28. Agatha gets followed by Dmitri while trying to hide Boy With Apple. She winds up dangling on the balcony. Below which floor does Agatha get stuck?
3rd floor
4th floor
5th floor
6th floor
29. We see that the second copy of the second will is behind the painting. What happens to Dmitri after the reading of the will?
He hangs himself in Schloss Lutz
He lives in poverty along with his sisters
He gets executed by Zig Zag soldiers
He disappears from the public
30. Since then, Zero had sold his fortune to purchase the hotel. Why?
The hotel is his last connection to the world
He considers the hotel his home
The hotel reminds him of how much a bond he and Gustave had
The hotel reminds him of his happy memories with Agatha

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