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How Well Do You Know: Jane Eyre
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1. A young Jane is locked in the "red room" for attacking her cousin John. John had just pushed her head into a doorknob because she _______.
teased him because he still wet the bed
was reading a book that belonged to John's father
had looked in his general direction
touched one of his hats without his permission
2. As a new student at the harsh Lowood School, Jane is punished for dropping/breaking her slate. Despite the students being told to shun Jane, young Helen Burns is nice to Jane. What does Helen do?
brings Jane comfortable shoes
sneaks Jane a piece of bread
gives Jane a hug when nobody is looking
sings to Jane
By way of explanation.....
poor Helen doesn't make it very long at Lowood; she dies of consumption, leaving Jane once again all alone.
3. In present day, St. John Rivers, with whom the runaway Jane has been staying, has found her a job. What will she be doing?
playing music during his parish services
assisting with secretarial duties in his parish
teaching the daughters of his parish members
be the housekeeper while his sisters are away
4. After teaching at Lowood School for a few years after she graduated, Jane finds a job at Thornfield Hall. She initially mistakes ________ for the owner of Thornfield.
the housekeeper
the butler
the chef
the horse trainer
5. The morning after arriving at Thornfield, Jane meets the young girl she will be teaching. The girl, the ward of the owner of Thornfield, is:
6. What was Jane doing when she first meets Edward Rochester, the owner of Thornfield?
walking to mail letters for Mrs. Fairfax
looking for Adele during a game of hide-and-seek
teaching herself how to ride a horse
getting a drink of water from the lake
7. During their first official meeting at Thornfield, Rochester takes great interest in Jane's _______.
piano playing ability
plain dresses
8. What animal does Rochester compare Jane to?
a fox
an elephant
a bird
a wolf
By way of explanation.....
more specifically, a caged bird
9. Rochester tells Jane he owes her his life after she:
pushes him out of the way of a runaway carriage
finds his bed on fire and wakes him up
saves him from a rabid dog attack
calls for a doctor after he falls ill
10. Rochester, away from Thornfield for a few weeks, returns to throw a party for visiting guests. Jane notices he becomes anxious when Mrs. Fairfax tells him of a surprise guest - a man visiting from ________.
11. Jane once again comes to Rochester's aid in the middle of the night, after:
Blanche Ingram disappears from Thornfield
Adele has a nightmare
his surprise houseguest is stabbed
he hurts himself trying to get away from Blanche
12. Jane asks Rochester permission to leave Thornfield for a short time. Why does she need to leave?
she needs to interview for another position at a nearby estate; if Rochester marries Blanche, she will need a new job
her dying aunt - the one who cast her out so many years ago - is asking to see her
she is secretly ill and needs medical attention
she is having difficulty seeing Rochester and Blanche together and needs some quiet time away from them
13. While visiting her aunt Mrs. Reed, Jane discovers that _______.
Mrs. Fairfax has died
she has a recently discovered living relative
her cousins were in fact her siblings
have will get part of the inheritance money once Mrs. Reed passes away
By way of explanation.....
her uncle in Madeira wrote to Mrs. Reed looking for Jane; Mrs. Reed lied and said Jane was dead
14. What is Jane's reaction to Edward's marriage proposal?
she says it is inappropriate for her employer to have feelings for his "paid subordinate"
she faints
she immediately accepts his proposal
she initially believes he is mocking her
15. Jane and Rochester's happiness is temporarily interrupted by the thunderstorm that has arrived. They run back to Thornfield to get out of the rain as:
the tree they were standing under is struck by lightning
a mysterious fire starts in Jane's bedroom
Rochester's carriage rolls down a hill after the horses are spooked by the storm
the wind causes the stable to collapse
16. Mrs. Fairfax is surprised, to say the least, at the news of Jane and Rochester's engagement. What is her advice to Jane?
learn about sex, for Rochester will be asking her for it the minute they are married
she should keep Rochester at a distance until they are wed
she should run far, far away from a man like Rochester
she should question whether Rochester truly loves her, or whether he considers Jane a "plaything"
17. Poor Jane - she discovers on her wedding day that her husband-to-be is, in fact, already married. How does she discover this?
Mrs. Rochester has escaped from Thornfield and follows Jane and Rochester to the church
Rochester admits it during the ceremony
Rochester's brother-in-law arrives at the church to stop the wedding
Grace Poole refers to "his other wife" while helping Jane into her wedding dress
18. So, why IS Rochester's wife locked away in Thornfield?
she's being punished for not reading Rochester as she should; one she's nicer, he'll let her go
she is horribly disfigured from a fire; Rochester doesn't anyone looking at her
she hates Rochester and would rather be locked away than have to deal with him
she has gone mad; Rochester refused to put her in an inhumane madhouse
19. In present day, Jane imagines that Rochester is knocking at her door, looking for her. In reality, it's St. John at her door. What does he want on this snowy, windy night?
to tell her she is now rich
to tell her he loves her
to ask her to draw his picture
to offer her a new teaching position
By way of explanation.....
her uncle has passed away and has left her a sizeable amount of money and property
20. What is Jane's reaction to learning she is now a wealthy woman?
she asks St. John of she can make a sizeable donation to his parish
she cries; she wanted Rochester to know her happy news but knows that isn't possible
she wishes to split her inheritance with St. John and his sisters as a way of thanking them for saving her life
she tells St. John that she needs to go back to her former life, now that she and Rochester are equally wealthy, she is more his "equal" than ever
21. St. Jean proposes to Jane, asking her to come to India with him and be a missionary's wife. What is her answer?
she doesn't want to marry him but offers to go to India with him and help with his work
she'd like to visit Thornfield first before giving St. John her answer
she would be happy to marry him, as long as he realizes she's still in love with someone else
she asks if she can kiss him to see if there are any romantic feelings there
22. Jane arrives back at Thornfield only to find it's charred remains. Who discovers Jane walking around what remains of the estate?
Mrs. Fairfax
Richard Mason
23. Mrs. Fairfax tells Jane the events that led to the fire at Thornfield, and resulted in Rochester's blindness. Mrs. Fairfax also tells Jane something of a more personal nature - what?
she thought Jane and Rochester made a wonderful couple
she would have helped Jane leave Thornfield, had Jane come to her; she had money saved that Jane could have used
she is Rochester's mother
she heard Rochester crying for Jane every single night over the last year
24. Where on the Thornfield estate is Rochester when he reunites with Jane?
sitting by the lake where he and Jane used to look at the fish
in Jane's old bedroom
sitting under the tree where he proposed to her
sitting inside the carriage that was to be used on his and Jane's honeymoon

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