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How Well Do You Know: The Grand Budapest Hotel (Harder Version)
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1. The majority of the film was shot in a small, decorative village in which country?
Czech Republic
2. In Germany, the interiors of the Grand Budapest were shot at an unusual location. What building did it used to be?
Shopping mall
Department store
Sausage factory
Chain restaurant office
3. Wes Anderson drew inspiration from the works of author Stefan Zweig as well as this well-known and influential film director.
Ernst Lubitsch
Max Ophuls
Fritz Lang
Erich von Stroheim
4. The making of the Cortesan au Chocolat is quite similar to the way you make which dessert?
Doughnut holes
Cake pops
5. Let's look at the history of The Society of the Crossed Keys. When did the organization form?
6. In the 1930's, the Lipizzaner cocktail was a drink that contained strychnine poison which killed an actor during production of a propaganda film. The barman who made the cocktail worked for which hotel?
Chateau La Tour
Hotel Splendide
Hotel d'Angleterre
Hotel Luxus-Baden
7. Which one of the actors did not previously won their individual Academy Awards?
F. Murray Abraham
Fisher Stevens
Tilda Swinton
Bill Murray
By way of explanation.....
F. Murray Abraham won for Best Actor in a Leading Role for Amadeus, Tilda Swinton won for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Michael Clayton, and Fisher Stevens won for Best Documentary Feature for The Cove.
8. What about a Cesar Award?
Léa Seydoux
Mathieu Amalric
Adrien Brody
Jude Law
By way of explanation.....
Adrien Brody for Best Actor for The Pianist, Jude Law won an Honorary Cesar Award, and Mathieu Amalric won for Most Promising Actor in Ma Vie Sexualle, and two Best Actor awards for Kings and Queens, and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.
9. Which one won a Tony?
F. Murray Abraham
Ralph Fiennes
Jeff Goldblum
Jude Law
By way of explanation.....
Ralph Fiennes won for Best Actor in a Play for Hamlet.
10. Which gun cannot be seen in the climax in the hotel?
Luger P08
Mauser C96
11. Which vehicle in the 1932 timepiece matches with the actual Pre-War era?
Piaggio Ape (Mendl's truck)
BMW R 11 (Jopling's motorcycle)
Maybach SW 42 (Madame D's car)
Mercedes-Benz 230 Lang (M. Ivan's car)
By way of explanation.....
BMW R11 was first modeled in 1929, while the rest weren't modelled during and after the 1940's
12. Jeff Goldblum's character's name Deputy Vilmos Kovacs was named after two people who worked under this film profession.
Film editors
Production designers
Costume designers
By way of explanation.....
Vilmos Zsigmond (Close Encounters of a Third Kind) and Laszlo Kovacs (Ghostbusters) were two of the most well-known cinematographers in Hollywood
13. Which actor/actress has Ralph Fiennes never worked with before?
Edward Norton
Léa Seydoux
Mathieu Amalric
Willem Dafoe
By way of explanation.....
Dafoe (The English Patient), Edward Norton (Red Dragon) along with Harvey Keitel, and Mathieu Amalric (Quantum of Solace)
14. The Grand Budapest Hotel also reunites actors from previous Wes Anderson films. Many of them played characters that were in a group from each film. Which group is an exception?
Team Zissou
The Whitman siblings
The Khaki scoutmasters
The 75-Year Planners
15. The following people have won an Academy Award for their contribution to the film, except:
Barney Pilling
Frances Hannon
Adam Stockhausen
Milena Canonero

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