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How Well Do You Know: Just Friends
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1. Chris Brander initially broaches the topic of becoming more than friends with his friend Jamie Palamino:
while signing her yearbook
during their high school graduation ceremony
at cheerleading practice
by leaving a voicemail on her cell phone
2. Chris is really embarrassed by Jamie's graduation gift to him: _______.
a teacup
a t-shirt
diet pills
By way of explanation.....
"Shakes come and go, but friends are furrrrrrever."
3. Chris's plan to declare his love for Jamie goes awry when he discovers:
a fellow classmate accidentally wound up with his yearbook
his mother has called Jamie ahead of time and told her of Chris's plan
Jamie making out with his friend Clark
Jamie announces that she wants to become a nun
4. 10 years after the embarrassing incident at Jamie's party, Chris is living in Los Angeles working in this industry.
5. Chris's boss wants him to sign superstar Samantha James, whose new album is nearly ready. What reason does Chris give for why he thinks that's not a good idea?
they dated each other for two years before he cheated on her
she's a drug addict
she's crazy
she's not successful
6. Where are Chris and Samantha headed when the plane makes an emergency landing in New Jersey?
New York City
7. What causes the emergency landing?
Samantha mistakes the outside door for the bathroom door and dangerous hilarity ensues
Chris and a flight attendant accidentally break the controls while having sex in the cockpit
Samantha goes into a panic when she realizes there is no more booze on the plane
Samantha puts aluminum foil in the microwave, causing a fire
8. Shortly after arriving at his mother's house, Chris and Sam head to the local pub. Chris runs into his high school friends Darla and Clark, who are now:
married with a child
living near him in Los Angeles
his brother's high school teachers
working at the pub
9. Who puts the idea in Chris's head that he could hook up with Jamie Palamino in present day, now that he's hot and successful?
his mother
the former captain of the football team
a waitress who dated Chris in high school
10. When picking Jamie up for their day date, Chris is reminded of the nickname that Jamie's father gave him in high school. What was it?
Mr. Valentine
Fancy Pants
11. Chris is rude to the waitress at the diner when she does this.
calls him "tubby"
brings him his "regular" (unhealthy) dish he used to order in high school
questions why he and Jamie would still be friends after all this time
refuses to listen to his story about knowing Cher
12. Chris arrives home to find that Sam was hurt in an accident at the mall. What happened?
she sprained her wrist while hitting Chris's brother upside the head
she fell off a balcony after being accidentally tased by Chris's brother
she fell off a cart while trying to escape crazed fans
something heavy fell off a shelf and knocked her unconscious after she hid in a supply closet
13. Chris's plan to take Jamie ice skating (now that he's good at it!) doesn't go according to plan - why?
he has trouble skating in the rental skates
his mother tags along
Jamie wants to go dancing instead
the ice rink is closed for repairs
14. Former classmate and current-day EMT Dusty Dinkleman enters the picture after:
Chris is knocked unconscious by a hockey puck
Chris falls through the ice while skating with Jamie
Jamie, who is allergic to nuts, accidentally ingests peanut butter
Jamie dislocates her shoulder after falling on the ice
15. A gift basket arrives for Chris as he's about to kick his brother's ass for:
posting online that Samantha James is staying at his house
trying to sleep with Samantha
trying to sabotage his plans with Jamie
inviting his friends over to spy on Samantha
16. Chris needs to get rid of Samantha so he can take Jamie out. Where does Samantha wind up performing?
a nursing home
a church
a metal club
a coffee house
17. Chris, Jamie, Dusty and Mrs. Brander wind up out together on Christmas Eve. What are they doing?
singing karaoke at the pub
competing in a snowman building contest
going to a strip club
watching "The Notebook"
18. Chris's Christmas Day trip to Jamie's house is ruined when Samantha shows up. What does Sam do while in a jealous rage?
strips naked and jumps on Chris in a snowbank
sprays everyone indiscriminately with pepper spray
destroys the Palamino Christmas lights display with a car
runs after Jamie, only to be knocked out by Jamie's father
19. After Chris laments to Clark about his failed night alone with Jamie, he sees:
Dusty singing the song he wrote for Jamie to another woman
his brother putting the moves on Sam
Jamie and Dusty making out
Samantha hiding behind a tree, spying on him
20. Jamie and Dusty get into a fistfight; unfortunately, it's in:
a church
a school
a swimming pool
a snowbank
21. A drunken Chris is thrown out of the pub after telling Jamie:
he's in love with her
she peaked in high school
he is sad that she hasn't suffered since high school like he has
she'd be a horrible teacher
22. Chris arrives home in LA to find a surprise guest:
his mother
23. What happens after Chris admits he wants one girl, and it isn't Samantha?
Sam and Chris have sex
Sam tases him
Sam has him arrested for assault
Chris pushes Sam and her guitar out of his house

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