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How Well Do You Know: Annie Hall
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1. Alvy Singer hadn't experienced latency period until the age of six. Which is not one of the future occupations of Alvy's classmates?
President of a plumbing company
Tallis salesman
Gym teacher at Columbia
Owner of a dress company
2. Alvy doesn't want to go to California. What is the only positive advantage the state has?
The safest time during traffic is at one in the morning
The best tasting food is one from a food truck
The most radio reception comes from the Northern part
People can make a right turn on a red light
3. A stranger recognizes Alvy at a bus stop. What fake name does Alvy give to the stranger?
Robert Redford
Paul Newman
Clint Eastwood
Marlon Brando
4. Where did Alvy and Annie first meet?
Movie theater
Tennis court
5. While Annie got a tie from her Grammy, Alvy's grandmother gave him nothing. Why? What was she too busy doing?
Dying from cholera
Overdosing on cough syrup
Getting raped by Cossacks
Overwhelming on house debt
6. Annie’s first romance was Dennis from high school, a kind of guy who would show up at a movie theater. Annie must have looked like a wife of what?
JFK Airport Pilot
Police officer
7. Alvy once went on a date with a cartoon character, who was that character?
The Blue Fairy from Pinocchio
The Fairy godmother from Cinderella
The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland
The Evil Queen from Snow White
8. Which Bergman film were Annie and Alvy originally going to see during their date?
Cries and Whispers
Face to Face
The Magic Flute
Scenes from a Marriage
9. Who ends up driving Alvy and Annie to the airport after dinner?
Annie’s Mother
Annie’s Grammy
Annie’s Father
Annie’s Brother
10. If Annie doesn’t get high, she will lose concentration on sex with Alvy. Part of her literally leaves her body and tells Alvy something. What is it?
If Alvy wanted to move to California
If Alvy wanted to write a song with her
If Alvy misplaced her drawing pad
If Alvy thought about reconciling with Allison
11. One night, Annie had this dream where this famous singer had a high-pitched voice and tried to strangled her. Who was that singer?
Nat King Cole
Frank Sinatra
Andy Williams
Dean Martin
12. Where is Annie’s birthplace?
Chippewa Falls
13. Alvy meets another girl named Pam who’s a magazine writer. Which one?
National Review
The Rolling Stone
The New Yorker
Entertainment Weekly
14. Alvy, Annie, and Rob visit Alvy's old house a Coney Island. What did Rob’s old house turn into?
Porn equipment store
Strip club
Lesbian bar
Massage parlor
15. What is Alvy’s father’s name?
16. The man behind Alvy and Annie in the movie line is loudly giving an opinion about an ‘indulgent’ filmmaker. Who is that filmmaker?
Orson Welles
Federico Fellini
Michelangelo Antonioni
Luchino Visconti
17. Alvy’s first marriage was with Allison. What was her occupation?
Cocktail waitress
Makeup artist
Stage Manager
Coney Island carny
18. Annie once dated Jerry the actor, who asks her to do him a favor. “Touch my heart with your…”
19. What does Alvy give to Annie for her birthday?
One of his books
A new tennis racket
A watch
We don’t see
20. Alvy’s parents fought over the most ridiculous things. What were they fighting about?
The cleaning lady missed a spot on the kitchen stove
The cleaning lady stole from her pocketbook
The spider crawled in the kitchen sink
He bought black soap
21. At California, Alvy ruins the cocaine by sneezing on it. How much did it cost?
22. Tony Lacey gives Alvy and Annie a tour of his house. Which celebrity did not live there?
Charlie Chaplin
Nelson Eddy
Jack Diamond
Mickey Cohen
23. When did Alvy quit smoking?
8 years ago
16 years ago
20 years ago
21 years ago
24. Rob got a part in Shakespeare in the Park, but he got mugged and got his leotard stolen. Which play was he in?
King John
The Tempest
Richard II
Henry VIII
25. Which future science fiction actress plays Alvy’s current date?
Carrie Fisher
Linda Hamilton
Sean Young
Sigourney Weaver

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