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Starring the fantastic duo of Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, Girlmore Girls found fast and loyal fans on its debut in 2000. These trivia quizzes pay homage to the intelligent, endearing show created by Amy Sherman-Palladino. Test your knowledge of Luke and Lane, Sookie, Emily and Richard, and, of course, the Lorelais.
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Gilmore Girls, S04E19: Afterboom 7/7/16 63.50%[10.16/16]        Comments
The disastrous dinner with Jason's parents has some major repercussions.
Gilmore Girls, S04E18: Tick, Tick, Tick, Boom! 6/30/16 78.13%[12.50/16]        Comments
The Gilmore and Stiles families meet for dinner; Rory and Dean have words over Dean's future.
Gilmore Girls, S04E17: Girls in Bikinis, Boys Doin' the Twist 6/23/16 73.19%[11.71/16]        Comments
Rory and Paris escape the cold weather by spending Spring Break in Florida; Luke's marriage is trouble.
Gilmore Girls, S04E16: The Reigning Lorelai 6/16/16 71.50%[11.44/16]        Comments
Trix has died, and while Richard is inconsolable, Emily is indifferent at best.
Gilmore Girls, S04E15: Scene In a Mall 6/8/16 85.44%[13.67/16]        Comments
Lorelai and Rory realize window shopping when you have no money is depressing, but shopping with Emily isn't a happy occasion either.
Gilmore Girls, S04E14: The Incredible Sinking Lorelais 6/2/16 87.50%[14.00/16]        Comments
Lorelai and Rory are feeling like failures, and can't lean on the other for support.
Gilmore Girls, S04E13: Nag Hammadi is Where They Found the Gnostic Gospels 5/26/16 82.31%[13.17/16]        Comments
Jess is back, albeit temporarily, and he wastes no time in pissing everyone off.
Gilmore Girls, S04E12: A Family Matter 5/19/16 79.60%[11.94/15]        Comments
Luke's sister Liz is back in town, which seems to make Liz happy. Luke - notsomuch.
Gilmore Girls, S04E11: In the Clamor and the Clangor 5/11/16 78.33%[11.75/15]        Comments
The bells they are a ringin', much to the dismay of, oh, most of Stars Hollow.
Gilmore Girls, S04E10: The Nanny and the Professor 5/5/16 72.47%[10.87/15]        Comments
Lorelai's digging Jason Stiles but wants to keep their relationship a secret. Michel has issues while babysitting little Davey.
Gilmore Girls, S04E09: Ted Koppel's Big Night Out 4/28/16 90.00%[14.40/16]        Comments
The fighting isn't just on the field during the day of the Harvard/Yale football game.
Gilmore Girls, S04E08: Die, Jerk 4/21/16 82.60%[12.39/15]        Comments
Rory and her suitemates wonder who they've pissed off, and Lorelai, well, acts like Lorelai when she discovers Luke and Nicole are putting the divorce on hold.
Gilmore Girls, S04E07: The Festival of Living Art 4/14/16 86.13%[12.92/15]        Comments
Stars Hollow residents recreate works of art, putting themselves in the pictures.
Gilmore Girls, S04E06: An Affair to Remember 4/7/16 87.25%[13.96/16]        Comments
Emily hires Sookie and Lorelai to cater a party, but naturally things don't go smoothly.
Gilmore Girls, S04E05: The Fundamental Things Apply 3/31/16 80.44%[12.87/16]        Comments
Rory goes on a disastrous date, while Lorelai invites Luke over for movie night.
Gilmore Girls, S04E04: Chicken or Beef? 3/24/16 81.40%[12.21/15]        Comments
Dean invites Rory to his wedding after finding out she's home for the weekend; Taylor is a thorn in Lorelai and Sookie's sides.
Gilmore Girls, S04E03: The Hobbit, The Sofa, and Digger Stiles 3/16/16 82.67%[12.40/15]        Comments
Sookie and Lorelai go into business together, and Rory is uncomfortable with Emily's extravagant purchases.
Gilmore Girls, S04E02: The Lorelais' First Day at Yale 3/9/16 88.75%[14.20/16]        Comments
As Rory's freshman year at Yale begins, one of the Gilmore ladies is having a hard time dealing with the change than the other.
Gilmore Girls, S04E01: Ballrooms & Biscotti 3/3/16 89.80%[13.47/15]        Comments
Rory and Lorelai prepare for the college days ahead after returning from Europe.
Gilmore Girls, S03E22: Those Are Strings, Pinocchio 12/22/15 82.82%[14.08/17]        Comments
Rory's busy getting ready to graduate from Chilton and head to Yale, while Lorelai's trying to stay employed.
Gilmore Girls, S03E21: Here Comes the Son 12/10/15 83.00%[12.45/15]        Comments
Jess is gone, and Lorelai isn't sure when to let an already tense Rory know that he's probably not coming back.
Gilmore Girls, S03E20: Say Goodnight, Gracie 11/19/15 88.17%[15.87/18]        Comments
Jess is dealing with news regarding his graduation status and his past, while Lorelai and Sookie get one step closer to opening their own inn.
Gilmore Girls, S03E19: Keg! Max! 11/11/15 76.60%[11.49/15]        Comments
Jess and Dean get into a fistfight at a classmate's party, Lane learns that "drinking and dialing" is never a good idea, and Lorelai isn't sure what to make of an encounter with Max.
Gilmore Girls, S03E18: Happy Birthday, Baby 11/5/15 75.06%[12.01/16]        Comments
Rory finds that planning a surprise birthday party for Lorelai, with help from all of Stars Hollow, isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Gilmore Girls, S03E17: A Tale of Poes and Fire 10/28/15 88.61%[15.95/18]        Comments
The Independence Inn catches fire while hosting guests from the Edgar Allan Poe Society, and Rory decides which college she will be attending.
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