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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S03E22: Those Are Strings, Pinocchio
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1. Luke requests that Lorelai not do this while she's sitting in the diner.
take off her shoes
pick her nose
burp the alphabet
sing loudly
2. What is Luke doing with Nicole that Lorelai and Rory say screams "commitment"?
buying a house
adopting a puppy
going on a cruise
picking her up from the airport
3. Luke checks out the Dragonfly Inn to see how much work he thinks Lorelai and Sookie will need to do to get it open; what is Kirk doing during all of this?
scaring away spiders in the inn
checking the inn for mold
organizing a protest; he doesn't think Stars Hollow needs another inn
campaigning to sing at the inn on opening night
4. Why isn't Paris upset about the fact that Rory, not she, is valedictorian?
she won a bet with Louise, the only person who didn't think Rory would be in the top 5% of the class
she's discovered that Ivy League valedictorians haven't done too well in life over the last 25 years
she's still getting a sizeable check from her parents
she's more upset about not getting into Harvard
5. A bored Michel claims he should have done this with his life.
become a dancer
gone to culinary school
become a mime
6. Lorelai shows up at Sookie and Jackson's house with champagne. What are they celebrating?
Lorelai is being sued by a former guest at the inn who claims he was harassed by the staff
the financial aid for Rory's Yale tuition came through
Lorelai doesn't think she can afford the mortgage on her house any more, meaning she will have to sell
the Independence Inn has closed, leaving Lorelai and Sookie without jobs
7. What does Kirk suggest the townsfolk use to control the town's excessive deer population?
electric fences
bigger deer
8. What does Rory discuss with Dean after the town hall meeting?
what he and Lindsay may want as a wedding gift
his college plans
the food he will be serving at his wedding
whether being married at 18 is a smart or horrible idea
9. Rory unexpectedly stops by Emily and Richard's house before her graduation - why?
she needs to study for finals in a place quieter than home
she wants to warn Emily to be on her best behavior during the graduation ceremony - no picking a fight with Lorelai!
she wants to ask them to loan her Yale tuition money
she needs advice on a gift for Lorelai
10. Why does Rory ask Lorelai to come see her right before the ceremony starts?
she wants Lorelai to put in a bid on the Dragonfly Inn, as she now has Yale tuition financed through Emily and Richard
she is really nervous about giving her speech and needs Lorelai to reassure her
she wants to know whether Paris can join them on their European vacation
she needs to hear Lorelai say that everything will be fine between Lorelai, Richard and Emily
11. Salutarorian Brad makes the student body squirm when he ________ as part of his speech.
recites a poem
12. Which guest keeps disrupting others by repeatedly getting out of his or her seat during the ceremony?
13. Lorelai can't believe that Richard, Luke and Jackson are so interested in _________ while waiting for Rory to walk across the stage.
the attractiveness of Rory's classmates
the size of the student parking lot
the cost to insure Chilton
getting something to eat
14. Richard and Emily plan to present Rory with her graduation gift - a car - but this doesn't go as smoothly as they anticipated. Why?
the Chilton parking lot is filled with bow-covered cars, seemingly all graduation gifts
Lorelai gets angry at them for buying Rory such an extravagant gift
the car was stolen out of the Chilton parking lot during the ceremony
Richard locked the keys in the car - oops!
15. Rory has a one-sided conversation with someone who keeps calling her phone and hanging up without saying a word. Who does she (correctly) assume is calling her?
Lindsay, Dean's fiancee
16. Luke has a dream in which Lorelai walks into the diner and asks him ___________.
whether he has feelings for her
to go on a date with her
not to get engaged to Nicole
to sleep with her
17. What does Lorelai suggest she and Rory do before leaving Chilton for the last time?
carve their initials somewhere in the school
prank call Headmaster Charleston
streak through the hallways
pull the fire alarm

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