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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S04E07: The Festival of Living Art
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1. For some reason, Rory's horrified at the thought of Lorelai doing this.
mowing the lawn without help
changing the oil in her Jeep
clipping coupons
shopping at bargain stores
2. What does Sookie tell Lorelai that is difficult for Lorelai to comprehend?
Sookie is having a home birth
Sookie doesn't want Jackson to be in the room with her when she gives birth
Sookie is having doubts about opening the Dragonfly
Jackson has decided he doesn't want to be a father after all
3. Jackson gives Lorelai her very own "baby pager", so she'll know exactly when she's needed at the house for the birth. What song does Lorelai's pager play?
Scott Joplin's "The Entertainer"
The Bangles' "Walk Like an Egyptian"
Paul Anka's "(You're) Having My Baby"
George Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue"
4. Taylor announces at an emergency town meeting that Stars Hollow will be hosting the Festival of Living Pictures, as the town that was supposed to host needed to back out. What happened that left Woodbury, CT unable to host?
train derailment
massive power outage
5. Why has Lorelai not been chosen to once again play the Renoir girl in the recreation of "Dance at Bougival"?
she no longer fits into the costume she wore 7 years ago
the committee feels Rory would be a better fit, as she's younger and is closer in age to the girl in the picture
a new Stars Hollow resident wants to play the role, and Taylor feels it's only fair to share
Taylor claims she "flinched" the last time she played that part, 7 years prior
6. Kirk's busy "researching" for the role he's "playing" in the Festival. What's he been doing?
reading the Bible
watching documentaries
teaching himself to play piano
flying to Rome
7. Lane, Zach and Brian meet Gil, a potential new band member. Gil's a fantastic guitarist, but there's something about him that gives everyone pause - what?
he is covered in tattoos
he's much older than Lane, Zach and Brian
he has brought his children with him to the audition
he's moving to Florida in a few months time, making him a temporary addition to the band
8. Why doesn't Sookie's midwife seem to care for Lorelai?
she claims Lorelai's giving off "anti-midwife energy"
she hates the name "Lorelai"
she believes that Lorelai is not a good friend to Sookie
Lorelai refused her request to videotape the baby's birth
9. There's banging on Lorelai's door late at night. What's going on?
Luke is panicking about his divorce
Kirk is sleepwalking and thinks he's at Doose's Market
Sookie is afraid the baby is never going to leave her body
Taylor wants to stress the importance of not flinching at the festival
10. What eventually causes Sookie to calm down?
Lorelai shows her Rory's "baby box"
she goes into labor after sitting down and relaxing
Lorelai mentions getting an elective c-section
Lorelai gives her a sedative
11. Kirk takes his role as Jesus in "The Last Supper" seriously, fighting with the man playing Judas. Who *is* playing Judas?
the troubadour
12. Lane decides to take a chance and invite Gil to join the band, after he tells a story about:
his former band's failed shot at fame in his younger days
his painful divorce
telling his children to never give up on their dreams
A childhood spent alone in foster care
13. Nicole stops by the diner and proposes something to Luke - what?
they postpone the divorce and date instead
they move in together
they have a baby
they decide to give their marriage another try
14. Lorelai has a small panic attack after admitting to Rory that she did in fact flinch 7 years earlier. She asks for some advice from Rory to get her mind off of the possibility she might flinch again; Rory tells her to close her eyes and ________.
picture the crowd in their underwear
start praying
think of England
try not to piss Taylor off
By way of explanation.....
Lorelai got her part back thanks to Rory, who threatened to not pose in her picture if Lorelai couldn't be the Renoir girl again.
15. Lorelai doesn't flinch this time around, which is a surprise - why?
the man Lorelai's posing with flinches
Sookie's baby pager goes off while Lorelai's posing
Taylor gets into a fistfight with the mayor of Woodbury
Rory is trying to make Lorelai laugh

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