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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S04E13: Nag Hammadi is Where They Found the Gnostic Gospels
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1. Lorelai, Rory and Lane are bundled up in the freezing cold house. Why IS it so cold inside the Gilmore home?
the furnace broke and the heating company is on vacation
Lorelai broke the front window trying to lock it
Rory was doing research for a paper on the Donner party
Lorelai forgot to pay the heating bill - oops!
2. What's the cause of the traffic jam in the middle of Stars Hollow?
Jess is having his broken down car pushed to the mechanic
Kirk is picketing
Taylor is inspecting vehicles as they drive by for expired inspection stickers
the newest traffic light in town stays red for a very long time
3. What does Lorelai use to temporarily "fix" the broken window?
paper bags and twist ties
bubble wrap and duct tape
aluminum foil and chewing gum
plastic wrap and bandaids
4. Luke isn't thrilled with Liz's decision to do this.
live with Luke temporarily
sell her jewelry at the diner
have contact with Jess's father/her ex
meet up with Nicole
5. Lorelai meets Liz when:
Liz accidentally spills coffee on her
she runs after Luke's truck to talk to him, not realizing it's Liz inside the truck
Luke introduces them in the diner
Liz is looking to talk to Jess, as Jess is fighting with Lorelai
6. Lorelai's conversation with Liz takes an awkward turn when:
Liz mistakes Lorelai for "the wife"
Lorelai accidentally lets it slip that she hates Jess
Liz insults Luke and Lorelai gets defensive
Lorelai refers to Liz as "the dominatrix", forgetting that was a joke between her and Rory only
7. Rory admits to having run into Jess while she and Lorelai are visiting this person.
Miss Patty
8. Immediately after meeting Luke, Liz's boyfriend T.J. asks Luke to do this.
give him $20
teach him how to make Liz's favorite meal
guess what "T.J." stands for
bring him to a strip club
9. Jess tells off Luke after Luke expresses his displeasure with:
Jess being back in town
Liz's surprise visit
the length of time it's taking to get Jess's car fixed
TJ and his relationship with Liz
10. Lorelai arrives home to find Luke fixing her window, as he had promised. What about this does Lorelai find strange?
Luke's fixing the wrong window
Luke's drunk
Luke seems to have forgotten how to replace a window
Luke's angry at her for talking to Liz
11. Lorelai shows up to the charity dinner, and Emily doesn't look pleased to see her. Why?
the dinner is about to be cancelled due to a poor turnout
she hates Lorelai's "trashy" dress
Lorelai brought Rory as her "plus one"
the dinner menu is atrocious
12. Lorelai and Jason's plan to make out in the coat room is postponed a few minutes, thanks to Jason making small talk with someone at the dinner. Who was he talking to?
a former client
his mother's new boyfriend
his limousine driver
his father
13. "Crazy" Carrie and 2 of her high school classmates invite Luke to a Styx/REO Speedwagon/Journey concert happening the next week. What excuse does Luke give as to why he has to decline?
Journey freaks him out
he's allergic to Carrie's perfume
he only likes country music
he has to wash his hair
14. Luke gives this to Lorelai after they run into each other at the Firelight Festival.
a pair of earrings made by Liz
a bill for the window repair
her spare key
a cup of hot chocolate
15. What does Jess find in his repaired car while getting ready to leave Stars Hollow?
keys to a newer car
an automatic jump-starter
an envelope full of money
Luke's watch
By way of explanation.....
presumably left by Luke
16. Rory confronts Jess at the festival, angry about him leaving without a word a year earlier, then avoiding her in the time he's been back. How does Jess respond immediately before leaving town?
he apologizes for hurting her
he tells her he loves her
he tells her to grow up
he asks her for another chance

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