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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S04E17: Girls in Bikinis, Boys Doin' the Twist
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1. The episode starts with an introduction to Kirk's newest business venture. Unfortunately for Kirk, he doesn't seem to be in the physical shape needed to succeed in this business. What's he doing?
putting volleyball nets up in the town center
driving a pedi-cab
painting the post office
moving furniture into the Dragonfly
2. Paris and Rory are planning on doing this instead of going away for spring break.
getting signatures for release of Burmese prisoners
catching up on their schoolwork
collecting canned food for a schoolwide food drive
building a house for Habitat For Humanity
3. Luke snaps at Lorelai after she shows him something - what?
her new tattoo
sample stationary for the inn
the inn's breakfast menu
her business card
4. What has Luke in such a foul mood?
Nicole has asked that they go through with the divorce
he hasn't been sleeping
he's wearing another man's socks
he's lonely
5. Lorelai teases Rory about this while helping her pack for her trip to Florida.
her sunglasses
her bathing suit
her flip flops
her suitcase
6. What is Paris's surefire way to get great customer service at the motel?
remember the names of every staff member
say "please" and "thank you" no less than 5 times per conversation with an employee
tell the staff you are related to the Hiltons
tip the staff during the stay rather than afterwards
7. Jason awkwardly tries to explain something to Lorelai during breakfast...what?
why he's giving her a key to his apartment
why he's suddenly decided to become a vegetarian
why he said another woman's name in bed the previous night
why "Clueless" is his favorite "guilty pleasure" movie
8. Which of the following is NOT one of Madeline and Louise's rules for a great spring break routine?
middle of the day napping is essential for staying awake all night
making out with each other gets the ladies whatever they want if flirting fails
find a new club to frequent every night
only show interest in the men who buy drinks
9. What video do Paris and Rory rent to watch in the hotel room?
Cosmos: Carl Sagan
The Power of Myth
New York: A Documentary Film
Grey Gardens
10. Rory is distracted by a cute guy while talking to Lorelai over the phone about this.
the actual name of the "giant Q-Tips" being used in the pool
how many times Paris told Glen to shut up on the drive down to Florida
the worst place to get sand on your body
the uselessness of emoticons
11. Paris is angry after misunderstanding the meaning behind this event.
body shots
"sex on the beach"
flip cup
banana eating contest
12. Rory's annoyed when cute guy finally comes over to talk to her in the club. What was the reason he came over to talk to her?
Louise spread a rumor that Rory was easy
Paris kissed Rory
the girl he had been hitting on left the bar
he noticed Rory's cup was empty and wanted to buy her a drink
13. Lorelai arrives home from a date with Jason to hear a voicemail from Luke on her machine. Luke needs her help with something - what does he need?
a jump start - his truck finally died
moral support while he signs the divorce papers
help tracking down the owner of the mystery socks
to be bailed out of jail
14. A drunken Rory winds up leaving a voicemail on Dean's phone after this person "accidentally" dials his number.
15. So, why was Luke arrested?
kicking a car
pushing Nicole's "other man" into a crowded intersection
egging Nicole's car
16. Who or what do a drunken Rory and Paris see getting out of the ocean?
a lifeboat
Janet and a mystery man
sea turtles

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